Dreamer's World June 27 2016 - Last week before Vacation

Today is the start of the last week before my vacation, which begins on Friday. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I haven't had more than 1 day off in almost a year, and I am truly looking forward to spending time just living for a change rather than working and then trying to assemble a life afterwards. This morning has consisted of my clearing the calendar for Friday and all of next week, and it feels terrific. I made a note to myself to put on my "out-of-office" reply for emails and phone starting Thursday afternoon so I can not worry about people attempting to bother me with things while I am away. I also canceled participation for all of the meetings that take up so much of my time every weekday. Now my focus turns to getting as much done as I can prior to Thursday. I want to leave knowing that everything will be in order while I am away. I will do my best to forget all about work during my time off, and that is how it should be.

I am still awaiting a status update on my Google Nexus 5X from Project Fi. The phone shipped out late Friday and there has been no update from FedEx since then. I can still hold out slight hope that it might arrive today, but the longer this drags on, the less likely that will be. I have some things that I need to do after work, so I would like some official status before then but I doubt that I will get that satisfaction. I am still looking forward to trying out Project Fi and will eventually make up my mind if it would be a real alternative to my current cell service. I plan to enjoy the phone and service as much as possible once it arrives and will most likely post about it multiple times!

In the meantime, I have this week go get through. Tomorrow I will take time to sign up for the company's benefits plan for another year. I am fortunate that the company provides some excellent benefits each and every year. Since the dealine for enrollment will occur while I am on vacation I want to have it all done before Thursday. Tomorrow is the best time for me to spend a few hours going over things as I enroll.

Wednesday I travel to meet with the client in the morning. I want to make sure that everyone understands that I will not be available next week. I will also get the latest updates to the laptop that the client provides to me while I am there. Immediately after work Wednesday, I go back to my doctor to review the results from my blood work that was performed last Wednesday. I don't expect any major problems at this time.

Thursday I will hold my meeting in the morning and let everyone know that the meeting for next week will be canceled. I will spend the afternoon tidying up the loose ends and then officially start my vacation immediately after leaving work Thursday afternoon. With any luck, I can get away a little early that day.

The afternoon meetings are slowly dragging along. My motivation is lacking, but luckily I am not one of the active participants in these meetings. The last meeting of the day is one that I don't mind at all because it is the 1-1 with my supervisor and that always goes well.

I am finally done for today and I just received an email notification that the Necus 5x has arrived at a FedEx distribution center at last. With luck, it will be here tomorrow after all, as was originally promised. I had held out hope that it might arrive today, but those hopes are now officially dashed. It will be a very strong temptation to get the phone and activate it while I am at work tomorrow, but there will be plenty to keep me busy that is already scheduled.

The evening will be a quiet one for us. There are thunderstorms in the area and Hal (person) doesn't want to go out. I can use the rest myself, so dinner will be something that we can make here without too much trouble. It makes me feel good to not have to run out for anything for a change and I probably should just stay home after work more often.

Since I am tired, I plan to take an early shower and perhaps go to bed earlier than normal as well. Here’s to tomorrow, one day closer to vacation and also hopefully the day when my new phone arrives.

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