Dreamers World June 30 2016

Dreamers World June 30 2016
     The afternoon is here at last. Just about 2 1/2 hours until.y vacation kicks off! I am excited and ready for it. I feel so much better today after Hal (person) gave me a professional massage yesterday evening. Although I am still sore from that, it is a good type of sore rather than the awful dull constant pain I had endured for the last week.
     As work ended, I honestly just sat and relished the very concept that I won't go back to work until the 11th of July. This is a new sensation for me because I haven had more than 2 days off in well over a year. The temptation to try and do everything at once is nearly overwhelming. I will pace myself in order to rest and also to enjoy. 
     As for the Nexus 5x and Project Fi, things continue to go very well. I called Project Finwith a question today, and I found their customer service to be excellent. Rather than dialing in and being placed on hold with music and the recorded message telling me how important I supposedly am, I was prompted on the website to leave a description of why I was calling and was given an estimate of 2 minutes for a callback. I was called within a minute. With luck the case for the phone will finally arrive tomorrow and then I can really see how things work away from the apartment and our own wifi connection. Before that happens, I will go to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. I am sure that I will feel much better afterwards and then Hal (person) and I can plan out the rest of our day.  

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June 30, 2016 at 02:53PM
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