Dreamer's World June 28 2016 -The Google Project Fi Nexus 5 x is here!

After a very long day at work, caused by a very long night without sufficient sleep, I am happy to report that the new phone has arrived. It is the Google Nexus 5x running on Project Fi. I had seen enough unboxing videos to understand what I should expect, but I have to be honest, this phone feels great!

The nondescript brown cardboard box that arrived earlier today was about what I expected. Other than the Google return address, there was nothing to indicate what was inside. I took my time and opened the box without ripping things apart by using a knife and buried under a pile of brown packing paper, I found this

The small envelope on the left contained my new Google Project Fi SIM card and the box on the right obviously contains the phone itself, along with the cables and manuals.

Here is the phone itself. I got the 32 GB version. Already I am loving the fingerprint sensor which is the circle located beneath the camera lens in the back.

I will be completing the setup of the phone this evening and trying it out. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the phone. I had noted that many reviewers complained that the Nexus 5X was rather cheap, I don't see that at all so far. The phone feels great in the hand, and at 5.2" it is more easily handled than the iPhone 6 Plus that I currently use. I have been on-line today several times and according to the Project Fi website and app, I have not used any of my allotted data so far. This is because I have been automatically using wifi. If this pattern holds true, it makes the decision to switch completely over to Project Fi in the future.

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