27 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 27 2016 - The Best Laid Plans

Today was supposed to be a day out with Hal (person) since he has today off from work. We planned to go into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms and get some pictures. Unfortunately, the day will be cool and overcast with rain starting so the decision was made to scrap those plans for today. Hopefully, we will think of something else to do to get us out, but nothing has developed yet. Everyplace is closed for the holiday, or restaurants that are open are charging extortionist prices for “special” meals for today. Perhaps it is just in the cards that we will spend the day here at home today after all, but I haven’t given up hope just yet.
     I slept well last night in preparation for today, but I must have slept stretched in an odd position, because I am in some major discomfort right now. My back is killing me. I don't want to ask Hal (person) for a massage because it is his day off so I will OD on Aleve until I feel better. If we do get out, I am sure that waking will help but I honestly cannot find the motivation to walk right now.
     As the afternoon arrives, it looks more than ever like we will just stay here for the rest of the day. There has been a heavy mist, not quite rain, that has fallen from time to time so the weather forecast was accurate. I have been stretching my back and feel a little better right now but my neck remains really sore. The idea of laying down holds no appeal because I am afraid that I will just end up hurting myself even more if I fall sleep. I will take a nice long hot shower in a while to try to relax my back and neck muscles as much as possible.
     As I sit here and type, I have some music playing softly in the background to ease the stress. It always helps me out when I write to listen to some soothing music, in this case, classical music. I can see our favorite local restaurant across the street is not really packed, but I attribute that to the outrageous prices they want for Easter brunch. Our money is too valuable for that, and we have things to eat right here at home.
     I am getting some reading done in addition to this writing. The latest book that I am reading is called “Be Remarkable” by Patrick King. This is a book designed to make one look inward and figure out why things don’t always go the way we want them to. It teaches me to look more closely at myself and how to take the steps necessary in order to be happier and more successful with home and work and life in general. I am truly enjoying this book and I am making notes to help me out as a quick reference when I need them.
     In fact, one of the things that the book has taught me is to better organize things. I just took some time to finally get my desktop in order. I have removed all of the clutter and I am amazed at how much neater things are and at how much more room I have to work from now. I used an old shelf to place my iMac on, and now I have room for necessities underneath of the shelf rather than having them pile up around the desktop. This includes a place to put my keyboard and trackpad away to have a clear surface for anything else that I need.
     The main lesson I have picked up on so far is to “Think Before I Really Think”. This sounds tricky, but it involves taking a few seconds to analyze things before reaching a conclusion. Haste generally results in poor decision-making, and things said in haste to others is normally nothing productive, it is all reactive and that never helps to move things along, in fact, it causes more problems down the road after that pattern becomes established. This is the most valuable lesson I have picked up so far. 

     The afternoon is slowly starting to fade into evening here. I will hope that at least one of the local restaurants is open without ridiculously overpriced holiday meals. If that isn't the case, Hal (person) and I will just spend the evening here at home. 

Dreamer's World March 26 2016

Today is a day for me to rest and relax and do things that I have wanted to all week long. I busted my ass all week on the job and I am nearly at the end of my rope right now. I know that all of my efforts aren't in vain, but there are times when the end game just seems so far away from me that I start to work too hard and think that will get me there quicker. This is always a dangerous time for me. It generally means that I truly need some time off work and away from the everyday routine.
There was some pleasant news last night. I reconnected with a girl I grew up with. We went to school together but it has been years since we spoke to one another. After some initial texting through FaceBook messenger, she called me. I am glad to report that we spoke for over an hour, and I know how much better I felt afterwards, I hope that the feeling was mutual on her part.
I have decided that the 16,000 steps are not happening today. I spent the afternoon being quiet here at home until Hal (person) arrived after work. We are ordering pizza for the evening and are staying right here. Since Hal (person) has tomorrow off work, we will get out then. I am content with my decision to take a day away from everything that I normally deal with because I need the time for recovery and relaxation more than anything else right now.
Hal the Cat is relaxing next to me as I write this. He is perfectly content with his life and I need to follow that example more often with my own life. There are plenty of opportunities to do everything, but very few in which we can just live.

As evening settles in and we have had our pizza for dinner, I am growing very tired. We were listening to some Jazz until Hal's brother called him. As Hal (person) went to the other room to take the call, I decided to write some more before I get too tired to go on. I am going to take a nice hot shower in a few minutes and will probably end up in bed very early tonight. I want to feel totally rested for tomorrow since Hal (person) and I will have the entire day together at last!

23 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 22 2016 - More Tragedy

I was just not prepared at all this morning to hear about the latest terrorist atrocity that happened in Brussels. I am so heartbroken that there are people who think that actions like this somehow advance their agendas. I am tired of people that want everyone to live in fear of, or  subjugation  to, their fucked-up religious hatred and religious extremisms.

     I wish that there was an easy answer to all of this, but there isn't.
 It doesn't help that we have our own ideologues that will make every effort to use this tragedy to advance their own extreme religious and political agendas here in the USA. Hatred will never produce anything more than more hatred, but this is a lesson that we never seem to learn. These attacks are NOT the product of people who are Muslim, they are the product of people who are INSANE with their list for power that is cloaked in religion. Sadly, religion is the cause of this at the most basic level. Religion is a tool that is used to create and enhance division. There is nothing surprising about this, religion has always been used in this way.
     I fear that we will never advance beyond these things until we throw religion away and recognize that we are all human beings. This is the first step that we have to take in order to stop this insanity.

20 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 20 2016 - Rediscovering Lost Treasures

It is a quiet Sunday morning as I sit down to write this. I just finished carving up a roast that I had been cooking in the crock pot overnight, and cleaning things up as Hal (person) prepares to go to work for the day. I wanted to take some time to write about something that happened to me over the last few days that has brought me great pleasure and also redirected my energies. 
     While I was straightening things up a few days ago, I ran across my Kindle Paperwhite. I had no idea when the last time I used it was, and the battery was completely drained. I recharged the battery and began to read once again. When last I had used the Kindle, I had been reading one of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. I read the paperbacks many years ago and had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. 
     I finished the book and then decided to look for some books that the company is always recommending that we read. Normally, I turn away from any type of structured reading plans, but I decided that since I am currently working on the 5 Choices course from Franklin Covey that I could check the Amazon Kindle store to see what else I might try. I found a few that looked interesting and, most importantly, we're NOT on the company's list that I decided to try for myself. 

     I will undoubtedly write about some of the things I am reading, but the main focus is the sheer joy of rediscovering my love of reading once again. My Kindle will never again become lost due to a lack of interest on my part. It will have a prominent place on my desk so I will be reminded to pick it up and actually use it from now on. As I am attempting to better organize my life, I need all the help and inspiration I can get.

17 March 2016

Dreamer' World March 17 2016 - March Madness, St. Patrick's Day, and 5 Choices

March Madness officially starts today. I am fortunate enough to work from home and can tune in to the games when they start at lunchtime. I will be paying attention to early games,but Kentucky doesn't play until nearly 2200 this evening. I truly hate late games, but at least this gives me the reason to stay up and interested in the late games.
Today is also St. Patrick's Day but I will be foregoing the green beer in order to enjoy the basketball. I did remember to wear something green for today so I am safe from the old pinching thing unless Hal (person) feels frisky today.
Today and tomorrow should be rather slow at work. I am ahead of things once again and that really helps. I plan to take some time this weekend to go over the 5 Choices book that I finally received today. I am going to try to implement the lessons into my daily life and career as much as I can. I need more control over the clutter and noise in my life when it comes to work. Getting ahead of things is not the same as properly managing them on a daily basis. There are days that I feel completely exhausted by the end of the day, and I am tired of that.
Speaking of tired, I slept last night, but woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted before the workday even begins. This isn't the way I wanted to start the day, but there is nothing I can do about it right now except to muscle through it.
I have managed to get through until lunchtime without too much difficulty. The games have started and I am keeping track of them as I work and attend meetings this afternoon. I suspect that the afternoon will be relatively quiet. It also gives me time to work with a pleasant distraction for a few minutes each hour.
I am also planning out the evening. For once, I will be the one that will NOT be interested in going anywhere after work due to the games this evening. I will still get all my steps in today and that will be finished by the time the Kentucky game starts late this evening. I will probably order something for delivery as dinner this evening.
Right now I am enduring the last meeting that I have been roped into for today. Sadly, there are people who love the sound of their own voice during conference calls, and they think that everyone else loves hearing them as well. This is NEVER the case! Once it is over with, my day resumes with normal work until 1730. I am looking forward to the end of this day here at work.
I did place my Amazon order today to get the 5 Choices book from Franklin Covey. I am currently taking the course through my company, but they were unable to procure enough of the books in time. I will use the book in the future, so I consider it a good investment. Until the book arrives, I will make do with printouts provided from the company.
At least the meetings are over with for today. I will take a few minutes to get more steps in before quitting time and dinner. This is the worst time of the day, that nebulous time in the late afternoon when nothing is going on and motivation is sliding.
I managed to get through the day at work. Dinner is still under consideration because I don't want to spend a lot of money so I might throw something together here at home since the weekend is coming up soon.
It looks like we will go to the store to get some cat food after work since we don’t want The Stooges to go hungry. Perhaps I will get something from Subway to bring home for the evening. I am waiting for Hal (person) to get through with his shower so we can head out in just a few minutes. The workday is finally over with, and I am tremendously glad about that. The basketball games continue and I am waiting anxiously for the Kentucky game late this evening.

16 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 16 2016 - Sunset Through The Rain

I happened to walk out onto the balcony early this evening to smoke a cigarette and noticed this sunset.

I immediately rushed to grab my iPhone so I could snap this picture. I am very pleased with how well it turned out. It is just another example of how Life happens when we least expect it if only we take the time to appreciate it.

14 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 14 2016

Today has been a day for both rest and for getting things done around here. This morning, I went to my Chiropractor for my monthly visit and I feel tremendously better as a result. After that, and the trip back home, I rested for awhile. Hal (person) had gone into DC to celebrate a friend's birthday over lunch, so I had some time to myself for the afternoon.
I decided that I am taking a break from the 16,000 steps today as my back adjusts to feeling normal once again. I will start the routine up again tomorrow. I feel so relaxed this evening, I hope to get to bed early and have a great night of sleep. My writing will get into high gear again by tomorrow, I am sure.

11 March 2016

Dreamer’s World March 11 2016 - March Madness And Some Perspective

As March Madness has already begun with the conference tournaments this week, I always find myself wondering what can be done to improve the event. I don’t want to tinker too much with success because this is a wonderful time of the year, but I do have a few suggestions.
Every year, we get arguments that Team A should be in the NCAA tournament even though they finished with an awful record in their conference. They played in a tough league is always the response when trying to justify including them, but I think that one of the first things I would do is to make a rule that:

Only a team with a winning conference record (the more winning the better) would be considered for an at-large bid to the NCAA. If a team enters their conference tournament, then those games should be counted in their conference record and that should determine their eligibility. Of course if a team with a losing conference record can WIN their conference tournament then they deserve that automatic bid. But I am tired of seeing a team go 9-9 in conference and then complain that they played a tough schedule and should get the benefit of a doubt. The way I see it is that yes, they played in a tough conference, and they proved that they weren’t that good. Sit down and try again next year.

This idea would open the NCAA tournament up to more of the so-called mid-majors. I believe that in a game like basketball, where 1-2 players can make a huge difference, that a winning record should count for something. The mid-majors don’t play the toughest schedules, but they don’t have the resources and the money that the major programs do. Why should a team from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, PAC 12 or SEC get rewarded for mediocrity when they DO have those advantages and fail to utilize them properly?

Of course, the always dreaded option would be to open the tournament to all Division I schools. The conference tournaments would determine seeding and one additional weekend would be required. I understand the objections to this, I only present it as another alternative to get more fresh blood into the tournament in the first place.

A more draconian option would be to return to only conference champions participating in the tournament, This is what things were like before TV money sent everyone into a frenzy. Each conference would have the option of how to determine their champion. Some would select their regular-season champion, others would still hold conference tournaments. For conferences that chose tournaments, their regular-season champion would run the risk of missing the NCAA if they do not win that conference tournament, but that would be the rule when the season started, and the coaches and players would know that.

I think that the first option is the one that causes the least harm to March Madness. I wish that it would be studied by the NCAA as an option. A mid-major that wins 25 games deserves, in my opinion, an NCAA bid over a team that goes 19-13 or 18-12 and 9-9 in conference regardless of what conference they play in.

10 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 10 2016

I have survived another day at work that included multiple interruptions to the normal schedule, and as a result, I really don't feel that I accomplished as much as I would have liked today. I will see what Friday has in store for me, and do my best to make tomorrow a good day.
Right now there are no plans for the evening. Hal (person) has become more of a homebody over the last few months. There is nothing wrong with him, he is just struggling to pay off his bills as quickly as possible so I don’t blame him for it. I do wish that he would want to at least go out occasionally when I want to. I consider it just another part of being in a long-term (16+ years) relationship. Things will even out in the long term, so I won’t worry about it.
If we do stay at home, I will simply write some more as I watch college basketball. There are a few things that I would like to go and look at, but they will be there whenever I get the chance, those things will always be there. Not spending any money is a good thing when I think about it. I often talk about how lucky I am, and learning to take the little things like this in stride is all just a part of the game as far as I am concerned.
I took a nice walk after work while Hal (person) was occupied on the phone with one of his sisters or cousins, or somebody. It does get a bit disconcerting at times, but we do have all day together since I work from home, and we each need some time for ourselves. Since I don’t have family that I stay in touch with, I write and listen to music as well as watching sports on TV if there is anything interesting on. Thankfully, this is March and there is plenty of basketball to occupy my time right now.
I completed my steps for today and will take a shower soon before heading to bed. I am looking forward to tomorrow and getting back to a more normal routine at work. Not to mention that once tomorrow at work is over with, that I have a 3-day weekend to look forward to!

09 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 9 2016

I have made it through the halfway point in another week. When Monday began, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it or not. I tried implementing some of the things I learned from the 5 Choices seminar I have been attending, and I must say that it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was constantly reminding other people of my priorities when they came to me with various stages of self-imagined emergencies, expecting me to drop what I was doing to help them. I will definitely be using the lessons learned in the future. Next week, I will plan things out once again and then deal with other items as they arise if I have the time.
Today is my early day, and once again, it could not have come at a better time for me. I am planning a quick trip to the grocery store after work and then coming home to make dinner and enjoy the evening. There is no pressing personal event that needs my immediate attention so I can relax and watch some college basketball action this evening and try to do some more writing.

08 March 2016

Dreamer's World March 7 2016

Mondays are really hard to deal with at times. They offer the promise of new possibilities, or the sense of being a hamster in a wheel. I suppose that not knowing which environment I will step into makes each Monday an adventure of some type, at least it keeps me on my toes as the week begins. 
     The first thing that I really need to do is to take the first 30 minutes or so on Monday morning and figure out what I have to accomplish during the week and allocate enough time to make sure I can get the top priorities done. Then I can assign time for other tasks that don't have a major impending deadline during the week. Once I have that figured out I have to distribute that time around all of the meetings that I'm required to attend. 
     All of this planning usually pays off. It gives me the chance to get ahead of things as well. I have begun the 5 Choices class offered through the company I work for, and I am finding that I am already using quite a few of their recommendations while not utilizing others. I need to take the time to fully incorporate the lessons into my daily work routine on order to be more effective and productive. This will require some reorganizing of my routine, but it will pay off in the long term. The first thing that I really need to do is to take that 30 minutes and make the most of it as I start my week. I already know that planning prevents crisis management later on, I just need to be more effective at making my planning and priorities known to others on the team.
     Today is the first time I will have taken the extra care in my approach to Monday at work. I predict that there will be a few minor things that I fail to account forn this time, but I will take note of them and make sure that I do not let them sneak up on me in the future. I see the 5 Choices course as a useful tool to help me do even better. As long as I keep that outlook, things will be fine. If I let myself get drawn away from proper planning, I will soon find myself struggling at times when it is truly un-necessary.
    I find that working from home has made my work life more manageable. I can self-organize better now than when I was in an office. Of course, not having the daily interaction with teammates does create some disadvantages, but nothing that cannot be overcome with a little effort. I find that I am less distracted at home than I initially thought I would be. Perhaps it was the initial emphasis that I put on paying strict attention to work that made the adjustment easier, but now it is second nature to me and I am not sure that I would want to go back to an office environment again unless it was absolutely required or me. My sense of self-discipline helps me to keep my focus on the job during working hours and I find that I spend less time wishing that the clock would move faster than I did at the office in the past.
    At any rate, this morning will be the first time I will put the 5 Choices into practice on a weekly basis. I predict that it will turn out well and it certainly will make this Monday different from all of the others. I hope that this becomes the new normal for me, we will wait and see because I remain a Type B personality surrounded in the company by Type A's who constantly try to over-organize themselves all of the time. I need my spontaneity to maintain my sanity!
     So far, the day has not been that bad. I am having difficulty arranging my weekly meeting with my supervisor due to numerous scheduling conflicts that we both have this week, but hopefully it will all work out in the end. If necessary, I will have the meeting after working hours to get it out of the way.
     I did take the liberty of installing Evernote on the SP4. It helps me to not have to move things around as much when I feel the need to write as I take breaks during the day. As much as I am liking the SP4, I am not ready yet to state that I want one strictly for myself. I convince myself without too much effort that my Chromebooks are more than sufficient, and most important pf all, they are cheaper by a long shot! I would consider buying another Chromebook before I would spend the money on a MacBook or an SP4 right now.

    As the day/evening ends, I am happy with the results of my efforts. I am going to bed soon and I hope to get a great night of sleep. Since the weather is warming up, I am turning the A/C on before bedtime because I would rather put a blanket on to stay warm than to sweat in a room that is too warm.

06 March 2016

Dreamer’s World March 6 2016

 Sunday is here. Another weekend is vanishing far too quickly for my taste. I know that the next official 3-day weekend is still far away in the future, but I am taking a 3-day weekend of my own at the end of this week. I will be taking the 14th off work to have some personal time to get some things done. I find that I need “mental health” days more often as I get older in order to avoid the feeling of being trapped in my job. Since Hal (person) and I don’t travel, taking a day every month or so doesn’t kill any vacation plans for either of us. When summer is in full swing, I will arrange a week or so away from the job, but I haven’t planned that out yet.
     This morning I am walking about a mile to the grocery store pharmacy to pick up a prescription and do some shopping. The walk will do me good and count towards my daily goal.

I took the scenic route on my walk. There is a network of bike and walking trails throughout Alexandria, and one of those isn’t too far from the apartment. This picture was taken along Holmes Run Trail, which follows a creek called Holmes Run, because Virginia has to have a fancy name for things like creeks I suppose. There are several small waterfalls like this along the mile or so that I walked as the creek makes its way towards the Potomac River about 5 miles or so away.
     I have returned and am already nearly 50% towards my 8-mile goal for today. The rest of today will probably be spent here around the apartment resting. This next week is really supposed to feel like Spring has arrived, with temperatures reaching into the low 70s several days. I am looking forward to that weather.
    As Sunday evening closes out, I am finished with my steps for the day. I am going to go to bed early this evening in order to get some sleep before work starts again tomorrow morning. There is plenty that I need to get done tomorrow morning before starting on the real work for the day. Since it is 2030, I should have zero reouble getting to bed before 2200 this evening. Tomorrow will be busy, but I am looking forward to it since there is no way to stop time before the weekend completely disappears.

     Since Hal (person) went to bed early, I have the place to myself once again. I instantly turned the TV off and came in here to write. I find the TV more of a distraction and an annoyance than anything else these days. That will change later this week when the college basketball conference tournaments begin, but until then, I am just as happy with no TV at all. I prefer silence over the inane yammering of idiots.

Dreamer’s World March 5 2016 - Fascinating Image

 Yesterday started out with snow falling here in the DC area. This is supposed to be the last real gasp of Winter, and I certainly hope that is the case. As the morning went on, the snow melted away and the clouds slowly began to break up. Although the temperature was rather chilly, it turned into a nice day.

     As I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, I was startled to see the following image. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and took the picture.
 There is nothing extraordinary about this. I just saw the shaft of light piercing the clouds and thought it made an unusual picture. Those who are religious (I am NOT) will see one meaning behind this whereas I could just as easily see the aliens firing their death ray from behind the clouds. I wish that the picture was a bit more distinct, but it was taken in a hurry before the light changed and the shaft of light was lost.
     It says a lot about us when we take the time to notice extraordinary things that happen around us all of the time. I am proud that I took the time to get the picture rather than trying to describe it in detail to someone later without visual proof. There is nothing earth-shattering about this photo, but I like it. I find joy in the most mundane of things at times because I try to take the time to see the beauty of what is around me. I cannot keep that frame of mind all of the time, and that is a shame. When I do feel myself pulled into the appreciation mode, I go without hesitation because I am seldom disappointed when I do. 

05 March 2016

Dreamer’s World March 5 2016 - Technology Dilemma

The week is over with at last. It has been much busier than I expected, but in a good way. I received a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 from my company as a replacement for my old laptop and I am extremely pleased with how it performs. Although I am an Apple fan, I can still appreciate a nice machine like the SP4, and it does give me reason to wonder why Apple chose to go with the iPad Pro design rather than an attempt to duplicate the iMac in a more portable version like the SP4.
Perhaps that is the next thing that Apple will work on. When I compare the SP4 to the iPad Pro, I must admit that the SP4 is the better alternative right now. The pricing is better to have something that is actually a real computer rather than an enlarged iPad. Perhaps if Apple were to introduce something like the SP4, that includes full OS X rather than iOS it would even the playing field. I feel as if Apple missed the boat on this so far by producing nothing more than an extremely large iPad. Right now, the only advantage the iPad Pro has over the SP4 is LTE connectivity.
Form factor is something that is important, but not a deal breaker for me. The iPad Pro is definitely the nicer alternative when it comes to the device itself, it is slim whereas the SP4 feels rather buy, but this is because the SP4 packs most of the features of a desktop into a small package. Once again, it seems that Apple has misread things about this aspect of portable computing. I would accept a bulkier iPad Pro if it duplicated my iMac rather than just being an extremely large iPad.
The SP4 handles well, I love the backlit keyboard and the stability that the kickstand offers. The keyboard for the SP4 is wonderful and honestly I have not seen or tried the keyboard for the iPad Pro because I haven’t been to an Apple store recently. I cannot understand why Apple neglected to include a trackpad with their iPad Pro keyboard cover.
Another nice feature is not just the stylus for the SP4, but the fact that it mounts to the side of the unit magnetically, whereas the stylus for the iPad Pro apparently has no way to attach for storage, and apparently there is no way to attach it to the keyboard either. To me, this is a serious flaw with the packaging of the iPad Pro.
Having said all that, I still prefer the Apple OS, whether it is OS X or iOS, over Windows. That factor alone is the main reason that I would not immediately purchase an SP4 for myselfI have to use Windows at work, but I don’t want to use it for my own personal equipment, at least not yet. I have invested so much into Apple through the years that I really don’t want to have to change things now.
I am sure that I will be watching the new MacBook series that is supposed to be released sometime this Spring. That would definitely have my attention. Until then, I am happy with the iMac and the Chromebook. My iPad isn’t a real blogging tool due to the lack of a keyboard that doesn’t triple the weight and bulkiness of the iPad. I usually keep looking for something nice for the iPad, and if Apple was smart they would introduce a line of keyboard covers for their entire line of iPads.
I seriously doubt that any of these things will happen in the near future. Until then, I am happy with my iMac and my Chromebook to get me through the day here when I am not at work. I would rather have the money in my pocket than flowing out for something that isn’t really necessary right now.

04 March 2016

Dreamer’s World March 3 2016

Today I am returning to a somewhat more normal sense of existence at work and home. A combination of events really threw my timing off yesterday and I was just not in the mood to sit and write at the end of the day.
The first thing that happened was my normal Wednesday trip to the client’s office for our weekly meeting. This proceeded without incident and I was able to get away from there and head back home to get lunch and continue with my workday. Then I was notified that the new company computer, a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4) had finally been delivered to the apartment office. I rushed over to pick it up and brought it back and immediately set it up.
Of course, the best laid plans of corporate IT fell apart. There were connectivity issues and my email profile was nowhere to be found on the new machine. For the rest of the afternoon, I was still working from the old laptop while struggling to get things set up correctly on the SP4. I began a notebook for IT detailing the issues I encountered because there will be several other people in various locations that also receive the SP4 as their upgrade.
Between phone calls and normal meetings and IT help, I was really spent by the end of the day. Then I had to take the Beetle back for the emissions inspection that was not done when I took the Beetle in on 20 February. Luckily, the VW dealer didn’t charge me for that. I decided that I needed a drink more than I needed to write for the first time in forever, so I enjoyed a few cold adult beverages and vegged for the evening and went to bed early.
On to today, the SP4 has had another issue or two, but I have been able to resolve them myself. I actually like the device although cloud storage is something that will take some getting used to. The old laptop was up and running for my weekly meeting that I lead this morning, next time I will run it from the SP4. Luckily, there is a 5-week period of evaluation after which we can either accept the SP$ permanently or request something else. As of today, I am definitely going to keep the SP4 and clear up room on my desk. I think that tomorrow I will take the old laptop off my desk and use it only when necessary. This will be a huge step forward.
As I sit through another conference call, I am finally able to sit back and re-evaluate things. This is the time when I feel the need to write more. I am not really required to present any inputs on these calls, so I can let myself enjoy a little bit of freedom as I listen in and take notes for my own reference later.
I am happy with the way that things are working out this week, even with the extra chaos of yesterday thrown in. I know that I am making progress on my goals at work, and I am ready to do even more as I adjust to new circumstances.
After work is over with, I will get some more walking in. I have done my Ab-Carver Pro each morning this week and am glad to report that the initial soreness has worn off. This means that my plan is working and that I will keep to the plan for the rest of the week through Sunday. On Monday, I will increase my reps and make that the baseline for next week. They key is to take the time to do this right in order to avoid discouragement, and it is working.
I am sure that we will have a quiet evening with the exception of one trip to the grocery store after work. I want to spend some time with Hal (person) and The Stooges this evening to close out what has so far been a great day.