Dreamer’s World March 6 2016

 Sunday is here. Another weekend is vanishing far too quickly for my taste. I know that the next official 3-day weekend is still far away in the future, but I am taking a 3-day weekend of my own at the end of this week. I will be taking the 14th off work to have some personal time to get some things done. I find that I need “mental health” days more often as I get older in order to avoid the feeling of being trapped in my job. Since Hal (person) and I don’t travel, taking a day every month or so doesn’t kill any vacation plans for either of us. When summer is in full swing, I will arrange a week or so away from the job, but I haven’t planned that out yet.
     This morning I am walking about a mile to the grocery store pharmacy to pick up a prescription and do some shopping. The walk will do me good and count towards my daily goal.

I took the scenic route on my walk. There is a network of bike and walking trails throughout Alexandria, and one of those isn’t too far from the apartment. This picture was taken along Holmes Run Trail, which follows a creek called Holmes Run, because Virginia has to have a fancy name for things like creeks I suppose. There are several small waterfalls like this along the mile or so that I walked as the creek makes its way towards the Potomac River about 5 miles or so away.
     I have returned and am already nearly 50% towards my 8-mile goal for today. The rest of today will probably be spent here around the apartment resting. This next week is really supposed to feel like Spring has arrived, with temperatures reaching into the low 70s several days. I am looking forward to that weather.
    As Sunday evening closes out, I am finished with my steps for the day. I am going to go to bed early this evening in order to get some sleep before work starts again tomorrow morning. There is plenty that I need to get done tomorrow morning before starting on the real work for the day. Since it is 2030, I should have zero reouble getting to bed before 2200 this evening. Tomorrow will be busy, but I am looking forward to it since there is no way to stop time before the weekend completely disappears.

     Since Hal (person) went to bed early, I have the place to myself once again. I instantly turned the TV off and came in here to write. I find the TV more of a distraction and an annoyance than anything else these days. That will change later this week when the college basketball conference tournaments begin, but until then, I am just as happy with no TV at all. I prefer silence over the inane yammering of idiots.

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