13 July 2014

Bombing never solves anything

    Israel is involved in an historic error wirh their latest operation in Gaza. Bombing defenseless civilians doesn't promote peace, it will just provide the justification for yet another generation of terrorists. Israel is not alone in making this mistake. Logic would tell us that we need to address the root causes of terrorism in order to truly eliminate it, but that approach is not being attempted. Is there a reason for this? Of course
    That reson is POWER in the political sense. It is so much easier to act "tough on terror" in order to preserve a political career, or to furhter the aims of a political party and philosophy than it is to truly attempt to deal with the problems that make terrorism an acceptable alternative to some people who feel that all hope is gone.
    If we follow the money that invariably keeps the politicians in power who refuse to take this necessary step to solve the root causes of terrorism, we find that the money comes from those who profit most from the eternal struggle.

12 July 2014

To Give

    I just finished my good deed for the day. As I was taking some time to pack things this morning in preparation for the move next Friday, I was going through some old clothes and shoes that I never wear anymore. I decided to pack them up and I dropped them off at the local Goodwill store. It was a great feeling to know that I will help someone in need. Who the person is won't be important, the fact that they will be helped truly is.
    I have been down on my luck in the past, and I truly appreciated those who were willing to help, even in an indirect manner. To be able to give something back means a lot to me. I look at it as continuing the pattern of people helping people. It is such a small thing to do, I could have easily just thrown the old clothes and shoes away without so much as a second thought. Luckily, I remembered that there are people who need help and that I was in the position to do so.
    I wonder why so many people have fallen into the RWNJ (Right-Wing Nut Job) type of mindset where they feel zero responsibility or accountability to their fellow persons. I think that this is a tremendous problem with America right now. People do make mistakes, but they should never be regarded as defective or disposable just to keep one's own sense of greed justified.
    The next time you have the chance to do something to help others, don't let that opportunity pass you by. The feeling you will have afterward is remarkable, but most importantly, someone will be the beneficiary of your kindness and concern.

11 July 2014

Making it through and looking forward

    As the move to the new apartment gets closer and closer, I am thinking about how often we look backwards in time throughout our lives. We seem to be obsessed with regrets over decisions already made, things already done, and events we have already lived. I am deliberately trying to avoid that as this milestone approaches.
    I suppose that the temptation is always there to look back. After all, we can judge our actions against updated knowledge and either console or congratulate ourselves. But this is the easy way out of things. I believe that the real challenge that will keep us focused is to look ahead towards the future. It is that child-like sense of wonder about the future that spurs our development as children and adolescents in our rush to become adults. When we reach the adult stage, we instantly begin looking back with nostalgia and tend to sugar-coat the experiences that we had when we were younger. All of the hurts and disappointments seem easier to handle with the passage of time, but the harm comes not from the setbacks, but from the hesitance to take on new risks and challenges as we grow older.
    I find myself marveling at achieving the dubious distinction of reaching my 50th year. I never though of what life would be like, or should be like when I reached this age. I would hear all the adults talking about the responsibilities of being a grownup, and how life seemed to always be against them. I have always avoided that outlook and instead focused on keeping a young mind, one that is open to new possibilities and adventures. While I am far from Adonis, people tell me that they would never guess my real age. I suppose that the search for challenges and meaning does have something to do with keeping me looking young.
    The creeping sense of mortality is something that we will always have to face. It is never easy realizing that there is more of your life behind you rather than ahead of you. Make what is left count for as much as possible!

Apple vs Chrome and Linux

        As we get ready to move to the new apartment, I have been thinking about things that I would like to have eventually. For the longest time, I have really wanted to get a Macbook Air laptop. I love my iMac and the Macbook Air seems to be the perfect addition to my collection. The real problem I have with the Macbook Air if the price. Like most people, I don't have approximately $1200-1500 laying around that needs to be spent on things like this.
        As I have weighed my options, I have found that I can always use  my old laptop which is running Linux. This is a nice option to have because Linux is freeware, and I already have the laptop available. I am a regular user of Linux, and I wish that more people would realize that it is a great alternative to both MS and Apple.
        One other alternative is to use my Chromebook more often. I always hear that Chromebooks lack the capabilities of either MS or Apple, but I would tend to disagree. If you aren't using a laptop for work related activities that require particular software, a Chromebook fills the needs of most users. Practically every application that most of us use these days is web-based, and a Chromebook can accomplish the same things as the mainstream platforms. Google Docs and Google Drive offer an alternative to the MS office that everyone is so fixated with. I fail to see the need to spend the extra money on those things.
        In short, I have moved away from the desire to purchase the Macbook. It all comes down to a matter of $. I can get a 14" Chromebook for less than $300, or even just use the Linux laptop once the iMac I have finally plays out.

06 July 2014


     I have been writing quite a bit recently, but most of what I have written will remain with me alone due to its personal nature. I am pleased that I am writing more than ever, but at the same time, I also want to write more for those who trouble to look at my blog.
    I have found Evernote to be an invaluable tool with my writing. I can access my notes from anywhere at anytime. I can get to my notes from a PC, from my Mac, or from my Chromebook or Android phone. This makes things so much easier than in the past. I always felt rushed to get something completely written and then posting it before I forgot all about it for several days. Now, I no longer have that impediment because Evernote lets me set reminders about when I want to return to an unfinished note. This keeps me honest.
    I hope that I will be writing more in my blog once again, I think that with the help of Evernote that I will :)