Apple vs Chrome and Linux

        As we get ready to move to the new apartment, I have been thinking about things that I would like to have eventually. For the longest time, I have really wanted to get a Macbook Air laptop. I love my iMac and the Macbook Air seems to be the perfect addition to my collection. The real problem I have with the Macbook Air if the price. Like most people, I don't have approximately $1200-1500 laying around that needs to be spent on things like this.
        As I have weighed my options, I have found that I can always use  my old laptop which is running Linux. This is a nice option to have because Linux is freeware, and I already have the laptop available. I am a regular user of Linux, and I wish that more people would realize that it is a great alternative to both MS and Apple.
        One other alternative is to use my Chromebook more often. I always hear that Chromebooks lack the capabilities of either MS or Apple, but I would tend to disagree. If you aren't using a laptop for work related activities that require particular software, a Chromebook fills the needs of most users. Practically every application that most of us use these days is web-based, and a Chromebook can accomplish the same things as the mainstream platforms. Google Docs and Google Drive offer an alternative to the MS office that everyone is so fixated with. I fail to see the need to spend the extra money on those things.
        In short, I have moved away from the desire to purchase the Macbook. It all comes down to a matter of $. I can get a 14" Chromebook for less than $300, or even just use the Linux laptop once the iMac I have finally plays out.

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