Bombing never solves anything

    Israel is involved in an historic error wirh their latest operation in Gaza. Bombing defenseless civilians doesn't promote peace, it will just provide the justification for yet another generation of terrorists. Israel is not alone in making this mistake. Logic would tell us that we need to address the root causes of terrorism in order to truly eliminate it, but that approach is not being attempted. Is there a reason for this? Of course
    That reson is POWER in the political sense. It is so much easier to act "tough on terror" in order to preserve a political career, or to furhter the aims of a political party and philosophy than it is to truly attempt to deal with the problems that make terrorism an acceptable alternative to some people who feel that all hope is gone.
    If we follow the money that invariably keeps the politicians in power who refuse to take this necessary step to solve the root causes of terrorism, we find that the money comes from those who profit most from the eternal struggle.

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