31 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 31 2016 - A New Day

Sometimes a break in the routine is good. I have been walking regularly since December and yesterday I took a day off. I have already resumed walking for today and am feeling great so far. After roughly 3 miles I am halfway to my new goal for today and I will maintain this for at least a week before attempting to increase the distance again.
     I am doing this in order to lose some weight, but I know that it won’t happen overnight. Persistence is the key. Once the weather warms up and the days get longer as Spring approaches, I will be taking rides on the mountain bike once again as well as my daily walking.
     Establishing a routine is fine, it gives a sense of purpose. We cannot let it dictate our lives at the expense of everything else, and that is the key to being happy, at least for me. I always strive for balance in my life. I have goals that I set for myself, but they are long-term goals that I will not waver from. Other goals are useful at times, but I cannot give them as much emphasis as I would to the long-term goals. I suppose that the shorter goals function as measuring sticks towards the larger goals to a degree.
     Harmony at home is the one goal that I will never sacrifice. I am so fortunate to be where I am at this point in my life and I don’t ever want to do anything to mess that up. I only wish that Hal (person) and I were on more compatible schedules. I work M-F while he works Sat and Sun. That is because he makes more money working on the weekends, so unfortunately it makes us having lots of time together a rare thing. I cherish those times and make the most of them.

     As far as the blog itself goes, I am happy with the changes that I made this weekend. I am keeping the theme for now, that might be the next thing to change, but it will give me something to think about later.

30 January 2016

Dreamer's World January 30 2016 - A Quiet Saturday Morning

 There are times when all I want to do is just relax. Today is one of those days. As I woke up after Hal (person) has left for work, I can spend time with The Stooges and not have any deadlines on my mind, no tasks that require my immediate attention, and no obligations that I have to meet. Times like these are special and should be cherished because they are so rare. As I was sitting in the living room I had the good fortune to look up and saw this beautiful sight. Immediately I reached for the iPhone and snapped this picture. 

 If I were to title the picture, it would be Solitude and Bliss. It represents a beautiful moment when the sunlight comes into the apartment on a quiet Saturday morning, and there isn't a sound to be heard. Stevie Nicks is resting on the back of the chair, while Hal (cat) is relaxing on the floor. They both value this quiet time as well. There is no sound at all, no TV obviously because I prefer it that way and no radio or music either. The quiet is welcome here except for the clicking of the keyboard on my Chromebook as I type. I am actually very proud of this picture because of the variations in light and I feel that it really captures the mood I want to create. As with most things, serendipity plays a role because I never imagined that the picture would turn out so well.
    I have already made a few adjustments to my blog format and I am pleased with the results so far. The theme itself might be changed although I thought that would be more of a necessity than an option because I wasn't sure that my intended changes would reflect the way I wanted them to. Consider it a live-and-learn type of thing and keep moving forward. That is how I will approach it. I am sure that I will continue to mess with the blog settings on WordPress in the future as I get more comfortable with the settings and recognize how the options and widgets can help me get what I want to see onto my blog.
     I finally decided to take a nap and the last thing I really saw before falling asleep was Hal (cat) keeping me company.

I slept for about 3 hours, I was more tired than I thought, and woke up when Hal (person) came home. We have no plans to go anywhere right now and I can enjoy more time as I write this afternoon. I suppose that I more tired than I though I was. I am forsaking my daily walks today as I just rest. I will hopefully get back on track tomorrow.
    Hal (person) has gone to bed for a nap of his own right now. That is a sure sign that we are not going anywhere later, and I am fine with that more than I might normally be. If I do venture out later, it will only be to the store for necessities and then immediately back home. It reminds me od how this post started when I said I enjoyed not having things that had to be done hanging over my head today.

     I am tempted to order dinner this evening, but I think that I will just have something here at home and perhaps I will go to brunch tomorrow.

Dreamer's World January 30 2016

This is the first attempt to re-design my blog. I have left the theme intact for now as I work on what items I would like to add for visual impact that suits what I am looking for. I am sure that there will be several more adjustments to the design as the weekend goes along.

29 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 29 2016

I have successfully navigated yet another week. The strange thing that I realize is that by Monday, January will be left in the dust of history, or in this case, the snow pile of history. It seems like only yesterday that we were all excited about 2016 getting started, and now we begin to see how quickly it is passing us by.
     I am hoping for a relatively quiet day at work, and that should be the case since there is nothing major on the agenda right now. We continue to wait on results that will finally allow us to access some systems again via VPN. Installing the new equipment and firewalls just has taken far too long. The timeframe for completion of this effort has steadily slipped from November until now, with no end in sight. This makes the job rather frustrating at times to say the least.
     I just found out that my last meeting of the day has been pushed back, but it won’t cause me to stay any later at work so I am grateful about that. I walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago and found Hal (person) busy chopping green peppers and onions. I suspect that he might be making more of his devastating spaghetti for us to enjoy this weekend. If so, I am ecstatic about it! I am cautious though, because Hal (person) clearly stated that he was actually going to make a cake. I am not convinced.
     The afternoon is moving by rather slowly, but that is normal for a Friday. The weekend looms ahead, full of promise. I am going to redesign my blog this weekend, and it might go through several incarnations before I am happy with it. It should be interesting to say the least.
     Another thing I will do this weekend will be to read. I want to start the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. I read most of those books years ago, and I loved them. I never made it through all of the books, but now thanks to my Kindle, I can read them again from the beginning. This will take some time to accomplish, but I know that I will get hours of enjoyment from it.
     After work, Hal (person) and I will make a trip to Harris Teeter for the grocery items that we need. The list isn’t long and the trip should be rather quick. We have no other plans to go out this evening since Hal (person) has to go to work in the morning. It will be the first time he has been at work in almost 2 weeks due to the snowstorm that hit last weekend.

     Tonight will be quiet and spent at home. I am signing off early and will be back tomorrow.

28 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 28 2015 - Challenger

30 years ago today, I was a student at the University of Kentucky. It as the age before cell phones and instant communication as we know it today. I had eaten lunch with friends in the Student Center cafeteria and was going through the Student Center on my way to exit the building and head to my next class when I passed the TV lounge, an area with couches and seating where students could watch TV, what an quaint concept these days. I noticed a larger than normal crowd gathered, but I figured it must have been some epic soap opera episode that everyone wanted to see. Then I heard gasps and sobs from the area.
     I walked over and saw that CNN was on the TV. This was my first indication that something had happened. I managed to work my way into the area and saw the replay of the Challenger explosion. Like everyone else, I was horrified and mesmerized at the same time. I suppose I was there for about 10 minutes before I realized that I had to leave or I would be late for my next class.
     When I got there, some students still had not heard the news. The class became a discussion of the topic at the expense of normal classwork. We were all horrified and saddened by what had happened, and those of us who had already seen the tv footage were trying to describe it to those who hadn’t. Eventually, the discussion turned to how tragedies mark important events in our lives.
     We talked about how our parents had always said that the JFK assassination had left them speechless and numb. Now my generation had our own reference point to judge time by. We would always remember where we were when we heard about Challenger. In future years, 9/11 would mark that point in the lives of a new generation.
     As time gives us the gift of perspective, I can say that Challenger was different because it was not imprinted onto our consciousness in the same way as 9/11. Communications were even more instantaneous in 2001 than they had been in 1986. We had to take the time to actually watch coverage without our cell phones beeping with texts and alerts. I don’t mean that this created any different sense of tragedy, but in 1986 we had to still gather together just to find out what had happened, not to the degree that our parents did in 1963, but still more in that line than 2001.
     Today, events are blared at us constantly. Everything has to be larger in scope than the last breaking news story. The sensationalization of the mundane is another topic for another post, but there is a true sense of information overload when it comes to what actually constitutes a tragedy that defines a generation. I believe that the generation since 9/11 will never know the immediate sense of actual community that we experienced in 1986, and even in 2001. Future generations will experience their own tragedies almost in a vacuum, or so it seems to me.

     At any rate, I remember 30 years ago today rather vividly. It seems hard to believe that so many years have passed, but time always moves on regardless of how we feel.

Dreamer’s World January 28 2016 - The Incredible David Bowie - Life On Mars

One of the things that I admired the most about David Bowie was his reflection that he put into his songs as the years passed by. Listening to the lyrics, you can hear him telling stories about his own past and how he has changed through the years. To make such songs and still have them as excellent as they were proves his genius.
     I wanted to cite an example of how David Bowie actually used a song to almost predict a future statement for himself. In 1971, David Bowie released his album “Hunky Dory”, and on this album was a beautifully haunting song that in retrospect seemed to indicate what was going to happen in his career. The song was “Life On Mars?” in which Bowie created a scene of loneliness and alienation among the youth of the time. He observed that young people were in need of an escape. The title itself seemed to produce the arrival of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars which occurred less than 2 years later on his next album. Yet, there was something more about the song that has made it timeless. A series of observations, seemingly thrown together that turn out beautifully.
     “Life On Mars?” was not a hit at the time the album was released, but it was re-released as a single after the Ziggy phenomenon arrived and became a minor hit then. I found on old video in which Ziggy sings the song in it’s original style, but it seems rather vacant and empty.

     As David Bowie matured and lived and learned, his voice deepened and became richer. “Life On Mars?” remained a favorite among Bowie fans, and I found this version of it from 2000. Listening to this version, the song becomes even more beautiful as Bowie slimmed it down to the basics. Judge for yourself


I wouldn’t put it past David Bowie to have planted that seed for Ziggy Stardust in advance of his arrival. If nothing else, David Bowie was a true artist, and his life was indeed his canvas. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I always have. Had Ziggy never come along, this song would still stand the test of time.

Worth watching



27 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 27 2016

I feel like I have been hit by a train this morning. I tossed and turned most of the night, even when I was supposedly asleep. There are times when I wonder if I need to consider getting a new mattress or something like that because this seems to be happening too often. I have struggled with insomnia in the past, but this is different. I wake up feeling like I was in a cement mixer all night long. I am sore and in some cases, in actual pain when I get out of bed and that doesn’t ease up until I have a hot shower. In some cases, it takes time even after that for my back to relax. Hopefully, there is something that I can do to alleviate this problem, because this is no way to live every day.
     I am not traveling to meet with the client today. Due to the government opening 3 hours late and the effect that has on everything else around here. Instead, I am staying home and attempting to get ahead on the job while this opportunity presents itself. I attend well over 90% of the weekly meetings anyway, so I am not going to be placed at any disadvantage by dialing in today, if there even is a meeting.
     Now I can get  onto the rest of my day. Hal (person) and I are definitely going to the grocery store this evening to re-stock. We haven’t been there since last week before the snowstorm arrived. We made it through this far without any trouble, but is it time to make another run.
     I am so glad that today is my short day at work. I start 2 hours early, therefore I finish 2 hours early. Most days I relish the extra sleep in the morning, but times like last night don’t give me any relief. At least I know that IF I CAN sleep tonight, I will be able to get the extra 2 hours.
     I keep psyching myself up for the rest of the day, but each attempt sees the effects wearing off are quickly than the previous one. I am exhausted and after our grocery trip after work, I plan to try to take a nap. With a little luck, I can catch up on some quality sleep. 

     As expected, I am not tired after work. Hal and I made our trip to the store and now we can focus on dinner before the UK game tonight. It sucks that this will be a late game starting at 2100 ET, but at least I will get the 2 hours of sleep back (I hope) overnight.

Dreamer’s World January 27 2016 - Still A Relative Newbie To The Blogosphere

Although I have been writing a blog for a few years, I still consider myself to be a newbie when it comes to blogging. I marvel at the ease with which gifted people can churn out multiple fascinating posts per day while I feel like I struggle at times to simply complete one remotely coherent post. Part of this is due to the job that I have, and the time that it requires each day. I seldom have the time to really focus on my blog and give it the attention that I feel it deserves.
     I don’t mean to make this sound like a swan song for my blog, far from it. I am going to make the effort to really increase the quality and quantity of my outputs. I wonder how many others have had this problem? I would appreciate hearing from any of you about this. I suppose that writers block is the wrong term to use in this case. I will be experimenting with the style and theme of my blog in the hopes of getting it like I envision it, at least for the time being.

     By this weekend, my blog will undergo a change of theme and I will try to add a few widgets to track entries by tags and categories. It might get messy for a while, but I hope that everyone will bear with me through the growing pains. I have encountered so many wonderful blogs that have given me ideas on what I would like my own blog to look like when I am finally done with the formatting.

26 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 26 2015

There are days when writing seems to be a breeze. then there are days like this one. It seems like nothing is firing my imagination this day. I hope that something pops into my mind soon.

The federal government is closed again today. This means that my day will be on the quiet side once again.

One possibility for writing is my desire to improve the blog. I am looking through some ideas and might try them out by this weekend. I would love to create the menu at the top of the blog where I can list tags and have the appropriate posts appear under each page. I have been reading and watching some videos about that. It may require a change to the theme that I use, but themes are rather temporary when you think about them anyway. I will see about making those changes when I am comfortable with what I am doing.
At least the weather is warmer again today as the snow continues to slowly melt. When we walked across the street for dinner last night, it was an adventure because most of the sidewalks were not really cleaned off and we had to walk in the street in order to avoid the ankle-deep slush. Supposedly, residences and businesses should be FINED for failure to clear the sidewalks after 24 hours. I hope that this is being enforced today, but I don’t have my hopes up.
At least I have my music to keep my spirits up as I make my way through the workday here at home. The meetings are spaced throughout the afternoon, and I am making sure to get my steps in as often as I can in the meantime. I am over halfway there now and I still have approximately 3 hours left in the workday.
Hal (person) ventured out to the store earlier today and he informed me that the roads are passable, but not all of the lanes are cleared, especially turn lanes. This makes things rather difficult and I am surprised that the main roads have not been treated better by now. I know that the crews have had to go onto the side streets due to complaints but I cannot see the area ready to get back to normal by tomorrow morning if right now is any indication.
Right now, I would say that I am not going to the client’s location tomorrow morning. I can dial in IF they have their normal Wednesday morning meeting. Our trip last night just across the street revealed that the bus stops and sidewalks are still in terrible shape around here. I will work early as normal on Wednesday, but I will not travel.
I just stepped outside for a smoke and it is 52 degrees! The snow will melt gradually, but temperatures like this will certainly help although there is a good chance that things will freeze again overnight.
I am beginning my last meeting of the day here and looking forward to the evening. Plans to go to the store are off because there are too many people out on the roads right now pretending that all is well with the world and that there are no lanes still covered in wet. slushy snow. From the window I have seen several near misses due to this. Whatever we need will wait until tomorrow when I am off work early anyway.
I am going to sign off early tonight and get some rest. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.

25 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 25 2016 - Starting Up Again

And so, another week begins here. After the snowstorm, things are still in flux around here. The government is still shut down, but that is due to all the people who live miles away from the area and commute far too long on any given day. I know that there are areas that got a lot more snow than we did here, and they are still digging out especially in the subdivisions. It was the right decision to keep hundreds of thousands of people off the roads in those areas today, but that has no affect on me. Being a contractor means that I have to work regardless of the weather but since I work from home this isn’t a problem at all.
I feel reinvigorated about writing today. Perhaps it is the start of the week that makes me feel this way, but I am not complaining. I am looking forward to topics and inspiration surrounding me right now.
I took some time to play with The Stooges this morning during a break from the job. Hal (cat) found one of his catnip toys that he must have put away somewhere, so I had him chasing it until he was ready to lay down. I gave him the toy to snuggle up with and he is happy now.
I am getting my walks in during breaks in the routine here. I’ll have lunch in a little while and check on The Stooges again as well as Hal (person). He is watching TV so I have the door closed in order to keep the droning monotony away from me in favor of some music as I work. The daily meetings are slowly passing and the sun is shining. There are still people in the parking lot who decided that today was the day to clear the snow from around their cars. Most of them must have the day off from work, or they are teleworking like I am. It helps that my car is in the underground garage and doesn’t have to be cleaned off :)
I think that after work today, I am telling Hal (person) that we are going across the street for dinner this evening at Shooter McGees for 1/2 price burger night. It will get us out of the apartment without having to put either of our cars on the road, so that is a great option for later today. Eventually, we will venture out to the grocery store again but that isn’t something that we need to do right away.
As the workday begins to draw towards a close, I am doing some research on how to improve my blog template. I have some ideas and have researched how to implement them by finding some reference material and videos. This will be a task that I will work on as the week progresses.
Work is over with for today, Hal (person) is showering before we walk across the street for dinner. It will be good to get out of the apartment even for a short while.

Dreamer's World January 25 2016 - Image That Makes Me Think


This item hangs on the wall near our kitchen. We purchased it many years ago because it is colorful and makes a nice conversation piece. Perhaps there was another reason that I was not aware of at the time, but I often find myself drawn to it as I take my daily calendar picture since the calendar is close by.
I look at this and see things that I never thought of before. Rather than the sun contrasted with the moon, it is just a face that represents the night sky. The eyes seem to hold something important, and if you look and think about it, you start to understand the meaning. Perhaps I am being too melodramatic, and I am just inventing all of this, but it seems real enough to me.
     I see the colorful rays and they remind me of the beautiful variety of life that is around us all the time. Sadly, we are often far too busy to really notice any of this. Our own lives and our own perceived problems and issues and priorities get in the way. We are conditioned to ignore things that are not directly related to our daily objectives as a price for being a “successful” person. Odd, because in the bigger picture it is the missing out of these wonderful varieties that diminishes our lives and we never even know it.
     Perhaps this is nothing but a touchstone of sorts, one that reminds me that there is beauty in everything and that is all around us all the time. This item has hung on the wall for years, I see it every day but seldom take the time to lose myself in it and just enjoy the fact that it is here. We all need something like this that catches our attention long enough to make us realize that there is more to life than the normal routine. It is amazing that whenever a person finds this thing, whatever it is, that you can see the child-like wonder return to their eyes. It is the innocence of seeing something beautiful that just captivates us.

24 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 24 2016

Yesterday was a day of staying inside as the storm roared around us. Today is a day that I hope will allow me to get outside and get some exercise even with all the snow hanging around. With any luck, it will actually get above freezing at some point today and that should really help things out around here. I did clear the snow off the balcony last night so that chore is no longer awaiting me.
     The area is attempting to return to normal today. The roads are still rather tricky once you leave the main thoroughfares. I am so glad that we decided to pay the extra money to have our cars in the garage at a time like this. Honestly, I wouldn't look forward to digging our cars out. The apartment complex crew did a great job with the parking lot to make a lane, but obviously this shoved a lot of snow in front of or behind the cars. 
     The recovery will take a day or two at least. There are areas to the west of us that really got buried with snow, although we didn’t get the real storm that was prophesied about endlessly for the better part of a week. Looking across the street at Shooter McGees, it is looks like they will not open for brunch today. It will be difficult to get out and actually go anywhere today because most places will be CLOSED.
     The worst part of this whole episode, personally, is the feeling of being trapped. It irritates me beyond words. I want to be able to get out and go places if I choose to, but I realize that my needs don’t run things around here during a time like this. I do see people walking up and down Duke Street, and I DO MEAN walking ON  Duke Street because the sidewalks are not cleared off.

     As I watched people digging their cars out, I'm glad I paid extra for garage parking.

The afternoon is slowly moving along and we're staying home as rage area digs out. The same n is shining and the temperature is above freezing and that helps everyone who is out working on snow removal.
     I deliberately took some time away from the blog to get some exercise in this afternoon. After a wonderful dinner with Hal (person), I am going to get another walk in before it gets late. I will be staying indoors and just doing the circuit of the building rather than risk stepping on an icy patch outside and falling down and busting my ass.  When I return from that, I will write more to finish up the day here.
     I just got all my steps for today logged and I am looking forward to a good night of rest. The federal government has already announced that it will be closed tomorrow, but that has no impact on me and I will start my day at 0900 on the usual schedule. I hope that it will be a good week for us all.

23 January 2016

Dreamer's World January 23 2016 - Time to Think

With this Saturday resigned to being a day spent indoors, with only the occasional smoke breaks on the balcony, it gives me time to think about things. Naturally my thoughts are all over the place right now. It will take time to get my mind focused on one topic to really start something meaningful.
A friend recently commented on my blog that the best thing to do in a case like this is just to start writing and see where that takes me. Well, here it goes.
I am trying another method of creating this blog post. I am using Google Docs to start because I can still post this to both WP and Blogger formats. I suppose that I really need to think about the value of continuing to use both platforms when I write because it does get rather tricky at times copyng and pasting the same things from one blog to another. I think that both platforms have their advantages. I certainly get more feedback from my WP blog, or at least that is how it seems to me. I know that G+ allows people to post responses to my Blogger entries, but it doesn’t provide the same detailed statistics that WP does. I don’t write for statistics, but I do enjoy seeing which posts do generate more hits. This helps me to write more effectively, at least I like to think so.
Normally, I use Evernote as my base platform and then migrate the entries to both WP and Blogger. This works on the basic level, but tags and photos have to be input at the WP site, and tags have to be input at the Blogger site. Advantage Blogger on that one. Blogger takes photos from Evernote more easily than WP.
I really wish that I could simply export my entire Evernote entry directly to both platforms with tags and photos included. I did find an app called Blogo that almost fits the bill. Tags still have to be migrated, other than that, it is almost perfect. A bit more research might be more helpful before I decide to abandon Blogo because it is a wonderful app in so many ways. I will experiment with Blogo as I post this and see how it works with some additional research.

My day is comfortable with the exception of the weather. We are safe and warm and happy. In the bigger picture, who can ask for more than that? I am very cynical when it comes to things that go on in the world, yet I am very much a people person. I totally distrust the corporate media, but I absolutely love talking to and communicating with, people from all over the world through my writing. Each person is a treasure that I value highly.
My day is also filled with music. Regardless of how I feel, or how confused I am when I try to write, music always makes me feel better. There are times when I use music to drown out the droning of the TV when Hal (person) has it turned on because I simply find that as I get older that TV is a complete waste of time for me. Shows that focus on a group of fucking idiots sitting around talking about things that they want me to think are important actually make me want to projectile vomit in the general direction of the TV set. That is the nicest thing I can say about those shows.I prefer to watch a movie, or sports, or cartoons. Anything that does NOT involve people hosting other people to talk about shit.
I finally turned the TV on to see the UK game against Vanderbilt. Before the game started, I ventured out to smoke. Because the wind has picked up, I went to the building garage and went out through the doors there. While it is cold, and there is lots of snow blowing around, there still isn’t the catastrophic amounts that were being predicted. Perhaps we have 11-12” on the ground now.
Happily, UK is leading Vanderbilt 37-27 at halftime. Once the game is over with, I will regroup and take stock of the day so far. With the snow still blowing around and the storm not predicted to end until midnight at the earliest, it will be a long night. I hope by tomorrow morning that I can get out on the balcony and begin effective snow removal efforts.
It is almost 2300 and the snow has stopped at last. I spent some time to get the snow off go the balcony and it is remarkably clean now and won’t be carrying any extra weight as the snow melts and packs. I think that this is a good a time as any to call it a night and get back to writing tomorrow. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow!

Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 - The Snow

As I slowly wake up this morning, I am coming to terms with the weather. I honestly believe that we are nowhere near the 2 feet of snow that was predicted for us. At 1130 Saturday, it looks like calling what we have 1 foot of snow would be considered generous. 

It is cold and windy, that much they got right. While I am not ready just yet to call #snowpocalypse2016 a bust here in Alexandria, VA the temptation to do so is extremely strong. Sadly, if this is a bust, it only reinforces my belief that the media will go to any lengths necessary to promote fear and terror at the expense of real news. The amount go “impending doom” wall-to-wall coverage over the last few days just made me sick because I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this would be the outcome. I am sure that there have been places where the forecasts were more accurate, I am speaking of what has happened, or failed to happen, right here.
     Nothing will change. The media will focus on the areas that experienced the worst and ignore the mistakes that they made with their reporting by claiming that they cannot get everything right all the time. Funny that they ask for this wide lack of accountability with their own reporting after the fact. I believe that this is the indictment of them. Their own “failings” will become the next avoid-the-real-news story that will occupy them for several days until the outrage wears off.
     The only thing the weather guessers got right is the cold and wind. Considering this is January, I think they all deserve participation trophies for taking the time to show up.

Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 - Sometimes it is the smallest things that mean the most

As I was going through my list of blogs that I follow, I made a comment last night. The blog, which I highly recommend is:
     Nothing unusual about that, but when the author, whom I have followed for some time, reached out and responded personally to me I felt like a million bucks. Isn’t it amazing that such small acts of kindness can create such a wonderful impression on us?
     This morning I also received a very nice response from another follower:
     Her response was much more inquisitive about how things work here as opposed to in her home country. I love that she took the time to reach out and ask me questions.
     I wish I knew what the secret was to make us always feel that we need to be nice to one another, not out of a sense of responsibility or because we have some ulterior motive, but because it is the human thing to do. Why is it that we can become so jaded that we take those around us for granted? Sure, there are assholes in life, but not everyone is an asshole, not by a long shot. Yet we always seem to expect the least from everyone based on the negative experiences that we ourselves have had in the past.
     What a tremendous waste of time and effort those feelings are. They pale into nothing when compared to the exhilaration of human interaction and contact. The need to reach out and feel accepted is universal. Sadly we far too often will forsake the risk because we fear failure or rejection.
     One of the very hardest lessons I ever learned was also one of the most simple. Being happy is a choice that we have to make for ourselves. It won’t always mean that we will be happy 100% of the time, but it opens the possibilities up to us on a much greater level if we decide that happiness is what we want for ourselves. Making that decision eventually shows when you interact with other people in the most ordinary ways. In turn, those people are much more likely to be attracted to someone who projects that choice that they have made.
     Never let anyone have such a level of control over you that you are no longer able to choose to be happy. If we have a soul, losing the ability to make that choice is the closest equivalent to losing a soul that I can think of. We become empty shells without that choice, and will complete the self-fulfilling prophecy of not being happy in the future because we aren’t happy now.

     Take the time to make the decision to be happy. And take the time to send some positive wishes and comments on to others. It makes a world of difference.

22 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 22 2016 - As The Snow Falls

It might sound strange to some, but I am finally relaxing now that the snow has begun falling here. All of the relentless hype and fear-mongering of the last 3-4 days can finally begin to subside. There is nothing really that can be done about the weather, complaining about it does no good, and neither does creating mass hysteria. It is the sense of the storm actually happening that is giving me a sense of peace right now.
     We are as prepared as we can possibly be. We won’t have to be outside other than to take pictures. We have food and supplies here to last us for several days. Our biggest concern is that the power stays on. Since the lines are below ground in the immediate area, it is hard to predict how great the canes for a loss of power are. At some point near the substation, the lines are probably above ground, and that will be the weakest point in the chain. We picked up firewood from the apartment office earlier today just in case we do lose power. We will at least be able to stay warm by using the fireplace if it becomes necessary.
     One of the things about snow is that it deadens sound. It makes everything strangely beautiful and silent. This contributes to the sense of peace I am so fond of. There is no point in having the TV on now because the media will be blaring out more panic and hysteria, but you know what, it is already too late. The #snowpocalypse2016 is here!
     At 1900 in the evening, the snow seems to have died down for a bit, but the forecast still calls for things to get much worse overnight. The only thing we can do is just stay here and wait the storm out but that might not be until Sunday morning. This is the second time in 15 years that we have faced a storm like this here in the DC area. The last one was the big storm of 2010, but the experts are saying that this one will be much worse.

     It is almost 2300 and I am finishing this for tonight. I have no idea how much snow we have thus far, we will see what things look like tomorrow and I will provide a few pictures.

Dreamer’s World January 22 2016 - Countdown to Snowpocalypse

And so, after days of endless and mindless hysteria from the media, today is the day of #SNOWPOCALYPSE2016. One can almost feel torn about this, will it be another case of the media creating fear and panic (undoubtedly), or will it be a truly historic snowstorm (remains to be seen). Either way, we are all set here for whatever happens. Since traveling to California isn’t an option, we will have to endure whatever the storm has to offer us.

As of this morning, there is nothing going on. The Federal Government is closing at 12 noon today but already encouraged people to telework in order to keep hundreds of thousands of drivers off the roads. Being a contractor, I am working from home and technically I won’t get to end my day at noon because we are treated as lower-class citizens in the DC power structure. This used to upset me, but as I said, since I work from home I will be just fine.
At 0820 this morning the storm is approaching Richmond.

The last forecast that I heard called for snow to begin here in the late afternoon. I don’t know if this map means that the storm is approaching more quickly than anticipated or not. Hal (person) has left to brave the crowds for one last trip to the grocery store. Surprisingly, as I look out the window, there is not a lot of traffic as I look out of the window.
Hal (cat) is really active this morning. He is normally talking, but right now he is being extra affectionate for some reason. I am not complaining at all. I am glad to report that Hal (person) just made it home from Safeway without any trouble.
The 0900 radar shows the snow getting closer

Hal (person) said that Safeway wasn’t crowded. I suppose that is because everyone already panicked over the last few days. Work is very slow, I have one conference call this morning that should still take place because the other person already told me that they will be telecommuting today.
The 1130 radar

As you can see, the snow is getting closer, but still nothing here yet. It is about 15-20 miles south of us at this time.
After one of the daily meetings, the apartment community got a truckload of firewood delivered. It was like the grocery store with everyone trying to get what they could. We managed to get enough to last us in case the power goes out.

As you can plainly see, Stevie Nicks now considers the firewood all hers. We put it in the bathroom in order for it to cure as much as possible in case we need it later if we lose power. The only thing we are missing is the emergency radio, it is somewhere in the apartment, but of course it will never be found when we are looking for it.
The snow started to fall here at 1300. It is still light snow, and not sticking to surfaces yet, but we will see what happens. I am preparing for my last daily meeting with one of the people on the West Coast, so they have very little idea what we are trying to prepare for here.
And now, as I look out of the window, I see all the people who tried to work until noon or until the snow started to fall. I predict another disastrous rush hour for those who are stupid enough to be trying to drive home right now. I am glad that we are at home and as prepared as we can be.
1430 and the snow is falling steadily, but not that heavy. The traffic is light now, I hope that everyone made it home if they were out earlier today. The cars in the parking lot across the street at Shooter McGees are not covered in snow as well and the snow is beginning to stick to the surface on Duke Street.

Hal (cat) certainly knows how to deal with the snow.

Since Hal (cat) was a rescue cat, we are so happy that he no longer has to struggle to find a place to stay warm and dry at times like this. He is a part of the family now, and he is loved. If you are in the path of this storm and you have pets, please bring them inside rather than let them suffer outside.
The snow is picking up, but there is not much wind right now. Duke Street, a major thoroughfare, is becoming snow-packed already. This is a surprise because one would have thought that it would have been better treated before the snowfall began.
I will write more later, but I want to go ahead an publish this post now.

21 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 21 2016 - Impending DOOM/SNOW

“Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” is from Dante’s Inferno, but a paraphrase for this week would be “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Reside in the DC Metro Area” would seem more appropriate with the oncoming winter storm that threatens to dump between 1-2 feet of snow on us beginning sometime Friday. In anticipation of this, Hal (person) and I want to Harris Teeter yesterday to get what groceries we think would be needed in advance of the storm because panic will begin setting ion today.
     It didn’t help that there was snow last night, just a few inches, but still the first time this winter that we have actual snow cover on the ground. Naturally, this caused chaos around the area last night during rush hour. This is only a small taste of what is predicted for us with the big storm. I am glad that we don’t have any trips that have to be made today or tonight.
     Work is slow today, this is not surprising since the weather is the topic on everyone’s mind right now. At least after tomorrow I will be all caught up on the time for this pay period and next week I will return to my normal starting time of 0900 as opposed to 0800 this week. Since I work from home, the weather will not affect me in terms of getting to and from work, so I won’t have to worry any about that.
     After a deliberately slow day yesterday, I am getting back into my walking routine. With work being slow, I can take my cell phone and get in the walks throughout the day here and not miss anything, and still be able to respond quickly if I am needed. 
     Last night we received about an inch of snow and this happened:

     We are DOOMED!

     At least this is, as I predicted, a quiet day at work. After 1730, we will determine if there is anything we really need that we didn’t pick up yesterday while we were out. Honestly, I cannot think of anything and that is good. Word is that tomorrow afternoon the entire DMV area will start to shutdown as the storm approaches, but with the way things usually go around here, the storm will arrive early and that will start more chaos. If the forecast is wrong ,the panic and chaos will still ensue due to mass stupidity.
     Truth be told, I am tired of all the hype about this storm and would rather just get it over with! The media does their typical fear-inducing and panic-mongering so I cannot watch them at all. With more than 24 hours left before the storm even ARRIVES, I am already so over the whole thing.
     It is hard to believe that we are approaching our collective demise here in the DC area by looking out the window on this Thursday afternoon, the sky is clear, last night’s snow has melted, the roads are dry, and life is good. We will have to wait and see what things will be like in 24 hours or so. If the storm fucks up the weekend, I might get upset!

     Now that the evening is here I am avoiding the media. I cannot handle the crap anymore. I will write again tomorrow before the storm kills us all, according to the media. 

20 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 20 2016 - The Big Day

52 years young today. I wonder where all the time has gone. I don’t feel any real difference from yesterday, but the calendar states that something is different today. I arrived on Planet Earth on this day in 1964. I remember in later years being told how my Mom worried so much over the assassination of JFK that she was afraid that she might miscarry. Thankfully, that didn’t happen or else this blog would be incredibly awkward.
     Today is an interesting day to be born on. I am on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. Basically, this means that I am a stubborn and highly motivated dreamer who sees things from a different perspective. It seems to be a constant struggle as each side tries to impose its will onto me. I suppose that is how I ended up as a Type B personality, because the struggle was just too intense to handle and I decided to let life take me where it will with no extreme guidance or demands from me, but without allowing flights of fancy to dictate as well. For this reason, some people have a hard time reading me personally, I consider that to be a safeguard against which only those who really want to know me will struggle through until the end.
     I am taking today off from work. I always do for my birthday. I deserve it, as everyone does. Hal (person) is at work for a few hours today, just like every other Wednesday, and I am writing and responding to birthday wishes from friends and acquaintances. Hal made spaghetti last night, and there is plenty to last us for several days. I consider that the most special gift because it is something that he made, rather than something he bought.
     After a quick look at The Weather Channel, it is now obvious that a major snowstorm is forecast for the DC area starting late in the day on Friday. While this is not the best news, at least it gives us time to prepare and make sure that we have things here that we need before the storm arrives. I will be going to Harris Teeter with Hal (person) after he gets home from work before we do anything else. 

     We did get to Harris Teeter before the real crowds got there. It was still crowded but we got what we needed.
After that, Hal (person) took me to my choice of places for a birthday dinner. I chose iHOP. Some might think that is weird, but I like it and it isn’t expensive for Hal. We are home now and should be for the rest of the evening. I will get some rest and have a wonderful spaghetti dinner with Hal. After that, tomorrow is another day as I start my “new year”.

Antwaan Randle El regrets football over issues

As much as I love football, I see what Antoine is saying. Players continue to get bigger and faster and stronger while protective gear cannot keep up. It is a shame that we cannot get past the money that these players make in order to see their value as human beings who literally place their lives on the line like modern gladiators. I agree with some of the comments that football will eventually become something akin to the Roman gladiators and will require society to take a long look at the value of the sport that takes so many lives and diminishes them.


19 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 19 2016

The morning has begun, and I am about to start work an hour early to make up for my day off last Friday. Tomorrow I am taking off because it will be my birthday, and who wants to work on their birthday?
     I spent the first hour or so this morning after waking up completing my Blogging 101 assignment and also responding to comments on this blog. I am understanding that I will have to take some time each day to dedicate specifically to my blog as my proficiency and readership increases, but that is a good thing.
     One last item before I really start work, Hal (person) decided to pose with Stevie Nicks for a picture this morning.

I know that I am very lucky to have both of these wonderful companions in my life. I have gone through tough times in order to finally find happiness, and I am grateful for each and every day.
     The work laptop, which is very old, is still trying to get itself started this morning. With any luck, next month I will finally get a tech refresh and that means a new machine that is more up-to-date and robust. Rumor has it that I might get a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which would be nice. That remains to be seen, and my immediate goal is to get through today at work.
     Hal (person) asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that all I wanted was for him to cook a spaghetti dinner for the two of us so we can spend the time together at home. I think I surprised him with that request, but that was the point 😉 I really don’t need anything right now. Of course there are things that I might WANT, but those things aren’t necessary.
     It is 16 degrees this morning, by far the coldest of the winter season. According to the Weather Channel, we might be in for some heavy snow on Friday. I prefer to listen to TWC rather than the hysterical local idiots with the hyper-sensational panic over any story that involves the remote chance of snow falling. What it does mean is that we will make sure that we go to the grocery before Friday to get a few items in case there is a major snow event here. It isn’t a big change from our normal routine, just moving it forward a day or so.
     As lunchtime approaches, I am caught up with things and waiting for the afternoon meeting cycle to begin. I have gotten several short walks in on my breaks and am approximately 33% of the way to my 12,000 step goal for today. Obviously, I am NOT going outside to walk, I am just making circuits of the apartment building to get the steps in today.
     Hal (person) just came back from running his errands. It is still bitterly cold outside and I am glad that I am working from home rather than dealing with the cold and a commute. Surprisingly, I only have 2 more meetings this afternoon before quitting time finally gets here. Since I am taking tomorrow off anyway, I can deal with that.
     I seriously doubt that we will go anywhere after work today. If there is any trip at all, it will be my last-minute items that I would normally get on Friday and getting them early because the weather forecast seems to be getting worse for Friday and Saturday.
     As I have my meeting started, the other attendee has not shown up. Since she works for a different company, I have no way of knowing if she is at work today or not. I lose nothing by hanging out in the virtual conference for 10 minutes to see if she shows up or not. She never dialed in, so I ended the call and took a short walk. My next meeting is at 1630 and by the time that is over with, I will be just about done for today.
     I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about tomorrow. Another year in the books for me and I start yet another chapter in my life. I will certainly look forward to continuing my writing, and hope that it brings some pleasure to those who happen across it. I don’t really have any expectations for year 52 other than to remain happy and be content with where I am in life. I am not expecting any big presents from Hal, although I did ask him to make spaghetti, as I mentioned earlier. In the past we would celebrate birthdays with friends, but that became rather tedious and then the problems started when relationships broke up. It is never easy to decide who to be with and who to exclude since neither person has done anything to us.
     Since there were a few episodes of people believing that they did not get a gift that was as nice as the one someone else received for their birthday, Hal and I opted out of that altogether. We are still happy and will let the other people sort out their issues amongst themselves. Life is too short for shit like that! I will be just as happy spending the day with Hal and The Stooges and no outside interference. 
     Now that the afternoon is rolling along, I have my second wind. I feel weak today. I am at 50% of my steps for the day and I will easily reach my goal. I suppose that if there is any chance that Hal and I would go anywhere this evening, it would be right across the street to Shooter McGees for wing night and come beer.
     I was so wrapped up with work that when I just stepped out of the bedroom/office that I almost stumbled over the maintenance man who is here taking care of a few minor issues in the apartment. Hal is taking care of him and it won’t interrupt the rest of my workday at least.
     The apartment maintenance person is still working as the 1600 hour arrives. I am sure that he will be done before 1730, but I cannot say he will be done before my last meeting of the day at 1630. No sooner than I typed that last sentence than Hal (person) poked his head in the door and told me that the maintenance person was gone for the day. Now I will have peace and quiet for my 1-1 with my supervisor. 

     Work is finally over with. I am relaxing as Hal (person) is making dinner. Everything smells absolutely delicious, the aroma is permeating the apartment and really making me hungry. It feels great to be here safe and warm at home with Hal (person) and The Stooges on this cold night.

18 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 18 2016 - Winter is here at last

In addition to MLK Day, this day has really been the first day that truly felt like Winter has arrived here in the DC area. The skies have been mainly clear, but it is bitterly cold here today. I don’t think that the high temperature will get above 25 degrees, it it gets that high. Hal (person) and I did go out for a little while. I got 2 new sweaters to help me stay warm here at home, and we ate lunch at the mall food court. I know that we won’t be going out this evening, it will just be too cold for any of that nonsense.
     I hope that everyone will have shelter from the cold. It is inhumane for anyone to have to suffer in weather like this. Here is the local link for shelters in Alexandria

     Please share this with links to your local shelters.

Dreamer’s World January 18 2016 - MLK’s message. More important now than ever.

 I found a prompt for my post today. It came from the DailyPost and it is:
A Reason To Believe

     Bruce Springsteen say in his lyrics to “Reason To Believe” that we all need something at the end of the day to believe in. Bruce is a great spokesperson for the working and middle class people of America. What is it that drives us to strive and achieve each day?
     Today in the US, we honor the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and we attempt to use this day to help others in accordance with the many wonderful messages that Dr. King left to us. It is a tragedy that he was taken away from us far too soon, I was only 4 years old when he was assassinated, but I am fortunate enough to have lived in an era where we struggle to make his visions and dreams into reality.
     The ideas that Dr. King endorsed are so very basic that we sometimes have to step back and wonder why they are so necessary. Sadly, there are those who still believe that these ideas are controversial. It is the struggle against those people that makes it so important for all of us to live a life that would honor the ideas that Dr. King fought for. Since I am white, I cannot ever fully appreciate the impact that Dr. King really has had on this country. While I completely support his message, I cannot comprehend being denied basic rights based on the color of my own skin. This is the definition of what we now refer to as White Privilege. It is the completely corrupt idea that because an issue has not impacted the white portion of America that it must not be a real problem. Sadly, that is the problematic viewpoint that too many Americans still have.
     Equality is not something that is achieved in an instant. Equality is not something that, once finally achieved, is then considered something that is over with and moved on from. Equality is something that we all have to work for. Equality has not been achieved, and those who claim otherwise are in effect defending the discrimination that Dr. King dedicated his life to fighting against. Equality will never be something that we look back on and wonder why it took so long to achieve because it will always remain an objective for each generation to strive towards.
     In America today, we see the ugly side from those who would diminish Dr. King’s message. We see people for whom racism and discrimination are a way of life clinging to power and once again attempting to broaden their support by claiming that “Racism is over with”, or they will claim that “Dr. King was a conservative” in a vain attempt to justify their own hateful practices. We see white Americans seduced by a Nazi like Donald Trump, with his message of division and hatred that look exactly like the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s. I always have to remind people that Hitler and the Nazis first came to power through elections, there was no violent revolution that came first. The terror came afterwards.
     I think that Dr. King would be proud of President Obama. I also believe that he would urge the President to do even more to address the issues of inequality that we still face today. Dr. King would likely see President Obama as a milestone for how things have improved, but I also believe that he would see the intense hatred directed against President Obama as proof that we still have a long ways to go before we reach what he described as “The Promised Land”.
     Before his tragic death, Dr. King began to talk about things like the violence of poverty and the injustice of war. In the decades since his death, progress has been made. We are much farther along than we have ever been, but the road is still a long one and there is no time to turn back or to stop. I believe that Dr. King would have endorsed the same struggle for equality that women, other ethnic minorities, LGBT and  the disabled continue to fight today.
     As a Gay Man, I appreciate Dr. King for his struggle and his message. Because my partner is black, I have gained a much deeper understanding of how important Dr. King is, and needs to continue to be for us all. To allow any segment of our society to be lessened is an indictment of us all, particularly those in power who have the responsibility to make this country great for all of us.

     I believe that the message left to us by Dr. King can never be diminished. It remains an eternal goal that must be constantly fought for and defended. There will always be people who want power only for themselves, these are the ones that we have to guard against. I believe in HOPE. I believe in EQUALITY. I believe in JUSTICE. I believe in LOVE. These are the beliefs I have that comfort me at the end of the day and inspire me on to the next.

17 January 2016

Dreamer’s World January 17 2016

The day started here with snow flurries in the air. Nothing was sticking to the ground, but that didn't stop the local idiots from making my planned trip to Harris Teeter for some groceries into a real adventure. Drivers in the DC area are notoriously bad drivers under the best of conditions, but when the "S" word is mentioned, or there is snow in the air, they lose their minds!
    One group of people want to show off their 4x4 SUVs and drive even faster than normal while another group will slow down to approximately 20 mph regardless of the speed limit. This creates the hazardous driving that this area just doesn't need. Luckily, Harris Teeter is less than a mile away and I made it there without incident, although I witnessed several close calls.
    Of course, the crowd at Harris Teeter would convince you that the end of the world was upon us. There I was, just picking up a few items and I was stuck there for almost an hour due to the long lines for checkout. The trip home was even worse because I was behind one of the 25 mph lunatics which was causing a real traffic jam and making the other lunatics too impatient.
    After I got home, I put the groceries away and checked on The Stooges. Spartacus was taking it easy on top of one of the chairs in the living room

     Stevie Nicks was looking elegant on top of the other living room chair

     Meanwhile, Hal (cat) was doing his thing in the chair along with Spartacus.

     I got some walking in around the building after lunch, and now I am waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work. The sun finally came out, and the snow flurries have stopped. Since tomorrow is a holiday, I will find out if there are any potential plans for this evening after Hal gets here.

     Now that Hal (person) is finally home, we are all set for the evening here. We both have tomorrow off, so we will spend the time together. It is nice to not have to think about going to work in the morning for a change on a Monday, but I think I can adjust to it :)

16 January 2016

Dreamer's World January 16 2016 - Rainy Saturdays and Reflections

As Saturday begins here, it is overcast and actually foggy this morning. Hal (person) is already at work so I have some time to write and reflect. This is a normal part of my weekend, I really am enjoying my blog more and more since I started the Blogging 101 course and I have recently passed the 500 likes mark. I want to take this opportunity to send a THANK YOU to everyone who has visited this blog and found it worthwhile or interesting. Honestly, this is something that I never would have prophesied, but I have to admit that I was so happy when I was notified that I had passed that milestone. It gives me confidence that other people are at least interested in what I have to say. I realize that this blog is not the most inflammatory blog out there. It focuses for the most part on my everyday life and how I make my way through it. I do believe that my writing skills have improved in the process.
     As my birthday continues to approach, I have talked with Hal (person) quite a bit about it. I don’t want any extravagant presents, I am more than comfortable with my life the way it is. I have thought back through the years and I know that the last 16 years with Hal have indeed been the happiest in my life. I told him the other night at dinner that all I want and need is to be together with him, and The Stooges. We are a family and together we can withstand anything and accomplish anything. The days of wanting things just to have things are in the past. I am incredibly lucky and it has taken some reflection to emphasize to myself just how true that statement really is.
     There have been so many people that have been important in my life. Sadly, most of them are either passed on or have moved on and we have lost touch. I was not part of a large family, not part of a close extended family. This means that I have always been more on the self-sufficient side throughout my life. When I met Hal (person), that began to change. the walls were breached and he became a true part of my life. We have both guarded our lives very well and found that so very few are worth letting inside the walls. It sounds rather sad, but I assure you it isn’t. Our intense focus on one another has strengthened our relationship throughout it 16+ years. As year 52 approaches, I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.
     This blog has given me a real sense of perspective since I began it a few years ago. It began in fits and starts, and it took me a long time to really make the decision to focus on it and commit time to it each day. I learned what to write, and more importantly, what NOT to write as I began to share my life here. I am very respectful of others’ privacy and I demand that mine be respected as well. I believe that this is more easily accomplished by not calling others out online if there are disagreements. Indeed I now just block those who would post thing to my various social media accounts in order to argue or ridicule. The most important aspect of that decision was my choice to never acknowledge them at all. When they are blocked, I never mention who they are or what caused my action. Life is too short to be that worried about other people and argue with them in the nether-sphere.
     Back to the here-and-now, I actually have no plans for today while Hal (person) is at work. I need my rest, and this is the time to get it. After Hal gets home we can make decisions about doing something, but we  seldom make advanced plans anymore and prefer to live more spontaneously when we are together.
     I have been productive this morning while I spend time with The Stooges. I just changed my car and renter’s insurance in order to save about $20 a month and that qualifies as time well spent. The new policies will take effect next month and I am happy with the decision. I know that there is no such thing as loyalty from a company to a customer anymore. I always check the insurance rates once a year, and the fact that Navy Federal recommended this company made it an easy decision to call them and get more information. So, it is now 1030 and I have accomplished that much. The skies have brightened and today is looking like a great day. While the idea of going out is appealing, I know that I also need to get some rest and spend time with The Stooges.
     After several hours of resting, Hal (person) has come home from work and I'm sure he will let me know if there will be any plans for this evening. He stopped at Best Buy and picked up his computer, which has been nothing but a source of exasperation for him. I have been hoping that Hal will eventually make the switch to Apple. It is a matter of personal preference for him, and I respect that. Hal is going to reconnect his computer and try things out after he takes a shower. 
     If we don't go anywhere later, I will seriously think about ordering dinner for delivery. There is plenty of time to decide on that.
     Kentucky lost to Auburn. Judging from the way the game started, I am not surprised at the outcome. This is a different Kentucky team from a year ago. They will do as well as they will do and no amount of getting upset over things will change that.
     After the game, perhaps to take out some frustration, I physically destroyed some old external hard drives that I found while Hal (person) and I were cleaning up all the clutter in the bedroom/office. The drives were very old, and the connectors no longer were available on my iMac, so it was time for them to go. I am sure that they had already been erased, but I took the old Navy precaution of opening them cup and then destroying the hard drive disks. The pieces have been thrown in the trash compactor for the building so there is nothing for me to worry about.
     Hal (person) is still asleep and might be for a few more hours. I haven’t made up my mind about ordering dinner, I don’t want to spend a lot of money right now. If I decide to wander out, there are a few places that I can go within a block or so. I will make up my mind later about that.
     I am still glad that Hal is home, even if he is still asleep. I don’t mind being quiet, most of the time I am anyway. Hal (cat) makes more noise than I do announcing himself at odd intervals, or as he walks into a room. I love hearing him talk. Stevie Nicks talks a lot less, and Spartacus barely speaks at all. They are all loved, and they know it.

     The evening has been quiet. Hal (person) and I ate pizza and watched movies on the couch together. All of The Stooges visited us and life is good. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.