Dreamer's World January 11 2016 - David Bowie-We CAN be HEROES

     I was extremely sad to wake up this morning to hear the news that David Bowie had passed away. His death came as something of a shock, I wasn’t expecting it. It really took me unaware and I felt a rush of emotions as I processed the news. Sadness and nostalgia mixed together as I pulled up some of Bowie’s music.
     David Bowie’s genius will never be forgotten. He often remarked that he invented his outrageous on-stage personas because he thought himself rather uninteresting and wanted to give people their moneys worth with his shows. I don’t think he should have worried about that. His talent was enormous.

Published on Feb 24, 2009

     I dont think David need have worried about his talent. David gave a generation of kids the courage to be different by being different himself. When he shocked people and made them talk, the next thing he would do would be to reinvent himself in order to stay fresh and provocative. Commercial  and mainstream success were not as important to him as creativity and freedom.
     I always admired Bowie for his independence. I could always instantly identify new music from him, even if it sounded completely different from the last thing he had done. That was the mark of pure genius.
     I only had the privilege to see Bowie once. It was in Pensacola, FL 1990 when he was rehearsing his Sound and Vision tour. The final rehearsal/concert for the US portion of the tour was open to the public with the condition that food was brought to contribute to the local homeless shelter. I hope that Bowie was directly involved in that moment, but the gesture was touching nevertheless. I was awestruck by his performance which was very minimalistic. There was only a screen behind him that showed images. There were no pyrotechnics, no lighting effects other than the spotlight on Bowie and the musicians.

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Album Songs
Hunky Dory 3
Station to Station 3
Aladdin Sane 2
Low 2
Scary Monsters… and Super Creeps 2
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 2
Young Americans 2
Covers 2
"Heroes" 1
Diamond Dogs 1
Let's Dance 1
Space Oddity 1
Tonight 1
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Apr 29, 1990

     I was also not surprised to hear that Bowie called out MTV on their refusal to play music by black artists in the early 1980s. A humanitarian and philanthropist, to say the least. He didnt have to bring the subject up at all, but he chose to.
     One of my musical heroes has gone. I will remember him whenever I hear one of his countless epic songs. He taught the unpopular to be cool, He taught the outsiders to fit into the world on their own terms. He taught us all to embrace our individuality and express it. He inspired a generation of musicians and artists. 
     One of his songs calls on us to be “Heroes, if just for one day”. Bowie was and will always be a hero.
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