Dreamer’s World January 27 2016

I feel like I have been hit by a train this morning. I tossed and turned most of the night, even when I was supposedly asleep. There are times when I wonder if I need to consider getting a new mattress or something like that because this seems to be happening too often. I have struggled with insomnia in the past, but this is different. I wake up feeling like I was in a cement mixer all night long. I am sore and in some cases, in actual pain when I get out of bed and that doesn’t ease up until I have a hot shower. In some cases, it takes time even after that for my back to relax. Hopefully, there is something that I can do to alleviate this problem, because this is no way to live every day.
     I am not traveling to meet with the client today. Due to the government opening 3 hours late and the effect that has on everything else around here. Instead, I am staying home and attempting to get ahead on the job while this opportunity presents itself. I attend well over 90% of the weekly meetings anyway, so I am not going to be placed at any disadvantage by dialing in today, if there even is a meeting.
     Now I can get  onto the rest of my day. Hal (person) and I are definitely going to the grocery store this evening to re-stock. We haven’t been there since last week before the snowstorm arrived. We made it through this far without any trouble, but is it time to make another run.
     I am so glad that today is my short day at work. I start 2 hours early, therefore I finish 2 hours early. Most days I relish the extra sleep in the morning, but times like last night don’t give me any relief. At least I know that IF I CAN sleep tonight, I will be able to get the extra 2 hours.
     I keep psyching myself up for the rest of the day, but each attempt sees the effects wearing off are quickly than the previous one. I am exhausted and after our grocery trip after work, I plan to try to take a nap. With a little luck, I can catch up on some quality sleep. 

     As expected, I am not tired after work. Hal and I made our trip to the store and now we can focus on dinner before the UK game tonight. It sucks that this will be a late game starting at 2100 ET, but at least I will get the 2 hours of sleep back (I hope) overnight.

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