There are times when writing can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes this is because we have absolutely no idea what we are writing about and don’t realize it until after we hit “publish”. Then there are times when the tools that we have collected to help us with our writing decide to act up and show what pieces of shit they can be when they want to. Today I have suffered from the second of those examples.
     I have a pattern I use when I write. The writing itself is done in Evernote. I use it because it is a cross-platform application so I can access my document from anywhere on any OS and proceed to edit and continue writing. I have had no problems with Evernote, I am happy to say. Since I publish my blog posts to both WordPress and Blogger, I needed an intermediate step to transfer things to both of those apps without losing formatting. The solution I have found is called Blogo. It works like a champ….. most of the time. When Blogo decides to act up, the only thing I can do is to shut everything down and hope to recover my Evernote document in order to try again. To say that this causes frustration would be a galactic understatement. 
     When Blogo fucks up, I feel like the world has just collapsed all over me. I dread the thought of my work being ruined. Luckily, other than a complete restart and recovery of the Evernote document, I have not lost anything completely. I wonder who else out there has a similar problem when publishing to multiple sites like WP or Blogger.

     If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. If you have solved this problem, I am sure you know how those of us still struggling with it feel at times like this.

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