Dreamer's World January 25 2016 - Image That Makes Me Think


This item hangs on the wall near our kitchen. We purchased it many years ago because it is colorful and makes a nice conversation piece. Perhaps there was another reason that I was not aware of at the time, but I often find myself drawn to it as I take my daily calendar picture since the calendar is close by.
I look at this and see things that I never thought of before. Rather than the sun contrasted with the moon, it is just a face that represents the night sky. The eyes seem to hold something important, and if you look and think about it, you start to understand the meaning. Perhaps I am being too melodramatic, and I am just inventing all of this, but it seems real enough to me.
     I see the colorful rays and they remind me of the beautiful variety of life that is around us all the time. Sadly, we are often far too busy to really notice any of this. Our own lives and our own perceived problems and issues and priorities get in the way. We are conditioned to ignore things that are not directly related to our daily objectives as a price for being a “successful” person. Odd, because in the bigger picture it is the missing out of these wonderful varieties that diminishes our lives and we never even know it.
     Perhaps this is nothing but a touchstone of sorts, one that reminds me that there is beauty in everything and that is all around us all the time. This item has hung on the wall for years, I see it every day but seldom take the time to lose myself in it and just enjoy the fact that it is here. We all need something like this that catches our attention long enough to make us realize that there is more to life than the normal routine. It is amazing that whenever a person finds this thing, whatever it is, that you can see the child-like wonder return to their eyes. It is the innocence of seeing something beautiful that just captivates us.

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