Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 - The Snow

As I slowly wake up this morning, I am coming to terms with the weather. I honestly believe that we are nowhere near the 2 feet of snow that was predicted for us. At 1130 Saturday, it looks like calling what we have 1 foot of snow would be considered generous. 

It is cold and windy, that much they got right. While I am not ready just yet to call #snowpocalypse2016 a bust here in Alexandria, VA the temptation to do so is extremely strong. Sadly, if this is a bust, it only reinforces my belief that the media will go to any lengths necessary to promote fear and terror at the expense of real news. The amount go “impending doom” wall-to-wall coverage over the last few days just made me sick because I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this would be the outcome. I am sure that there have been places where the forecasts were more accurate, I am speaking of what has happened, or failed to happen, right here.
     Nothing will change. The media will focus on the areas that experienced the worst and ignore the mistakes that they made with their reporting by claiming that they cannot get everything right all the time. Funny that they ask for this wide lack of accountability with their own reporting after the fact. I believe that this is the indictment of them. Their own “failings” will become the next avoid-the-real-news story that will occupy them for several days until the outrage wears off.
     The only thing the weather guessers got right is the cold and wind. Considering this is January, I think they all deserve participation trophies for taking the time to show up.

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