31 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 31 2017 - Daily Prompt "Scent"

The Daily Prompt is “Scent”. An odor or aroma that stimulates our senses. It usually brings up images that we imagine clearly represent the scent that we smell. Almost everyone can instantly imagine the scent of bacon frying in the morning, or of popcorn at a movie theater. They are ingrained into our subconscious.
When I smell something that nauseates me, I instantly think of

30 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 30 2017 - RWNJ Rush To Judgement

Yesterday a terrorist attack happened at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada. At least 6 people were killed as they prayed. The media immediately jumped on this story with their usual inept and incompetent fervor. Social media was abuzz with blame being assigned to “Muslim terrorists” and the same RWNJ lunatics rushed to defend the illegal and immoral policies of the Nazi in the White House on immigration that blocks people based on their religion from entering this country.
As of this writing, Canadian police have identified the lone suspect who has surrendered to police. He is a WHITE Canadian who was a supporter of various RWNJ websites. Once this news began to leak out of Canada, the media immediately stopped talking about the attack. The lone WHITE gunman didn’t fit in with the infoporn agenda that was being pumped out through the television sets nationwide.
Once again, the media is nothing more than a tool of those in power. The Nazi in the White House knows this and will do everything in his power to control the messages that we receive. Once the FACTS, not the “alternate facts”, but the FACTS were out there, the story became how the entire Canadian government MUST be involved in a conspiracy to cover up the “alternate truth”. This is the official policy of the Nazi in the White House.

This is precisely why the media CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Think for yourself. Find out the TRUTH rather than have some infoporn spoonfed to you.

Dreamer's World January 30 2017 - Snow And Monday

I woke up this morning to find the grass covered by a light layer of snow. This was not unexpected, but it still sets a certain mood for the day here. As I work my way through my mountain of emails, I am reminded that this is still Winter and that the snow is nothing unusual.
I start this week with a renewed sense of hope that things will get better. If I cannot force myself to believe this on Monday morning, then there is no way that the shitstorm in the world can ever seem manageable later in the week. I pledge to resist the Nazi in charge as effectively as I can, and to do as much as I can to hasten his departure/impeachment. If I fail to promise myself to do these things, then the weight of the world will just paralyze me.
I hope that this Monday will be a productive one at work. I am waiting for a list of items that require research (my specialty) in order to really get things going here. Until that happens, I am relishing the quiet, watching Hal The Cat as he sleeps nearby, appreciating Stevie Nicks as she ate some cat treats from my hand earlier this morning, and Spartacus as he lays sleeping with Hal (person) in the bedroom. In their own way, they all give me the strength that I need each and every day.
Hal (person) told me after he woke up that he has found yet another apartment that he wants to look at. Today is not the best day for doing that because I work until 1630 and it would take almost an hour to get to the location. Unless they are willing to show an apartment later our visit will have to wait until Friday at the earliest when I get out of work at 1430 and we would have time to get out there.
The apartment search is going well and we continue to eliminate places based on cost and location. Eventually we will focus down to 2 or 3 at the most, but until then we can make certain that we have seen as many apartments as possible before that decision has to be made. The timeframe to make the decision is getting closer. By the end of February we should have made the decision about which apartments to focus on for applications, etc. I have my personal favorite, but it might not make the list due to the cost, Hal is on a fixed income and it would be difficult for him to make that one work well within his budget. No worries because we will find the right place and be happy in the long term.
Hal was just talking to a friend who lives in DC. The friend has suggested that we consider moving into the city, but that is out of the question due to cost. It is too expensive where we are at now, so the only option we have is to  move further out so we can get something nice that won’t bust the budget.

Hal hasn’t spoken anymore about the apartment he mentioned this morning. It might be because I work later today and we wouldn't have the time to go out there. I will find out more once the work day is over with.

Dreamer's World January 30 2017 - Daily Prompt "Replacement"

The Daily Prompt is “Replacement”. A word that offers many possibilities. Personally I would like to find a “replacement” for the Nazi currently occupying the White House. After all, a “replacement” is something we get when the original doesn’t work properly or is defective. That is certainly the case with the Nazi in the White House. He is most certainly defective and we should be able to request a “replacement” in order to find one that actually works as required.

29 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 29 2017 - How Did We Allow The 4th Reich To Come To Power

      How did we get here? How did this country get to the point where a NAZI is in power and is ruling by decree? We face a clear and present danger to this country right now, and that danger must be fought and overcome. I find it saly possible that enough people fell for the NAZI propaganda and actually voted for the lunatic, but when he shows his true nature I believe that resistance is the only possible alternative.
      My father fought against the NAZIS in World War II and he would be turning in his grave if he knew that we willingly put a NAZI in power here today! I could not blame him. His generation fought against these monsters and defeated them. Now we have them infesting our country and no one seems to care. That is the scariest part of what I see today, the fucking apathy about what is happening.
           How can we stop this? History shows us that only resistance and not caving in to the demands of NAZIS will ever have a chance of influencing them. We must refuse to follow their decrees and their laws. We must hold all politicians accountable, regardless of their party. If they willingly cooperate with the NAZI in any way, shape, or form, then they arew UNFIT to hold office and need to be voted out at the earliest opportunity.
      We need to take to the streets to protest the illegal and immoral actions of the NAZIS. We need to encourage resistance and disobedience on a daily basis. We need to communicate directly with each other and not rely on the untrustworthy media to get our message out.

Dreamer's World January 29 2017 - Daily Prompt "Yellow"

    The Daily Prompt is “Yellow”. A color I associate with life and growth since I picture”yellow” as representing sunlight. I love bright”yellow”, it is among my favorite colors. “Yellow” grabs your attention when you see it. The color stands out in any environment, demanding our attention in a way that no other color does.

28 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 28 2017 - A Time To Rest

I slept late this morning. It was only fair after spending several hours after work yesterday looking at apartments with Hal. Once again, we truly surprised ourselves by stumbling across a real gem of a place that might finally end the search. We found a townhouse-style apartment that will be available right around the time frame that we can finally move out of here.
The townhouse apartment is 2 bedroom and 2 bath layout with a private entrance from the first floor that leads to a staircase into the main level of the apartment on the second floor of the building. This is to accommodate garage units, but we aren’t interested in the extra cost of a garage ourselves. The place has a really nicely designed kitchen with lots of storage and it is open to the living and dining areas. The living and dining areas could be a bit larger but the floorplan is still nicely laid out. There is a full-size washer and dryer just off the kitchen, where they truly belong. In fact the only thing missing on the main floor would be a half-bath, but it isn’t a deal breaker for us.
The kitchen has a gas stove, which I love, and the living room also has a gas fireplace so things can be nice and warm in the cooler weather. Hal should have no problem mounting his tv over the fireplace to free up floor space.
Continuing up the staircase leads to the bedrooms and two full baths. One of the bathrooms actually has both a tub and shower separately, which is very rare in an apartment. The bathrooms are large and present no problem other than they are both on the second floor.
The bedroom are completely awesome. Both have cathedral ceilings with a large shelf that runs the length of the wall over the bedroom door for plenty of extra storage or as a place to put decorative items. Both bedrooms are very large and obviously feel huge with the cathedral ceilings. They are perfect.
Hal is the one making the decision on where to move because of the cost. Since he is retired, his income is fixed and we need a place that won’t strain his budget the way that this place now does. The real beauty of the place I described is that the rent alone will save us around $400 per month! This makes it seem likely that Hal would want to pursue this place further, but I only give him my opinion and let him make the call. The timing for this apartment is almost exactly when it would work for us. I have to wait to see if Hal is as interested as I am in the place because if he is, then we have to move quickly.

Obviously, after all that work and note-taking I was tired when we got home last night after dinner. I shifted my tax preparation appointment to this afternoon, so I plan to rest as much as I can before then. For a change, I will be the one insisting that we stay home this evening. I cannot think of anything that has to be done, or of anyplace that we have to go. We both can use the rest.

Dreamer's World January 28 2017 - Daily Prompt "Automatic"

The Daily Prompt is “Automatic”. Somehow this is a harder word to define than it seemed at first glance. I don’t like to think of the technical definition for this word because I would prefer something more personal. I suppose that I automatically begin to think about the Daily Prompt immediately when I see it in order to wrap my brain around it. “Automatic” seems to indicate a habit that I have become accustomed to without even thinking about it. It seems as good a definition as anything else.

27 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 27 2017 - Daily Prompt "Filter"

The Daily Prompt is “Filter”. I apply this term to the information that I receive on a daily basis at work and at home.
When I am at work, I apply my “filter” to weed out the emails that arrive in my inbox that try to scream for my attention but are really simply wastes of my time or attempts from someone to get help on something that they should have already taken care of themselves. This allows me to focus on the really important things and to get more done each day.
When I am off work, I apply a complete “filter” to the mainstream media (MSM) because their ONLY goal is to overload each of us with useless infoporn to the point where the real news that is happening gets lost in the background, if they bother to report on it at all and that is becoming increasingly rare.
My ‘filters” allow me to focus my time and energy on important things at work and at home. To me, “filters” are an absolute necessity in the digital age. A “filter” represents a conscious choice that an adult makes, whereas a parent might “filter” what their children are exposed to, and that is not a choice that the child is truly aware of. If I had children I think that I would teach them how to apply “filters” rather than imposing them because that skill would help the child as they grow up.

Dreamer's World January 27 2017 - More Friday Fun

The end of the week has arrived at last. Yesterday was a day off for me, but not in the real relaxing sense because I had a dental appointment. It was just a cleaning but I have never liked going to the dentist and this hasn’t changed as I have grown older. It isn’t a fear or phobia, just more of a hassle and inconvenience factor to me. Like so many people I should have taken better care of my teeth when I was younger, but we cannot change the past.
As I start this Friday morning, I have yet another thing to look forward to, sort of at least. After work I am getting my taxes done. This is never a worrisome thing for me, but I have never trusted all of the software applications to get them complete and accurate. Perhaps I will try this next year but for now I am still comfortable going to the local H&R Block and getting them done there.
At least Friday is an early day for me and I will be done with work by 1430 this afternoon. After the appointment to do my taxes, I can really start my weekend and the most appealing thing right now would be a nice, long nap.
I am going to try to ignore the news throughout the day. I will get my usual online feeds and sneak a peek now and then. Most of the time I just keep the news off and focus on work or home life until my curiosity causes me to look.
Hal just informed me that there are more apartments he would like to look at this afternoon. Since it is my early day off, I called and rescheduled my tax appointment till tomorrow at 1600 and we will check out the places that he found. So much for the planned nap, but that seldom happens anyway.

We made it home after checking out two apartments. They will definitely stay on our lists.

26 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 26 2017 - Thursday In The 4th Reich

Another day, another national embarrassment for America. Der Rumpenfuhrer has decided that it is better to decapitate the State Department than keep professionals in place who have served under numerous administrations. Der Rumpenfuhrer has also decided that since Mexico refuses to pay for a wall, that Americans will pay for it with a 20% tax on imported goods from Mexico. Note that most of what will be affected will be fruits and vegetables, so poor Americans will suffer more from malnutrition, but Der Rumpenfuhrer proves once again that he doesn’t give a shit about this nation as long as he gets his way.

Der Rumpenfuhrer has done this damage TODAY. It makes me wonder what his next lunatic move will be.

Dreamer's World January 26 2017 - Daily Prompt "Simple"

The Daily Prompt is “Simple”. This is an easy one. It is a “simple” and ACTUAL FACT, not at “alternate fact” that Der Rumpenfuhrer is a NAZI.

25 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 25 2017 - Yesterday Was A Bust For The Blog, Hoping Today Is Better

Yesterday’s blog post was a hot mess that could not be salvaged. I apologize for not getting something out, but there are times when we all have some type of writer’s block and yesterday was that day for me.
I generally write about what happens here at home as I work during the day. Unfortunately, too many things were going on at one time and my thought train derailed as it left the station. Today is much more focused, thankfully, and I am feeling much better about this post as I continue to write. The afternoon will be quick and painless, I hope, before quitting time at 1530.
I have spoken to Hal and we will be going out after work to check on a few apartments as we continue to narrow our search. Some of the ones that we have really liked have begun creeping up in price and that is not good. On the other hand, it does force us to focus more on the places that are not so obviously attempting to make a few extra dollars.
Actually, we did go and looked at an apartment complex that we had missed. We were both very favorably impressed and although it is at the higher end of our price range, it will remain on the short list for the time being. Honestly, it cannot go any higher or we will have to forget about it, but it is beautiful.

And now we are home after dinner. I am taking tomorrow off from work for a dental appointment. I need the break anyway in order to clear my head. I feel marginally better about this post today, and I hope to do better tomorrow.

Dreamer's World January 25 2017 -Daily Prompt "Ten" Or "My Hero, Zero"

The Daily Prompt is “Ten”. While some people consider this in the old Bo Derek movie sense of the word as signifying perfection, I think that “Ten” is the most significant number there is because it provides the base for our entire mathematics system. After all, we have a decimal system based on “Ten”.
Recently, some commercials used a remake of an old song that I remember from Saturday mornings growing up in the early 1970s. “Schoolhouse Rock” was something that was inserted between cartoons. I am including the link to this song because it fits with what I am saying. I hope you enjoy the song and it really does make the point of how important “Ten” is to us, and “Ten” would be impossible without My Hero, Zero.


24 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 24 2017 - Daily Prompt "Devastation"

The Daily Prompt is “Devastation”. It brings to mind images of horror and violence, war and suffering. I associate the NAZI on charge of our country with this. His legacy will be nothing but devastation, war, death, and pestilence.

I hope that we can avoid the results and get rid of the NAZI in order to avoid the Devastation.

23 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 23 2017 - Dreary Start To The Week

I managed to get to bed early last night. I decided that there was nothing to keep me awake after 2100 and I was in bed before then. I am glad to say that I slept very well and that I am starting this morning feeling refreshed. I really needed that extra sleep, especially when I woke up to a dreary, rainy morning on a day where the sun will not appear. If I had not gotten the extra sleep, I would be snoring already at work.
In the big picture, getting enough rest is something that I am guilty of NOT doing just like so many others. There is always something that seems to demand my time and will keep me from simply shutting down in the evening and going to bed. I know that this is a bad habit, and I will work to break myself of it as much as possible. I want to make a new start to things, the world has turned upside-down and it will be more of a challenge to survive. This means that getting more rest is essential to remaining happy because the stress of the world will still get through, despite my best efforts.
Work does take my mind off of things like the state of the world for a few hours each day, but I still have to maintain my separation from the rest of the world when I am not at work. I find that music and reading get me through the tough times and make everything bearable for a while.
The rain continues to fall. The wind is lashing it against the window as I type. It seems to fit my mood over the last few days. I need to see the sun shine again in order to feel better.
I had some chicken korma for lunch and am feeling slightly more optimistic this afternoon even as the rain continues to fall, heavier than this morning. I am already looking forward to quitting time because today is one of those days when curling up in bed seems like the only logical thing to do while the storm rages outside.

To make matters worse, I am practically exhausted this afternoon. Ironic that on a day after getting extra sleep that I end up being tired the following day.

Dreamer's World January 23 2017 - Daily Prompt "Oversight"

The Daily Prompt is “Oversight”. This is something that we have completely surrendered to the NAZI in charge. “Alternative Facts” are now in vogue to dismiss reality in favor of warped RWNJ fantasy. This trend is a key component to NAZI dictatorships. Tell the BIG LIE so much that people will actually start to believe it. The main difference right now is that the MSM is not completely in bed with the NAZI yet, but when their corporate masters speak you can bet that the “Alternative Facts” will be reported as gospel truth.
The cleverly designed attacks on the media are intended to bring them into line by threatening their profit margin. If the NAZI can successfully agitate the RWNJ lunatics to attack the media themselves, this will happen even more quickly.

“Oversight” is what we are lacking right now. The only option that we have is to collect all the information we can and to make it as public as possible. Once again, the MSM will NOT help in this attempt to provide “oversight”, it will be up to us.

22 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 22 2017 - Ignoring The World

One of the things that I have done for months now is to avoid the MSM and the news. My sanity is far more important than providing a ratings point for the MSM. To say that I no longer trust the MSM is an understatement. My distrust comes from the fact that they will NOT report on news, instead they do nothing but pump out INFOPORN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This is the reason we have a NAZI in charge of this nation today. All of the warning signs were there for everyone to see in plain sight, instead the MSM chose to report every single thing that wasn’t related to the NAZI and his positions, instead they followed his public relations machine like a puppy following a shiny ball.
So today was another day with no TV as far as news is concerned. I can no longer put any trust in what the MSM says, because all they care about are their own ratings. This does give me a sense of freedom, I am not nervously watching some INFOPORN that is designed to distract me from what is actually happening. I instead focus on the here and now, on Hal and The Stooges, and on things that I can have some degree of influence over.

This country is doomed without a real media. We have clearly reached that point.

Dreamer's World January 22 2017 - Daily Prompt "Successful"

The Daily Prompt is “Successful”. I always interpret this to mean how it applies to my daily life. I am not rich, I will never be rich. Those statements are true if money is the measuring stick of success. Fortunately, I measure my own success in more practical ways. I have a roof over my head. I am with the man that I love. We have three awesome cats (The Stooges). I have a good job. I am happy.

I am “successful” in every important sense of the word. I want nothing more from life than to enjoy it and to not do harm to others.

21 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 21 2017 - Daily Prompt "Privacy"

The Daily Prompt is “Privacy”. Something that we are slowly losing in our digital world. In the past, when everything was written with pen and paper, it took a substantial effort to get those words into the public consciousness, but today with a blog such as this, my words can reach an unknown amount of people. With this new perspective, we need to re-evaluate our notion of “privacy”.
In a digital information age, privacy is something that cannot be guaranteed as it was in the past. When information or opinion becomes public, we have to deal with the consequences of that. If we choose to write or express our opinion digitally, we have entered a new realm where “privacy” is not guaranteed as it was in the past.

This is why I often refuse to post the first attempt at a blog post. It is more important than ever to read carefully before you hit the “send” button.

Dreamer's World January 21 2017 - Starting Over

I am still processing things this morning. I am a year older and living in a country with no real leader, only a NAZI pretender surrounded by his sycophants who want to destroy everything great about this country. Not the best thing to wake up and realize on a Saturday morning.
The morning is gray and overcast, which seems rather appropriate, as I make my list of tasks to be completed today. I am still tempted to splurge since my birthday was yesterday, but I know that I should save all the money that I can right now. I will face that issue when I go out a bit later and see what happens. Somehow I predict that I will resist the urge to spend money on anything that I don’t really need right now since we will be moving in May.
I have to admit that as the day has gone on, I am more and more pleasantly surprised with the Women’s March on Washington and other marches around the nation and the world to protest the second-class treatment of women and to protest the NAZI we now have in power here. The last estimate was 2.5 MILLION people marching in DC! This is amazing, and a great show of resistance to the NAZI. This has lifted my spirits and given me hope that there is still the chance for a positive future. We all have to work together to defeat the NAZI and insure that someone like him NEVER achieves power again!

Dreamer's World January 20 2017 - Daily Prompt "Exposure"

The Daily Prompt is “Exposure”. It indicates bringing the truth to light, pulling back the curtain to reveal the little man behind the curtain who is manipulating things and is a complete and total fraud.
For a clear example of this, please see Donald Trump, aka FRAUD.

Dreamer's World January 20 2017 - What Should Be A Happy Day

    My birthday should be a happy day for me. My birthday has instead become a day on which my heart feels like it has been destroyed. This nation I love so dearly has become a state run by a NAZI along with his NAZI followers. I can’t put it into any simpler terms than that.
Although I have completely boycotted the media, for whom I assign a large portion of the blame for the NAZIS, my sadness is still tangible. Nothing can remove the anguish that I felt, even though Hal has done his very best to make it a wonderful birthday for me. He made spaghetti and he didn’t splurge on a gift because I asked him not to. We have been together for over 17 years and each day is better than the last one.
Originally, I thought that I would be blind drunk on my birthday. In retrospect, I am glad that I didn’t behave that way. It wouldn’t have been fair to Hal, and given my mood about the world in general, I would have been inconsolably miserable.
Instead we went and looked at 2 apartments. While neither one will make the final cut list, it was good to know what is out there. We are looking for a place that will cut our costs and not cut into the things that we want. We have 3 places that are on what I will call the final list as of now, and our trip didn’t change that list at all.
We came home and had a wonderful spaghetti dinner and spent the evening at home since Hal had to work on Saturday morning. I went to bed early knowing that I wouldn’t have to deal with the after-effects of drinking on Saturday morning.

19 January 2017

Dreamer's World January 19 2017 - A Difficult Time To Write

      This is a difficult writing task for me. I am home with Hal as he prepares spaghetti for my birthday, which is tomorrow. I face the fact that I will be 53 years old tomorrow, but that isn’t what is bothering me right now. I am filled with trepidation over what the future holds after tomorrow.
      I always try to be optimistic in my outlook on life, but right now I cannot seem to find that strength. The country that I love will be handed over to a madman and there is nothing that can stop it from happening. Why does this have to happen on my birthday? I am fearful about what might happen, if not from the madman himself, then from his even more insane followers. I have never seen such hatred in my life. While the ugly instincts that the madman has awakened have always lurked just beneath the surface in our society, now they are boiling over.
      The hatred that President Obama faced was laced with resentment because Obama was the President and the sad, bitter people were filled with hatred over that fact. Today, on the verge of their takeover of this nation, they seem to be even angrer than ever, and already drunk with power that they cannot wait to unleash on everyone who has disagreed with them.
      I cannot imagine living with such hatred of someone else. It is toxic and will eventually consume them just as easily as they will use it to try and harm others first. They are convinced that they are right, and this has always made them dangerous because they will invoke their so-called god to make everything they will attempt to do seem justifiable.
      Oscar Wilde said “Patriotism is the Virtue of the Vicious” and he was right. I might be quoting someone else, but I also believe that Religion is the Cleanser that washes away the sins commited in its name. There are very few things more dangerous than people who are convinced that they have “god” on their side because it frees them from the responsibility of behaving like civilized human beings and allows them to commit atrocities and harm others.
This is the cause of my trepidation and it unsettles me greatly. We will find out just how civilized we truly are in the coming months, and the uncertainty about the results alarms me. I wish that I was more confident about the future as I mark the end of another year in  my own life. Hopefully I will be wrong in the sense that we will not let things go to hell in a handbasket, but the hatred that I see and hear doesn’t fill me with confidence right now.

The only thing that I can do is to focus on the here and now, on Hal and The Stooges, on protecting us from the approaching storm and making sure that we are safe. I suppose that is true of everyone right now, but the sadness I feel on this birthday is unlike any I have felt before. Let’s be careful out there.

Dreamer's World January 19 2017 - Daily Prompt "Overworked"

First of all, a note that since tomorrow is my birthday I probably won’t be posting at all that day. I will resume on Saturday.
The Daily Prompt is “Overworked”. This is an easy one because as Americans we tend to work ourselves into early graves in some vain pursuit of things and possessions. I read an article about a year ago that showed how many Americans leave vacation time on the books because they are AFRAID to use it. They fear, and with some justification, that taking time away from work will hurt their career and possibly cost them their jobs.
Fortunately, the company that I work for is always reminding people that we have a life outside of work. Vacation and days off are encouraged. This is becoming something of a rarity in America, and that is a sad thing.
Another unfortunate aspect of “overworked” is that when too many people take a vacation, they try to structure it just like they are at work. Schedules are put together, tasks as assigned to be completed, and deadlines are imposed. It is no wonder that so many Americans come back to work after a vacation and say “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation”.

We need to take time away from work on a regular basis. No one can endure the stress and routine forever without it taking a terrible toll on them. The cost in health care and in personal relationships is astounding because we cannot escape the cycle of being “overworked”.

Dreamer's World January 19 2017 - A Day Off

First of all, a note that since tomorrow is my birthday I probably won’t be posting at all that day. I will resume on Saturday.
My main goal for today is to complete the tasks that I have before I take off at 1200 for the rest of the day. The main thing is the meeting that I host this morning at 1100, and that looks to be a quick meeting because things have not changed much over the past week.
I have had a few calls from friends to wish me an early Happy Birthday. I will not be writing tomorrow, but I will put together a summary of the day on Saturday. I just want to enjoy the day with Hal and The Stooges and keep the world away from us for a change.