Dreamer's World January 8 2017 - Thinking About A Friend

As Sunday morning gives way to Sunday afternoon, I am thinking about a friend who is far away as I am typing this. She has gone home to Scotland with her kids to visit family and today is the day that she is returning from her visit. As happy as I am to think that I will see and talk to her again soon, I am also confronting the fact that she and her youngest son will be permanently moving to Scotland this Summer. I first heard about this plan when she told me about 2 months ago. I support her decision because that is what friends do for each other. At the same time, if I were to be completely selfish, I would have to say that the news really tore me up inside. While I cannot blame her, or really question her decision, it is sad to think that we have so little time left together. 
We have known Nicola since 2002. I met her through her husband, an old Navy friend. Sadly, Don died in a motorcycle accident but Nicola and the kids have remained very close to Hal and myself. In a way, no longer having her nearby will be just another example of time moving on and therefore my feelings, no matter how strong, don't really matter in the long term. I would not dare to do anything that would make Nicola unhappy, and I know that she didn't make her choice with the intention of making me unhappy. It is simply the nature of life and we keep moving forward. 
I hope that Nicola and the kids have a safe flight back home. We are looking forward to seeing them again at the first opportunity, and we will try to see them as often as possible before the final departure sometime in the Summer. 

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