Dreamer's World January 27 2017 - Daily Prompt "Filter"

The Daily Prompt is “Filter”. I apply this term to the information that I receive on a daily basis at work and at home.
When I am at work, I apply my “filter” to weed out the emails that arrive in my inbox that try to scream for my attention but are really simply wastes of my time or attempts from someone to get help on something that they should have already taken care of themselves. This allows me to focus on the really important things and to get more done each day.
When I am off work, I apply a complete “filter” to the mainstream media (MSM) because their ONLY goal is to overload each of us with useless infoporn to the point where the real news that is happening gets lost in the background, if they bother to report on it at all and that is becoming increasingly rare.
My ‘filters” allow me to focus my time and energy on important things at work and at home. To me, “filters” are an absolute necessity in the digital age. A “filter” represents a conscious choice that an adult makes, whereas a parent might “filter” what their children are exposed to, and that is not a choice that the child is truly aware of. If I had children I think that I would teach them how to apply “filters” rather than imposing them because that skill would help the child as they grow up.

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