Dreamer's World January 3 2017

Today marks the beginning of 2017 at work. The holidays are behind us at last and now it is time to begin moving into what promises to be a dangerous New Year overall, although the year at work seems relatively straightforward without any complications at this time.
Since I work from home, my routine rarely varies. I wake up and make my way to the shower to refresh myself and then I come into the office and start up the laptop. While things are starting up online and the deluge of emails begins to download, I go through the kitchen and find the dishwasher sulking at me because it is full and all of the dishes are clean. I put things away in the kitchen in order to stop the dishwasher from sulking any further and then return to the laptop to begin wading through the emails.
A quick glance at my online messenger reveals that I am the first one to show up for work. On a rainy morning like this I am not at all surprised. I begin to wonder about breakfast after checking my BG readings and finding that everything is in order. Perhaps it will be oatmeal this morning, I will work that out later.
One of the first things that I did this morning was to remove the sheets from the bed so they can be washed later. I decided against changing out the duvet since it has only been on the bed for a week and will be fine for another week before it also has to be washed.
A quick glance at Hal (person) shows that he is still asleep so I won’t disturb him. The Stooges are up and awake since they have heard me, so I take some time with each of them in order to show love and affection. Spartacus, Stevie Nicks, and Hal The Cat are always more than willing to show love and affection in return.
Since it is now 0730, it is time for breakfast. I decided to have some chicken biscuits this morning to get my BG regulated for the rest of the morning and to prepare myself for the morning meeting that actually will be rather important. Hal (person) surprised me by appearing in the kitchen as I was preparing my breakfast and I am glad to see that he is feeling better and sounding better this morning.
The traffic continues its noisy march past the window. At least being on the 4th floor and on a hill reduces the noise somewhat. I know that there is no way that I could cope if the noise were right outside the window. Once we move in the Spring, the traffic noise will no longer be an issue, or so I hope. All of the places that we have looked at are away from main thoroughfares such as the one we live on now.
Even though it is now 0800, the darkness still lingers due to the low-hanging clouds and the incessant rain. I hope that the weather will be better tomorrow morning when I have to travel to my meeting with the client. If the weather forecast is accurate, the rain should end by this afternoon before quitting time. That would be perfect since we have to make a trip to the pet store to get more food for The Stooges this afternoon.
Once we get the cat food, I am not sure if there is anything else that we will be doing after work. I really want to get some rest tonight, probably before the UK game which is at 2100, I do hate late games. I will try to take a nap before the game and then go right to bed afterwards.
There are few things that I hate more than having a low BG episode during the day. After taking my meds and then having lunch, my BG dropped to 47 and I am feeling the roller coaster effects right now.

The evening is here at last. I’m watching UK play before heading to bed.

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