Dreamer's World January 21 2017 - Starting Over

I am still processing things this morning. I am a year older and living in a country with no real leader, only a NAZI pretender surrounded by his sycophants who want to destroy everything great about this country. Not the best thing to wake up and realize on a Saturday morning.
The morning is gray and overcast, which seems rather appropriate, as I make my list of tasks to be completed today. I am still tempted to splurge since my birthday was yesterday, but I know that I should save all the money that I can right now. I will face that issue when I go out a bit later and see what happens. Somehow I predict that I will resist the urge to spend money on anything that I don’t really need right now since we will be moving in May.
I have to admit that as the day has gone on, I am more and more pleasantly surprised with the Women’s March on Washington and other marches around the nation and the world to protest the second-class treatment of women and to protest the NAZI we now have in power here. The last estimate was 2.5 MILLION people marching in DC! This is amazing, and a great show of resistance to the NAZI. This has lifted my spirits and given me hope that there is still the chance for a positive future. We all have to work together to defeat the NAZI and insure that someone like him NEVER achieves power again!

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