Dreamer's World January 01 2017 - My Personal Manifesto for 2017

And so this year begins, with all of the negativity from 2016 still seeping into this year as we face the prospect of Nazis coming to power in America. This is something that our parents and grandparents would have screamed at the top of their lungs to prevent. Sadly, this generation of Americans has failed them after having been trusted with the country that we all care so much about.
Fear has replaced optimism in this country. Fear is necessary for tyrants to come to power because it overwhelms the more rational parts of our brain with its incessant nagging and seditious whispering that we are all at risk from “the others” who remarkably never seem to appear in plain sight to be easily identified. Rather, “the others” are always lurking just out of our sight, at the edges of our vision in the area where irrational fears always thrive.
Our future is at stake. We have never faced a clearer choice about the direction of this country, whether to move forwards and away from fear, or to retreat and surrender to that fear. I choose to go forward. The alternative is simply unacceptable. When those who are slaves to fear criticize me, I will draw strength in my convictions, because they are willingly surrendering their own freedom and I can use their strength that they give up as well as my own in the coming struggle.
I have fought for this country. I didn’t fight to preserve it to see it given away by a bunch of sheep who do not deserve to be called Americans. I will honor those who fought and died to protect this country, not those who are too afraid to protect it against the enemy that dwells within.
Our history is filled with those who have tried to wreck this country from within. Each time, We The People have responded by defeating these lunatics. Too often it has taken far longer than we would have liked. The struggle for Equality for all Americans is never-ending, but we have never willingly chosen to move backwards before. I refuse to do so now.

This is my personal manifesto for 2017.

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