19 July 2017

Dreamer’s World July 19, 2017 – Making Each Day Count

As I enter Wednesday afternoon, I am glad that the week is now halfway over with. I have been busy for the last few weeks and haven’t had the time and interest simultaneously to write in this blog. Sure, I have posted articles that were of interest to me, but I have felt the nagging pain that occurs when I don’t write daily. I am hoping that today is the start to breaking that trend. I am going to get out of here with Hal as soon as possible this afternoon and we are going to spend time together for a change.
    My initial idea is to go to dinner at one of the fabulous Indian restaurants in the area. I am hoping that Hal will agree to this, but he isn’t quite as fond of Indian food as I am. I won’t push Hal on this, if he doesn’t want to go there, we will find somewhere else. After all the time that I have been working on my project, I deserve a break and a chance to enjoy life again with the person that I love more than anything. I want and need to take this course of action because each day is tremendously special and I don’t want to waste any more of them. We have been together for 17 ½ years and the magic is still with us and I never want to lose it.

    My preoccupation with work will have to be repressed, even though it is fascinating to me and I still love my job. I simply want to re-prioritize my life and make it better for all involved. Life is short when we think of the things that we want to do, should have done, or could have done better. There is no reason to not live each day fully possible, and that is what I will try to do from now on.

18 July 2017

Dreamer’s World July 17, 2017 – Forcing Myself Forward

As the middle of Monday morning arrives, I am actually feeling rather cold. The A/C is turned off and I just opened the bedroom window as wide as possible in order to try to warm myself up. I am almost never cold, especially in the summer so I will really be monitoring how I feel for the rest of the day. I have to take Hal to and from work this evening so I really cant just go to bed early. I won’t be able to get to bed until around 2300 this evening.
    The afternoon has arrived and I finally closed the window and will let the A/C kick in. I had a decent lunch and now I am caught in the afternoon cycle of meetings until I take Hal to work. I have to admit that these meeting are not helping me feel any better. Listening to other people argue with one another for an hour just makes me sleepy.
    Luckily for me, Hal The Cat is here to keep me company

17 July 2017

Dreamer’s World July 17, 2017 – The New Doctor

I had been wondering about the person who would be the next Doctor Who when the Xmas special episode airs at the end of this year. Yesterday, along with everyone else, I found out the answer. Jodie Whittaker will become the Doctor and I wish her the very best.
Obviously, she will be the first female Doctor in the history of the show. I found it interesting that she and the BBC had to issue a statement like this in 2017, but apparently there are still a lot of repressed and small-minded people out there who cannot accept change. A show with a 50+ year history about an alien species main character should never have to go to this level of explanation other than to silence the primitive critics who shout out their middle-aged displeasure from their parents’ basements as they type away under the light of a single bulb and imagine that they are somehow important to the world at large.
    Personally, I am sad to see Peter Capaldi leave the show, but I agree with his decision to do so. I believe that his talent was wasted by poor storylines and too much emphasis placed on supporting characters, especially in his first 2 seasons. He always shone through the muck, and occasionally he was able to really demonstrate what his character could do when the scripts allowed for it. For Jodie Whittaker, I wish her the best and I also hope that the writers responsible for the subpar storylines of the last 3 years are finally freed up to go somewhere else to write, never to be seen in the Whoniverse again.
    This is one of those posts that I wanted to write to get myself back into the routine again this week. No time like the present.

Dreamer’s World July 17 2017 – Still Exhausted

Monday has arrived and I am still completely exhausted. I don’t feel sick at all, but I just cannot find any energy. This started last week and continued through the weekend. As I go back to work this morning, I just know that I still am not at 100%. I have been depressed about not writing anything worth posting for nearly a week. Whenever I cannot write up to my poor standards, it makes me upset and I am sure that it has contributed in some small way to how I feel now. I did manage a good weekend, with the exhaustion included. I cannot afford to look ahead from here to the next weekend because it is too far away and I will surely feel even more tired if I think too much about that.

10 July 2017

Dreamer's World July 9 2017 - Cameras and I

      Sometimes I surprise myself.

I actually made a picture of myself that I like. Since cameras hate me, this came as a complete surprise to me.

08 July 2017

Dreamer’s World July 7, 2017 – Stevie Nicks

    Today I will write about the last of The Stooges, Stevie Nicks. She is the diva of the house and she knows it
    Stevie Nicks came to live with us in 2011. We had just moved to Virginia and my old cat, named U.K. had just passed away at the age of 19. I was heartbroken to say the least. We already had Spartacus and his brother Maxwell at the time, but Hal (person) and I have always felt that 3 is the perfect number of cats because they will always find ways to occupy each other rather than get moody and depressed. We adopted Stevie Nicks from the local shelter, but we were never quite sure of her background since she was approximately 2 years old. We believe that she had lived at least part of her life on the street, which is a shame for any cat, let alone one as beautiful as she is. I believe that someone had adopted her and then had to place her up for adoption again due to a move.
    At any rate, I was the one who visited with Stevie Nicks in the room at the shelter and she instantly won my heart. She walked around the room and then decided that my lap was a great place to sit and see everything. I knew then that she was the cat that I wanted. Her name had already been given to her by the shelter staff, and it fits her perfectly to this day.
    Stevie Nicks became the Alpha when she arrived because Spartacus and Maxwell had always accepted UK as their leader in the past. Within a week, they were all best of friends and she and Spartacus remain very close to this day. When Hal The Cat arrived in 2015, there was friction with her because Hal The Cat was another Alpha, and a male as well. Their adjustment period to each other lasted about a month and they will still have some encounters with each other, but now those tend to be playful rather than aggressive.
    Stevie Nicks remains my little girl. She is healthy and happy, and we hope that she will be with us for many more years to come.

Dreamer’s World July 7. 2017 – Closing Out A Short Week

    Weeks with a holiday are often the ones that I dislike the most. Not the holiday part, but the resulting feeling that things are out of sync for the rest of the week and this carries over throughout these short weeks. I am struggling to close out this workday and then relax and try to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. Over the last few hours, I have felt exhaustion creeping over me and I am fighting it off as the afternoon meetings roll on.
    Honestly, I think that I need a vacation soon. I am hoping to hold out until Labor Day if at all possible, but I am at the point where I will play things by ear between now and then. I don’t want a vacation that involves travel, I just want one that allows me to take time and rest and recharge my batteries. At times I have thought about making trips when I take time away from work, but I just don’t feel the desire to do so right now.
    When I finish with work today, Hal and I will run a few errands and then get home by early evening. I will try to get some sleep tonight and then start the weekend on an energized note. I will try to set some tasks for myself that don’t involve money or too much effort for the weekend and then hope for the best. I want to practice my guitar this weekend to help relax myself.