25 May 2017

Dreamer’s World May 25 2017 – Happy Towel Day To All You Really Hoopy Froods Out There

To all of those who do not know about Towel Day, I request that you Google Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, which is a truly remarkable book. Since today would be the birthday of the late Douglas Adams, all of us Galactic Hitchhikers celebrate by proudly carrying our towels with us, because a towel is about the most useful thing that you can have.

24 May 2017

Dreamer's World May 24 2017 - Making Progress

The middle of the week is here at last. I just returned from my weekly meeting with the client and now I have the afternoon meetings and normal work to get through before quitting time this afternoon. I am glad to report that I feel much better today after a good night of sleep.
    Yesterday I went to the acupuncturist for the first time and I must admit that I feel tremendously better. She believes that she can help me with my occasional insomnia and lack of quality sleep and I am perfectly willing to give her the opportunity to help if she can. I believe that she inserted approximately 20 needles into me during the session and some of those were connected to an electric pulse that helped to relax some of the trouble spots. Acupuncture, like reflexology, works on points in the body that correspond to areas of concern. For every part of the body, there is a spot along the spine for the most part that corresponds to it. She helped me to get some real sleep last night. Since this was my first visit to her, she is going to chart out what she found and then we will meet again next week to see about a recommended course of treatments and negotiate a price that I can live with.
    After work this afternoon, I will be marinating some steaks to cook so we will have some good meals for the rest of this week. I enjoy cooking in the new kitchen because the appliances are up to date and there is more room to move around, especially with a hot oven in use. I don’t expect that we will do anything after work other than me cooking, but Hal will always have a say in the decision. Personally, I want to cook because it does save money in the long run and we can have what we want already made here. I spent most of my lunchtime preparing the marinate and getting the steaks in do they will be ready immediately after work. With the new oven, it won’t take long for them to be ready and we can still do something if Hal wants to.
    I am looking forward to the end of the workday. I want to get a routine established now that all of the chaos of the move is over with. I need some stability and order right now so I can get back to practicing my guitar and having time for myself. I am starting the oven now so it will be ready for the steaks as soon as work is finished. Hal is taking a nap now so I don’t know what that will mean for later on, but I will be ready regardless.
    The steaks are in the oven now. Hal is on the phone with his relatives since an Aunt of his died yesterday in Florida. He told me that the family has offered to pay for him to go to Jacksonville for the funeral this weekend and I suspect that he will go. In fact, he is on the phone with one of his relatives now so I won’t bother him until he is finished. That can be tricky because he can spend hours on the phone with them. My situation is less complicated and consists of “Are you dead yet?” “Better luck next time” types of conversations. I have a weird family that isn’t close at all, at least to me. I have managed to survive for this long without constant aggravation from them and I will continue to do so in the future.

    At least the steaks will be ready for either dinner tonight or for meals starting tomorrow. It feels good to get ahead of things for a change. I took a few minutes to change the appearance of my WordPress blog because I have not altered it in a long time. I hope that it is an improvement.

23 May 2017

Dreamer’s World May 23 2017 – Inspiration On A Cloudy Day

I’ll be completely honest. Until last night I had never heard of Ariana Grande. She represents a genre of music that I personally just don’t like. I go out of my way to avoid listening to any of the music from that genre, let alone wanting absolutely nothing to do with hearing about the singer who makes the music. Perhaps I am a musical snob because I dislike bubble gum pop, and country/western music. I can live with that very comfortably. However, I was truly disgusted at the tragedy in Manchester, England last night when a coward attacked a group of concert goers and killed at least 19 people.
    We live in a fucked-up world, there can be no doubt about that. We have become so immune to MSM  like this one. Honestly, when I say I was disgusted I meant it, but I just cannot continue to generate outrage each time something like this happens. I want to feel a more genuine emotion, but what I feel seems more like a recording of the last time that something like this happened. The “shock” doesn’t feel real anymore. The media collectively wets themselves over the story. The same footage is shown on an endless loop. The media begins to emote about how people are supposed to “feel” about something like this. The media finds people who have no credible information to report other than their emotional response to the event. The same “experts” appear and tell us the same things that they told us the last time.
    19 people are dead. That is the fact. That is the cold, hard, honest, truth. Everything else is sensationalism designed to promote a point of view or an agenda. FEAR INC is doing a brisk business as of last night. Their ratings are high once again and there are those who secretly rejoice in the deaths of innocent people. The people celebrating are not all “terrorists” in the Middle East. They are also rich and powerful people with business and political agendas to promote who know that they will PROFIT from the FEAR.
    Yeah, I’m a fucking cynic when it comes to things like this. I see the pattern that repeats over and over with the same result. We never see or hear about any response to a tragedy like this other than “prayers” and then “revenge”. When you really think about it, those two things can never really achieve anything. Prayers and Revenge are placebos that we are given to keep us in line. They cannot be effectively measured in terms of results, they appeal to an emotional level this is deliberate, because this relieves those in positions of power from actually having to DO ANYTHING meaningful to stop the madness. IGNORE the cause, focus on the result and attempt to deal with the result in a manner that will only cause the symptom to reappear. Like putting makeup on a mole, it only attempts to hide the real problem and makes no attempt to actually treat the cause.

    I have said all of this before. The cycle repeats. The wheel spins around and around without moving. People still die for no reason and yet nothing is ever done about it. The only “inspiration” I can offer right now is to attempt to prove that we are all getting played once again. Let that sink in.

Dreamer’s World May 22 2017 – A Fitting Start To The Week

I didn’t sleep well last night. I went to bed early, determined to get a lot of rest to be ready for work this morning, but in the middle of the night I found that the AC unit decided that it was not going to work. I opened the window but it never really cooled off enough to let me get any real sleep. Therefore, I start this workweek and this blog post slugging caffeine in a desperate attempt to stay awake. Days like this are awful to get through, especially when I consider that I take Hal to his job after I am finished with work and then go and pick him up late this evening. Add to that Microsoft Outlook is not working this morning and I am ready to call it a day. Sadly, I don’t really have that option right now because there is too much that I must do at work.
    We all go through days like this. I keep telling myself that when I look back it will make other days seem much better in comparison. That will help at some indistinct future point, but right now it is of little comfort. When I look at my timesheet and see that I am running below my normal accumulated vacation days I always tend to focus more on not taking any time off for a while. I know deep down inside that one of these days it won’t matter how many days I had saved up, but until then I want to try to build that balance back up. At least I work from home and the days accumulated aren’t as critical as they once were when I worked in an office.
    The rain continues to fall lightly here. It is supposed to end later this morning and then warm up, although it looks like it will be an overcast and rainy week until Friday. Another thing that matches the mood this morning. I have written about times when I enjoy the rain, but this isn’t one of those times. I just have to endure and keep moving ahead until the sun returns.
    A friend asked me yesterday how the effort to trade in the Beetle was going. I told him that I am keeping the Beetle since there is no trade-in value. Of course his next question was what new car I was going to get? I told him that I am no longer looking and am no longer interested in that. He said that he would have jumped on the chance to trade in his car for a newer one, so I asked him why he didn’t do it. He told me that he still owes on his car. I smiled, looked at him carefully and said “I don’t have a car payment”. He stopped questioning me after that. I know what I have with the Beetle and I don’t see the need to give money to any greedy salespeople right now.

    I just hope that the AC works tonight when I need it. I need a good night of rest.

20 May 2017

Dreamer’s World May 20 2017 – Time For Quiet

Saturday is normally a day without any set events for me other than making sure that Hal gets off to work on time and spending time with The Stooges. Today is different because I have an appointment with the chiropractor at 1000 as part of the new treatment regimen that was discussed after a review of my x-rays. While my spine is on good shape overall, there are some slight problems with alignment that need to be addressed. I think that it is time to get these things taken care of since the new chiropractor is close to home and I won’t have to spend an hour or more to get home afterwards. Although the idea of going to run some errands after the appointment is tempting, I know that the best thing for me to do is to come home and relax.
    I do feel much better after the visit and I did come back home and will be here for a while. There is nothing else that needs to be done today, so I can enjoy some quiet time. I can write, obviously, and catch up on some reading and listen to some music as well. There are a few more hours until Hal gets home from work and it is nice to have the quiet time.

    After a few hours and a few naps, Hal will be home soon. I don’t know of any plans for the evening but I will ask Hal if there is anything he wants to do or anywhere he needs to go. We will have roast beef for dinner and can easily spend the entire evening here at home without a complaint from me 😊

19 May 2017

Dreamer’s World May 19 2017 – Taking Time Off

I took today off from work because I deserved it. I need time to mentally relax and restore myself. The last month has been incredibly hectic and I know I need to let a lot of stress escape from my system. Looking back I took on too much for such a short period of time, I really made a mistake when I tried to see about trading in the Beetle. Luckily for me, sanity was able to reach up from its bunker and stop me from doing anything right now. I am fortunate to NOT have a car payment and taking one on would have been a huge mistake right now. The experience taught me a lot about patience and how to sit back and evaluate my situation from a long-term perspective rather than trying to do everything all at once.
    My goal for today is to spend time with Hal and The Stooges. Hal and I might get out during the day if the weather is nice. Last night we had some serious thunderstorms roll through here that produced some small hail, but luckily nothing more serious than that around here. I was caught at the chiropractor’s office when the storm hit and had to wait out the worst of it there. I found out that I have a few issues that the chiropractor can repair with some treatment. I am honestly not that surprised to hear about this, but the x-rays were pretty clear that something needs to be done. On Tuesday I go to see an acupuncturist who works in the same location to see how she might be able to help me out as well. It has been many years since I last had an acupuncture session, so I am looking forward to it and it is covered under my insurance.
    Right now, I don’t have any major topic to ramble on about but that might change as the day progresses. Until then I will just summarize my day as always and let the words flow out freely.
     I did sleep well last night after the chiropractor appointment. So far the day has not produced anything exciting with the exception of lunch, which was delicious. Hal is on the phone with some of his relatives now, so we haven’t gone anywhere yet.

    The afternoon was quiet. After we had lunch, which consisted of the roast I started cooking last night. I am glad to say that it was delicious, and we will have several more meals from the roast over the weekend. We did some shopping for Hal and then I picked up my guitar after it was re-strung. After that we had a nice dinner and then came home because Hal has to go to work in the morning, and I have another chiropractor appointment as well. 

18 May 2017

Dreamer’s World May 18 2017 – Ready To Throw In The Towel For This Week

There are times when we all realize that we have reached our breaking point, and today is that day for me. All the effort of the last few months has seemingly caught up with me all at once and I feel like the wall has collapsed on top of me. I have already submitted my request to take tomorrow off work and try to get some rest and recharge my internal batteries. I suppose that my recent flirtation with the idea of trading in the Beetle was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There was no real need to put myself through that nonsense. The Beetle is old and relatively useless as trade bait. I really suspected that when I started, but now it is a fact. I still enjoy not having a car payment more than acquiring a payment for another vehicle, and not trading isn’t damaging my ability to trade later because the Beetle is not going to lose much more value. The pressure was self-induced. I know that it was based on a WANT rather than a NEED. I must re-establish my own internal discipline and stay out of those situations.
    And so, after work is over with this afternoon, I am off until Monday. I have an appointment with the new chiropractor this evening to go over the x-rays he took and to set up a course of treatment. I can also finally get a refill for a prescription that I have had to wait on for nearly a month because our health care system is based on profit and not on medicine. I will make certain that I have that done today as well.
    Once my workday is complete, I can then prepare to take care of the personal things like the Chiropractor and the prescription. After that I can finally try to relax and do whatever I can to release all the stress and negative energy that is affecting me so I will finally feel better. An early morning call to the pharmacy indicates that my prescription can be picked up later today so I will have it for this evening when it is needed.
    During the afternoon, I received a text from one of the car dealers that we recently visited. The “urgent” text informed me of a “limited-time, only for me” type of offer designed to get me back to the dealer to finalize a deal. I was rather annoyed at the timing because I was in the middle of a conference call at the time. I took my time and then responded to ask for more details about this “special” deal. The first response was that they wanted to talk with me in person later today. Another alarm bell went off in my head and I told them truthfully that I had an appointment this evening with the chiropractor as noted above before this section started. This resulted in a few details being sent back to me via another series of texts.
    By this time, the conference call had ended. I took a few minutes to draft my reply so it wouldn’t seem rushed or cause any hard feelings. I informed them that I was not going to pursue a new vehicle for reasons already noted in my blog. I explained that I wanted to be able to walk into a dealer the next time and have the luxury of a substantial down-payment to lessen both the amount that I would have to finance and to lessen the monthly payments. I also noted that the Beetle wasn’t going to lose much more value so that was not a point that concerned me. Thankfully, that detailed text seems to have stopped things. I didn’t want to burn any bridges and I think I succeeded.
    The whole things got me thinking about how life does progress when we are able to look back to a point in time and reflect. Several years ago, I wasn’t even able to get a test drive in a used vehicle due to my credit rating. In the past, I wrote at length about the struggle to pay things off and to maintain financial discipline. Obviously, that has succeeded because now I am being sought after to purchase another used car. Small steps that take some reflection to be able to see. I feel good about the whole thing now even though I am keeping the Beetle. At least I know that I am keeping the Beetle because I want to and not because I have no choice. Because I refused to be pushed into a decision without careful consideration would have been the wrong move for me, I have come out ahead.

    The important thing is that I am much better off than I was a few years ago. Sometimes it just takes an event like today to fully realize how far I have come. Since I took the time to think clearly about this, I feel much better about my response