28 November 2014

Making a difference

No matter how many times I think about the verdict in Ferguson, I still get just as angry and disappointed as I was the first time I heard the news. I find it unconscionable that this country has not moved forward out of Racism and Hatred and Fear by 2014. A part of me is not surprised, however, due to some of the hateful things that I see every day.
The outrage and frustration over this latest miscarriage of Justice has been covered on the news in exactly the way I would have expected. Everyone blames the people who are protesting injustice and then dismisses everything else. The American people, that is to say far too many White Americans, do NOT want to address the issues of Racism and the more recently labeled “White Privilege”. These issues hit too close to home, and therefore are dismissed as fringe elements that are protesting against America in some sort of way.
The spectacle of protesters disrupting Black Friday seems to be notoriously absent from the news unless there is some type of violence tied to it. This is the way the power structure controls the infoporn serum that is injected to the American people through the media. Protests are bad, they interfere with the status quo. To question the status quo is to question America, and to question America is bad. This little loop of circular logic satisfies far too many Americans. The tragedies that prompted the protests are not addressed, the victims are turned into the criminals, and the criminals become the victims. This is being done deliberately in order to blind and numb us to injustice.

I am glad to see that there are people who recognize this and are not deterred from taking a controversial stand. I say controversial only because it challenges the lies we are being told. Connecting the issue iof police brutality to the issue of Racism is absolutely necessary if we are ever to solve either issue. If some minor consumer inconvenience is involved, that is a small price to pay to get to the truth. The combined power that the people have economically is one of the last tools left to change the system, and there is no shame in using it.

26 November 2014

Music and Me.... Shakura S'aida

    Nothing gets me through the day or night like music. No matter what type of day I have had, good or bad, there is always a song that makes things even better. I suppose this is because music is an expression of our souls, for lack of a better word. Music has such a unique place in every culture because it is the original form of history and storytelling.
    I don't have a particular type of music that I value above others, although I do have to say that I am generally not a fan of country music. I cannot explain why that is, it just has never moved me the way that other forms of music do. I have nothing against country music, but it just never seems to move me the way that other music does.
    My iPod and my Google music collection is very eclectic and eccentric. Classical and Led Zeppelin, Madonna and Nine Inch Nails, Count Basie and Daft Punk, you name it and I probably have it or something similar. I have always gotten such a thrill from hearing an artist for the first time, each one strikes a different chord within me (pardon the pun), and even similar artists produce unique feelings. Some artists strike an intense vocal impression on me whenever I hear them, and I am thrilled when an artist that was not familiar with produces a new sensation.
    The most intense reaction I have had to hearing an artist for the first time that I have felt in many years was when I heard Shakura S'aida for the first time. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shakura-SAida/8405573719?sk=info&tab=page_info
This woman is incredible! Her voice is just stunning and ranges from the most soft intensity to a hard-rocking bluesy hammer that I have never heard in my life. I realize that this is because her background is in the blues. Blues are a truly personal type of music that not everyone can sing well. My entire mindset changes when I hear her sing. The music moves me from high to low and then back again flawlessly. Her band is just awesome, they function like a perfectly oiled machine and never miss a beat.
    I realize that many of you might not have heard of Shakura S'aida. If you love music, please give her a listen and prepare to be blown away by her talent and skill.

23 November 2014

Change of plans

Too often, we make plans for things and then they don't work out. While this is often disappointing, it also gives us a chance to actually live in the moment. Our lives are busy enough and there is seldom enough time for us to really sit back and take notice of things around us. We always try to prioritize things that need to be done in the mistaken belief that it makes us responsible adults. But, we seldom think that trying to plan our lives to the nth degree doesn't actually make us better people.
     Quiet time is necessary for us to maintain balance in our lives. There will always be time for the next crisis, real or imagined, after we take some time for ourselves. Quiet time gives us a chance to build up the energy that we will need for that next crisis, whether it happens immediately, or at some point in the future.
     I am not advocating laziness, just recognizing that we are all in the same boat. We all have far too many things that consume our lives and eat away at our humanity. While we have the responsibility to live for those we care about and to support them, we also owe it to ourselves and them to be the best that we can be. Taking that time to just be quiet gives us that strength that we need for ourselves and for those we care about. 

21 November 2014

The Empty Time

As I start to move past the death of my friend, I realize that it is never easy. While I put the pieces of my life back together again and move on with the daily routine, the realization is with me that something is missing, but not gone. The comforting knowledge that my friend was just a phone call or a text message away is useless now. Instead I will talk with him in other ways, those that mean more anyway.
My friend was one of the most awesome people the world has ever known. He had the gift of making everyone he came into contact with feel special. He had no normal friends, he made new members of his extended family almost instantly when he met someone new. Hal and I never saw their house when it was not filled with people. Neighbors, friends, family, were all interchangeable to him.
People never truly leave us if we remember them. Their echoes are all around us if we choose to accept them. For my friend, it is the relationships not just with him and his family, but with all sorts of other people that we came to know through him that are his biggest legacy to me. Something that I can try my best to emulate, although it will be a pale shadow of what he was able to do.
I wish that I had known how my friend viewed himself. Like most of us, I am sure that he had his own doubts, but he hid them well. Perhaps he had broken through that limitation that we all face after all. Regardless, the things that he leaves us with are far too precious to take for granted. His gift of making friends and connecting people remains with us all, if we choose to acknowledge it. We have that choice as we all move forward.
And so, the empty time begins. The void is huge right now. Time heals all wounds, but we cannot rush the process. We incorporate his loss into our own lives and move forward until the sense of loss recedes to something more manageable for us. The intensity of the loss will affect all who knew him in different ways, so we have to be there to support one another. Regardless of how the impact manifests itself, we will all be there for each other. The process takes each of us down a different path, but we will all reach the same goal. Ironically, that will be the same thing that we have all talked about for the last week, and that is how fortunate we all were to have Donald in our lives.

We all have to go through the Empty Time like some macabre roller coaster ride that never seems to end, but it will. Some of us will master the ride more quickly than others, we have to be there to help those who are still stuck on the ride. That is the immediate common experience that we share right now, it is a prt of life. Just remember that the real ride goes on. It is full of joy and heartache and we have to embrace all of it in order to make it worthwhile. Live life to the fullest, there is no guarantee that it will always be pleasant, or turn out the way that we want it to. The lows will bring emphasis to the highs, and vice versa. This is living, and it is what Donald taught us to do.

17 November 2014


    Last week I took a picture out of the same window. The colors are still there, but they are not as vivid. The gray has washed everything out for the time being, and the rain will cause some of the leaves to fall from the trees. The image carries a sense of mood with it, no more so than the picture last week, just of a different nature.
    The light is not as bright, but that does not mean that the light is not there. The sun is hidden behind the clouds, but it is still there. It is hard to keep perspective on things like this because we are creatures of immediate needs and responses. The first reaction we have is one of depression or sadness. We cannot see the sun even though we know it is there, but for too many people their own view is clouded by other things and they fail to see the light that still exists.
    Take a deep breath, count to ten, whatever it takes to realize that this grayness is just temporary. The light that replaces it is also temporary. We need these gray days in order to more fully appreciate the bright and sunny ones. Don't let the immediate circumstances get you down, the light will return.

15 November 2014


I finally spoke to Nicola this morning. As I knew, her and the kids have been inundated with support since Don died on Wednesday. We laughed and we cried during the phone call, but at last I can feel a personal sense of closure about things.

The last few days have been awful. I couldn’t be there for Nicola and the kids physically, and the short call from Wednesday allowed only enough time to express our sorrow and support for them. I feel like the heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders at last. It is true what everyone says, grieving os for the living.

14 November 2014

The things we seldom notice

    I was just looking out the window here at the office this morning and noticed what a beautiful picture was right in front of me. I grabbed my phone and snapped this picture before anything could change. As I deal with the loss of a close friend this week, it seems that there is not a lot to look forward to, or to feel good about. I was wrong. There is always beauty and good things that are around us that we too often fail to notice.
    We get too wrapped up in our daily routines, and the mad rush to get things done to really appreciate things that simply are. I saw the scene out the window and decided that for once, I was going to act on my momentary impulse and enjoy it.
     The first thing that struck me was the colors of the trees. I think that there is a little bit of every autumn color in this picture. The lighting from the sun as it rises just sets things off perfectly. Before the phone starts ringing and the email starts flowing in, I am just cherishing this image. Remembering the things that I see right now gives me a sense of peace.
     I really need to feel that sense of peace right now because I am hurting over the loss of my friend. I have offered help to his family, but so far things are being handled by the extended families and those friends that are physically closer to them. I know that this is a time where my friend's wife and family are dealing with far too much input from those around them, and I am keeping myself separate from things at this stage. I hope that I am able to comfort them if they need it at some point.
     The picture shows things as they are, no judgements or opinions or feelings to be hurt. The picture just shows the passing of the season and the inevitability of change, for better or worse. Perhaps that is why the image struck me so suddenly this morning. The beauty of what is always around us is something to cherish, and a loss is not something to make us stop admiring the world that we live in.    

13 November 2014


I am not sure how I can handle the news that I got. One of my best friends was killed in a car accident. Right now I don’t know all the details. His wife called me in tears and I fell to my knees when I got the news. I am numb right now. Literally, I am not sure how I will cope with this once the shock wears off.
Don was the type of friend that one dreams about. We met while we were together for a few months while in the Navy. We became friends almost instantly. He told me all about his wife and their 1st child who was due soon after he got off the ship. That child, a girl, started college this year after a straight-A trip through high school. I can only imagine her hurt at this time. Don and I were separated, as the Navy often does to friends. It was a few years later, while I was still on the ship in Norfolk that I got a call to come to the quarterdeck, the place where everyone arrives and departs the ship. It was Don, checking up to see if I was still there. We made certain to exchange addresses and phone numbers. This began the friendship that lasted well beyond the Navy. He and his wife met Hal and we became members of their extended family. Since 2001, we have spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. We have watched Brianne become the beautiful and intelligent young woman who began college. We have watched their son Connor grow up since he was born in 2005.The least we can do is to invite them to Thanksgiving with us this year because this tragedy has come too close to the holidays.
Life is fair, but it can still be a bitch without feelings. I am struggling to get myself together before calling Nicola back this evening. I did manage to talk to Nicola for a few minutes, and I could recognize the numbness in her voice that replaced the agony of a few hours previously. Hal and I promised to do everything we possibly can to help her and the kids out.
The next morning has not helped me to get out of the deep place that I was sent to yesterday. I still cannot believe that Don is gone, wiped out in an instant. He was a true and special friend, and he will never be forgotten. His kids will carry his legacy on, as tough as that will be on them initially. Hal and I have promised to be there for both of them as well.

There is no sense to be made of this, just a sense of loss and grief that I will have to overcome as time goes by. Losing a close friend just tears me apart, but I know that I have to go on as best I can and learn to accept what has happened.

08 November 2014

Knowing when to take things easy

It is Saturday morning and I am staying home today in order to get some much-needed rest. This week was rather busy and somewhat depressing after the election disaster on Tuesday. Yesterday I posted about coming out of my political funk, but rather than rushing headlong back into things, I decided that today is a time to rest.
I am taking Monday off from work and Tuesday is a holiday so I will have some time to really get myself together. I think that we often get so wound up in things that we are passionate about, but have no real degree of control over, and we let that consume us. I learned a long time ago when to pick my fights, so to speak, and when to sit and watch. This is one of those times when I choose to sit and watch.
I had made all sorts of plans for today. I was going to get some shopping done and pick up a few items that are needed. I did the grocery shopping last night and am done with that for the time being. Whatever else I might need or want can wait for awhile. I am better off since I have eliminated some debt, but that doesn’t mean that I have to go out and spend the money I saved just because I finally have it.
I will be home through the day until Hal gets back from work. Perhaps we will do something this evening, but I really don’t expect to since Hal also has to work tomorrow and needs his own rest. We will have part of Monday together although I do have a dental appointment that afternoon. Tuesday will be a full day together, and that is something that we both need.

I will be here today, resting, watching some football, and taking time with the Stooges. That will make it a full day. The political issues will still be there when I jump back into the fray.

07 November 2014

Finally coming around again

As this week grinds to its end, I am looking forward to a 4-day weekend. I am also slowly emerging from the funk that I went into after the election. I needed the time away from politics to get my head together again, watching things fall completely apart does disappoint me.
I found that I am ready to jump back into things now. While the election is still a sore point, the real issues of Justice and Equality continue uninterrupted. If anything, the election should increase our attention to these issues, because the RWNJ who won Tuesday do not believe that there are problems in the nation right now unless they involve attacking the President.
Police Brutality remains a sore point for this nation. The “law-and-order” nuts are going to place extra emphasis on believing everything that the police tell them. Any divergence from this point of view will be ridiculed and ostracized because to address the issue would be to admit that there is a real problem with the police in the USA. RWNJ want to tell everyone that unless it is a RWNJ lunatic on the wrong end of the police situation, that the solution should be to apply even more force.
We have to really expect that the police officer who murdered Mike Brown will be acquitted. Everyone knows the murderer’s name by now so I will not publicize his name. If and probably, when there is no indictment issued the protests will erupt once again. The justification to resist an immoral and oppressive force is well understood, except by RWNJ.
I fear that the protests will be met with police brutality and media complicity with the oppression. It has become clear that the just cause will never convince the media or RWNJ to change their opinion on this issue. I hope that the protests will be peaceful, but we should be aware that the police themselves will probably have agent provocateurs within the protests in order to provoke violent incidents.
The only solution that we can put forward is to make the protests a national event, and not just local to Ferguson. The same non-violent principles apply to the national protests, but we have to realize that the media and government will put forth an all-out attack on anyone who disagrees with the biased official results.
Obviously, there are more issues than Police Brutality, but I think that I should stop this post and take up other issues in subsequent posts. Never stop questioning authority, and remember the words of Eugene Debs:

“While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

Read more quotes from Eugene V. Debs

Who are We?

As the election fades into the background, there are some points that need to be addressed. They do not involve political parties or personalities, but rather how we see ourselves at this time. Will we change? Have we changed? Is it for the better or for the worse?
The most disturbing trend that I predict is the dehumanization of those who are not part of the new arrangement. This falls into line with the RWNJ view of people and society. The American tradition of helping one another through tough times is in serious jeopardy with the shift in philosophy.
Let’s look at the case of Mike Brown, the teenager shot to death by a policeman in Ferguson, MO last August. The instant reaction of RWNJ was to state “if he did as he was told, he wouldn’t have been shot”, or “he threatened the policeman”. Their understanding of what happened stopped completely at that point. RWNJ have no idea what problems exist in society outside of their own little insulated hives. The concept of police brutality is completely alien to them. Any time the police use excessive force it must have been justified, end of story in their minds.
This omits the problems of police brutality and racism in our society. I personally have heard people way “We have a Black President, what more do these people want?” That statement speaks volumes about the problems we have in this country. The sad part is that with the RWNJ acquiring more political power, one can be sure that these problems will only get worse.

I hate to say it, but I believe that the police officer in Ferguson will not be charged with a crime. This will satisfy the erroneous belief from RWNJ that anyone who opposes their “law and order” stance deserves whatever arbitrary punishment they receive, usually without due process. An outcome like this will not satisfy the minority communities in this country who endure these types of attacks on a daily basis.

05 November 2014

I just lost interest in politics

    No matter how I try to deal with the results of the election last night, I just cannot find the motivation to stay interested in politics right now. My spirit has been broken, I have worked for years to forward Progressive causes, to build bridges to people, and to try to keep everyone informed to the best of my abilities. After last night, I am just unable to find the motivation to continue writing here or in other forums about politics. The inmates have taken over the asylum and the best thing for me to do is to step back and watch things from a distance for a while.

    I am truly disappointed by the direction in which this country is moving. Fear, Greed, Hatred, and Racism have become the measuring sticks for political candidates. I just cannot fight this any longer without taking a break for myself. I will remain vigilant on causes of social justice, but I can no longer tie these issues to any political candidate with any degree of sincerity. The ability of politicians to look the other way for campaign cash as our liberties and freedoms are eroded truly disgusts me. We get the government that we deserve, and that is that.

    My fear now is that the new political leaders will turn their attention to the issues of social justice. This fills me with dread because these are the same people who govern based upon Fear, Greed, Hatred and Racism. One shudders to think how these leaders will see an issue like police brutality, the Mike Brown issue, or multitudes of others. I fear that the coldness the politicians have displayed will now turn towards those who have no voice in order to attempt to silence them for good.

    Revolutions come from actions like this. The problem is that Americans are too busy with info-porn and celeb-reality to take notice of those in need. When the powerful decide that they no longer care about the less fortunate is the time that major changes will come. 

04 November 2014

Today is the Day

Today is the day. Today is Election Day. Today we will find out just how much the obscene flow of money into campaigns really affects the outcome of this election. Our elections are no longer based on issues, rather they are based on personalities. The tragic part is that most of the focus is on who NOT TO VOTE FOR, rather than who can do the best job.
Today is the day. Today is Election Day. Today we will find out how the concentrated RWNJ efforts to disenfranchise voters will affect the outcome of this election. Republicans are making a concentrated effort across the nation to restrict just who can vote. This is due to the fact that they realize that demographics are against them. RWNJ appeal to a very select group of voters that cannot possibly carry an election all by themselves. Due to this we have all sorts of scare tactics being used about “voter fraud” in order to justify removing eligible voters from the list and making them have to go through all sorts of obstacles and hassles to be reinstated as voters. If RWNJ policies were so appealing to the majority of Americans, they would actually ENCOURAGE people to vote!
Today is the day. Today is Election Day. Today we will find out how well the scare tactics of the RWNJ have worked. Voters always claim that they are tired of negative campaigns. Will this reflect in the outcome? Or are voters merely saying that they are tired of negative campaigns but secretly influenced by them? The results will probably not provide a clear answer. This phenomenon is tied to the money that secretly flows into campaigns.
Today is the day. Today is Election Day. The ultimate sad truth is that tomorrow the next election cycle will start. While there won’t be any campaign ads for a while, there will be more and more fund-raising from sources both identifiable and secret to prepare for the next election in 2016. THIS is the madness that we need to address. The current process of elections in this country reflects nothing more than how much money can be raised before the next election. Positions and platforms are irrelevant without this money corrupting everything that it touches. Only a handful of people can ever hope to run for office, even with the best of intentions, because they cannot access the flood of money that really determines who we can choose from at any given election.

Today is the day. Today is Election Day.

03 November 2014


     Regardless of the day that I have gone through, music is always there to cheer me up at the end. I can come home, talk to Hal and see how his day has been and then put my headphones on and float away with my music for as long as I want to.

    I am doing just that right now as Stevie Nicks crawls all over me and prepares to settle down on my lap. It is nice to know I am loved.

    I don't have a particular genre of music that I always listen to. My iPod contains a wide variety of almost everything except country, just not my style. I enjoy random play that takes me from one style to another without interruption.

    I am glad that I found this topic to write about. I think that too often I come home and go into evening mode without taking enough time for myself, a habit that I need to break out of because I find myself getting bored far too often these days. I love the freedom that writing brings to me. TV is seldom more than trash every night and it does absolutely nothing to improve my outlook or my well-being. Music and writing helps me with both aspects of my life. I will try to do this more often from now on. 


November is upon us. Once we manage to get through the election crap we get to look forward to the incessant blaring of ads designed to make us feel that we need something just because the commercials tell us we do. Americans will prepare to celebrate a day of Thanksgiving to celebrate how fortunate we are and how thankful we are for what we have, to be immediately followed by a frenzy of consumerism run amok. Each year the situation gets worse. This year a lot of people who make minimum wage at best will be spending part, if not all, of their “Thanksgiving” working to provide useless crap to other people who feel that being thankful and being greedy are fine when placed side-by-side.
Black Friday is a day that I will take off from work, but it will be to stay home and rest. It will NOT be used to rush headlong into stores and shopping malls, nor will it be used to swarm Amazon or other online retailers in order to get stuff. Once again I have to ask if this is all we are now? Is this what we have come to? To be nothing more than the programmable instruments of industry to run around and mindlessly buy things on demand? I hope that we can do better.
I have gone through financial hardships, and I learned without a lot of pain that the holiday spending is just unnecessary in order to be happy. Now that I am back on my feet financially, I feel no desire to be caught up in the madness of the Black Friday and Holiday shopping crush. One of my favorite things is to go and watch people as they become mindless savages rushing to get that TV that is on sale, or that computer, or that whatever the hell it is. I watch people with glazed-over look going past the point of exhaustion, and then glancing at me as if to ask “Why aren’t YOU buying something?”
I learned through hard times who my friends are. My friends are the ones who do not demand a gift just to thank them. I treat my friends as best I can, and I give them the most valuable thing that I have, my time and attention. Those who are offended by the lack of gifts rapidly find themselves as former friends. I do not expect gifts from people, I am grateful if I receive one, but I always let it be known that I would rather talk and spend TIME with them rather than receive something that they felt obligated to give me.
I am an Atheist, so the religious aspect of the holidays is not that important to me. I do find it interesting that for all those people who claim to believe, they are the ones out there acting as if their money will somehow make them better people. I fail to understand the link between their faith and their wallets. This has been discussed through the years, and has offended some people. I cannot help how I feel when it comes to this lemming-esque waste of time and money, I simply refuse to take part in it.
Several years ago, someone bought me some stuff for the holidays that I had seen plastered all over the checkout lines at every store in town. The thought struck me that I was considered just as disposable as the crappy gift they bought for me. The effort was futile, and the gift itself marked me as someone who had to be bought off for another year. I would rather have had no gift than the one I received. I did not tell them this, instead I made plans to spend time with them during the holidays. These plans fell through due to the lack of free time since they were still too busy shopping. The gift that I received from them was donated to charity in the hopes that it might have done some good to someone in more need than myself. That particular friend is no longer a friend. There were too many other issues that they were dealing with, and I have to believe that they treated people the way they did during the holidays as a means of compensating for their less than stellar efforts for the rest of the year.
I just find no serious connection between friendship and gift-giving as it is practiced today. This colors my view of the holidays, to be sure. I simply cannot take part in the madness anymore. As I am able to have more money, I find that I would rather save it, or spend it more wisely and appropriately than by getting something that shows a true lack of interest other than to cross a name off of a list for presents.
My plans for the holidays involve spending time with friends. My gift would be making a meal for them, or seeing a movie together, or just talking. My way is not perfect, but it does allow me to focus on the people I truly care about and in some small way to give them relief from the madness in their own lives if only for a while.

So tired of election crap

How I wish that tomorrow would come and go. I am so tired of the election crap that we all have to go through each and every day. I know that some of us have it worse than others, depending on which state you reside in. I kept my Maryland phone number when I moved to Virginia because there are almost no campaign calls in Maryland, while my friends with VA numbers always complain about the harassment.
After approximately 250 years, is this the best system that we can come up with to conduct elections? The money is out of control and the very first thing that any victorious candidate will do after taking office is to start the fundraising effort for the next campaign! Why can we not move to a more condensed campaign cycle like those in Europe?
Most European democracies have very tightly limited timeframes. The candidates and parties are given equal (and not obscene) amounts of money and airtime within that period (usually less than a month) with which to present their platforms and proposals for governing if elected. There are far fewer attack ads and issues tend to be the focus of discussion rather than personalities.
We get to look forward to nothing more than a temporary break to acknowledge voter fatigue before the next campaign cycle begins. Since this will also be a Presidential election cycle, the next 2 FUCKING YEARS will be dedicated to the process of cutting the field of potential candidates down to only 2. Talk about a waste of time, money, and resources!

Our Constitution is the greatest governing document on the planet, but it failed to address the issue of elections other than to give a time frame for them to occur. I wonder if the Founding Fathers would have done it differently if they could see the mess that we make of elections now?

01 November 2014

Freedom vs Ebola

    Over the last month, Ebola has been the fear that those in power have pedalled to us on a constant basis. The insane reactions to Ebola from the RWNJ talking heads has been non-stop fear inducement. The fact that Ebola is a naturally occurring virus that directly results from the population increase in Africa seems to escape them.
    Ebola is transmitted to humans when they come into contact with infected animals. As the natural habitat of animals is shrinking, this means that the growing human population is exposed more often. People who eat the infected animals then develop the virus themselves and it becomes a hazard to the human community.
    Ebola has happened in the past. The fear for years is that there would be an outbreak that would spread beyond the initial infection zone. This has finally happened, so it is really no surprise. In the age of air travel, a disease with an incubation period of 3 weeks will almost certainly escape any quarantine effort that man can devise because the flow of people is too great to control. We have to develop effective means of combating the disease, of course but we seem to have those resources in place.
    When the USA finally had its first case of Ebola, the nation panicked. There was no room for any sensible education and discussion about the issue because that doesn’t equal ratings and profits for the mainstream media. Instead, the doomsayers were out in force screaming for a quarantine against everyone and everything.
    This past week a nurse who had helped to treat those afflicted with the Ebola virus in Africa was placed under quarantine by the State of Maine even though she showed no symptoms of the disease as a “precautionary measure”. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt by politicians (RWNJ) to attempt to demonstrate to the public that they were “doing something”. They were doing something, something incredibly stupid and illegal. The nurse threatened a lawsuit over the quarantine, and I hope that she pursues this course of action because it is ILLEGAL to separate someone from the rest of society without a valid reason. Any promise to return her to society at some later point is worthless once the act of separation is allowed to proceed.
    There is no acceptable precedent for removing an individual or group from society without probable cause that is accepted today. Japanese-Americans were placed into camps during World War II for no justifiable reason, and it took this country far too long to accept responsibility for that atrocity. When AIDS made its appearance in the 1980s, there were calls for everyone infected and everyone deemed to be at risk of becoming infected, to be placed into quarantine camps. Luckily this never happened. Like HIV, Ebola is nothing more than a virus that can affect anyone without regards to their race or status.
    I find it interesting that one of the fear tactics used by RWNJ over the past few years is that groups like Christians would be placed into isolation by the government. That type of fear-mongering is exactly what RWNJ do best. Now they turn that non-existent prospect into a plan of action against those with whom they disagree or disapprove of.
    To date, 1 person has died from Ebola in the United States and that was the unfortunate man who arrive here with the virus. The total of Ebola deaths in the United States is 1!
    On the other hand, a 3rd victim of last week’s school shooting in Washington State has died, but the media doesn’t want to talk about that. There is no mention of isolating people who demonstrate their love of guns over lives being locked up somewhere. Just food for thought.