I just lost interest in politics

    No matter how I try to deal with the results of the election last night, I just cannot find the motivation to stay interested in politics right now. My spirit has been broken, I have worked for years to forward Progressive causes, to build bridges to people, and to try to keep everyone informed to the best of my abilities. After last night, I am just unable to find the motivation to continue writing here or in other forums about politics. The inmates have taken over the asylum and the best thing for me to do is to step back and watch things from a distance for a while.

    I am truly disappointed by the direction in which this country is moving. Fear, Greed, Hatred, and Racism have become the measuring sticks for political candidates. I just cannot fight this any longer without taking a break for myself. I will remain vigilant on causes of social justice, but I can no longer tie these issues to any political candidate with any degree of sincerity. The ability of politicians to look the other way for campaign cash as our liberties and freedoms are eroded truly disgusts me. We get the government that we deserve, and that is that.

    My fear now is that the new political leaders will turn their attention to the issues of social justice. This fills me with dread because these are the same people who govern based upon Fear, Greed, Hatred and Racism. One shudders to think how these leaders will see an issue like police brutality, the Mike Brown issue, or multitudes of others. I fear that the coldness the politicians have displayed will now turn towards those who have no voice in order to attempt to silence them for good.

    Revolutions come from actions like this. The problem is that Americans are too busy with info-porn and celeb-reality to take notice of those in need. When the powerful decide that they no longer care about the less fortunate is the time that major changes will come. 

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