Last week I took a picture out of the same window. The colors are still there, but they are not as vivid. The gray has washed everything out for the time being, and the rain will cause some of the leaves to fall from the trees. The image carries a sense of mood with it, no more so than the picture last week, just of a different nature.
    The light is not as bright, but that does not mean that the light is not there. The sun is hidden behind the clouds, but it is still there. It is hard to keep perspective on things like this because we are creatures of immediate needs and responses. The first reaction we have is one of depression or sadness. We cannot see the sun even though we know it is there, but for too many people their own view is clouded by other things and they fail to see the light that still exists.
    Take a deep breath, count to ten, whatever it takes to realize that this grayness is just temporary. The light that replaces it is also temporary. We need these gray days in order to more fully appreciate the bright and sunny ones. Don't let the immediate circumstances get you down, the light will return.

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