Freedom vs Ebola

    Over the last month, Ebola has been the fear that those in power have pedalled to us on a constant basis. The insane reactions to Ebola from the RWNJ talking heads has been non-stop fear inducement. The fact that Ebola is a naturally occurring virus that directly results from the population increase in Africa seems to escape them.
    Ebola is transmitted to humans when they come into contact with infected animals. As the natural habitat of animals is shrinking, this means that the growing human population is exposed more often. People who eat the infected animals then develop the virus themselves and it becomes a hazard to the human community.
    Ebola has happened in the past. The fear for years is that there would be an outbreak that would spread beyond the initial infection zone. This has finally happened, so it is really no surprise. In the age of air travel, a disease with an incubation period of 3 weeks will almost certainly escape any quarantine effort that man can devise because the flow of people is too great to control. We have to develop effective means of combating the disease, of course but we seem to have those resources in place.
    When the USA finally had its first case of Ebola, the nation panicked. There was no room for any sensible education and discussion about the issue because that doesn’t equal ratings and profits for the mainstream media. Instead, the doomsayers were out in force screaming for a quarantine against everyone and everything.
    This past week a nurse who had helped to treat those afflicted with the Ebola virus in Africa was placed under quarantine by the State of Maine even though she showed no symptoms of the disease as a “precautionary measure”. This was nothing more than a publicity stunt by politicians (RWNJ) to attempt to demonstrate to the public that they were “doing something”. They were doing something, something incredibly stupid and illegal. The nurse threatened a lawsuit over the quarantine, and I hope that she pursues this course of action because it is ILLEGAL to separate someone from the rest of society without a valid reason. Any promise to return her to society at some later point is worthless once the act of separation is allowed to proceed.
    There is no acceptable precedent for removing an individual or group from society without probable cause that is accepted today. Japanese-Americans were placed into camps during World War II for no justifiable reason, and it took this country far too long to accept responsibility for that atrocity. When AIDS made its appearance in the 1980s, there were calls for everyone infected and everyone deemed to be at risk of becoming infected, to be placed into quarantine camps. Luckily this never happened. Like HIV, Ebola is nothing more than a virus that can affect anyone without regards to their race or status.
    I find it interesting that one of the fear tactics used by RWNJ over the past few years is that groups like Christians would be placed into isolation by the government. That type of fear-mongering is exactly what RWNJ do best. Now they turn that non-existent prospect into a plan of action against those with whom they disagree or disapprove of.
    To date, 1 person has died from Ebola in the United States and that was the unfortunate man who arrive here with the virus. The total of Ebola deaths in the United States is 1!
    On the other hand, a 3rd victim of last week’s school shooting in Washington State has died, but the media doesn’t want to talk about that. There is no mention of isolating people who demonstrate their love of guns over lives being locked up somewhere. Just food for thought.

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