Making a difference

No matter how many times I think about the verdict in Ferguson, I still get just as angry and disappointed as I was the first time I heard the news. I find it unconscionable that this country has not moved forward out of Racism and Hatred and Fear by 2014. A part of me is not surprised, however, due to some of the hateful things that I see every day.
The outrage and frustration over this latest miscarriage of Justice has been covered on the news in exactly the way I would have expected. Everyone blames the people who are protesting injustice and then dismisses everything else. The American people, that is to say far too many White Americans, do NOT want to address the issues of Racism and the more recently labeled “White Privilege”. These issues hit too close to home, and therefore are dismissed as fringe elements that are protesting against America in some sort of way.
The spectacle of protesters disrupting Black Friday seems to be notoriously absent from the news unless there is some type of violence tied to it. This is the way the power structure controls the infoporn serum that is injected to the American people through the media. Protests are bad, they interfere with the status quo. To question the status quo is to question America, and to question America is bad. This little loop of circular logic satisfies far too many Americans. The tragedies that prompted the protests are not addressed, the victims are turned into the criminals, and the criminals become the victims. This is being done deliberately in order to blind and numb us to injustice.

I am glad to see that there are people who recognize this and are not deterred from taking a controversial stand. I say controversial only because it challenges the lies we are being told. Connecting the issue iof police brutality to the issue of Racism is absolutely necessary if we are ever to solve either issue. If some minor consumer inconvenience is involved, that is a small price to pay to get to the truth. The combined power that the people have economically is one of the last tools left to change the system, and there is no shame in using it.

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