Music and Me.... Shakura S'aida

    Nothing gets me through the day or night like music. No matter what type of day I have had, good or bad, there is always a song that makes things even better. I suppose this is because music is an expression of our souls, for lack of a better word. Music has such a unique place in every culture because it is the original form of history and storytelling.
    I don't have a particular type of music that I value above others, although I do have to say that I am generally not a fan of country music. I cannot explain why that is, it just has never moved me the way that other forms of music do. I have nothing against country music, but it just never seems to move me the way that other music does.
    My iPod and my Google music collection is very eclectic and eccentric. Classical and Led Zeppelin, Madonna and Nine Inch Nails, Count Basie and Daft Punk, you name it and I probably have it or something similar. I have always gotten such a thrill from hearing an artist for the first time, each one strikes a different chord within me (pardon the pun), and even similar artists produce unique feelings. Some artists strike an intense vocal impression on me whenever I hear them, and I am thrilled when an artist that was not familiar with produces a new sensation.
    The most intense reaction I have had to hearing an artist for the first time that I have felt in many years was when I heard Shakura S'aida for the first time.
This woman is incredible! Her voice is just stunning and ranges from the most soft intensity to a hard-rocking bluesy hammer that I have never heard in my life. I realize that this is because her background is in the blues. Blues are a truly personal type of music that not everyone can sing well. My entire mindset changes when I hear her sing. The music moves me from high to low and then back again flawlessly. Her band is just awesome, they function like a perfectly oiled machine and never miss a beat.
    I realize that many of you might not have heard of Shakura S'aida. If you love music, please give her a listen and prepare to be blown away by her talent and skill.

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