Change of plans

Too often, we make plans for things and then they don't work out. While this is often disappointing, it also gives us a chance to actually live in the moment. Our lives are busy enough and there is seldom enough time for us to really sit back and take notice of things around us. We always try to prioritize things that need to be done in the mistaken belief that it makes us responsible adults. But, we seldom think that trying to plan our lives to the nth degree doesn't actually make us better people.
     Quiet time is necessary for us to maintain balance in our lives. There will always be time for the next crisis, real or imagined, after we take some time for ourselves. Quiet time gives us a chance to build up the energy that we will need for that next crisis, whether it happens immediately, or at some point in the future.
     I am not advocating laziness, just recognizing that we are all in the same boat. We all have far too many things that consume our lives and eat away at our humanity. While we have the responsibility to live for those we care about and to support them, we also owe it to ourselves and them to be the best that we can be. Taking that time to just be quiet gives us that strength that we need for ourselves and for those we care about. 

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