Finally coming around again

As this week grinds to its end, I am looking forward to a 4-day weekend. I am also slowly emerging from the funk that I went into after the election. I needed the time away from politics to get my head together again, watching things fall completely apart does disappoint me.
I found that I am ready to jump back into things now. While the election is still a sore point, the real issues of Justice and Equality continue uninterrupted. If anything, the election should increase our attention to these issues, because the RWNJ who won Tuesday do not believe that there are problems in the nation right now unless they involve attacking the President.
Police Brutality remains a sore point for this nation. The “law-and-order” nuts are going to place extra emphasis on believing everything that the police tell them. Any divergence from this point of view will be ridiculed and ostracized because to address the issue would be to admit that there is a real problem with the police in the USA. RWNJ want to tell everyone that unless it is a RWNJ lunatic on the wrong end of the police situation, that the solution should be to apply even more force.
We have to really expect that the police officer who murdered Mike Brown will be acquitted. Everyone knows the murderer’s name by now so I will not publicize his name. If and probably, when there is no indictment issued the protests will erupt once again. The justification to resist an immoral and oppressive force is well understood, except by RWNJ.
I fear that the protests will be met with police brutality and media complicity with the oppression. It has become clear that the just cause will never convince the media or RWNJ to change their opinion on this issue. I hope that the protests will be peaceful, but we should be aware that the police themselves will probably have agent provocateurs within the protests in order to provoke violent incidents.
The only solution that we can put forward is to make the protests a national event, and not just local to Ferguson. The same non-violent principles apply to the national protests, but we have to realize that the media and government will put forth an all-out attack on anyone who disagrees with the biased official results.
Obviously, there are more issues than Police Brutality, but I think that I should stop this post and take up other issues in subsequent posts. Never stop questioning authority, and remember the words of Eugene Debs:

“While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

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