So tired of election crap

How I wish that tomorrow would come and go. I am so tired of the election crap that we all have to go through each and every day. I know that some of us have it worse than others, depending on which state you reside in. I kept my Maryland phone number when I moved to Virginia because there are almost no campaign calls in Maryland, while my friends with VA numbers always complain about the harassment.
After approximately 250 years, is this the best system that we can come up with to conduct elections? The money is out of control and the very first thing that any victorious candidate will do after taking office is to start the fundraising effort for the next campaign! Why can we not move to a more condensed campaign cycle like those in Europe?
Most European democracies have very tightly limited timeframes. The candidates and parties are given equal (and not obscene) amounts of money and airtime within that period (usually less than a month) with which to present their platforms and proposals for governing if elected. There are far fewer attack ads and issues tend to be the focus of discussion rather than personalities.
We get to look forward to nothing more than a temporary break to acknowledge voter fatigue before the next campaign cycle begins. Since this will also be a Presidential election cycle, the next 2 FUCKING YEARS will be dedicated to the process of cutting the field of potential candidates down to only 2. Talk about a waste of time, money, and resources!

Our Constitution is the greatest governing document on the planet, but it failed to address the issue of elections other than to give a time frame for them to occur. I wonder if the Founding Fathers would have done it differently if they could see the mess that we make of elections now?

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