Dreamer's World January 11 2017 - Daily Prompt "Cling"

The Daily Prompt is “Cling”. An interesting one to be sure.
When I hear the word “cling” it always brings up unpleasant images. Socks clinging to each other because someone forgot to put the fabric softener sheets in the dryer. A child, or childish person refusing to let go of something that is no longer necessary or needed. A person clinging to another person in a failed relationship. These are the images that I see immediately.
I have to think about some positive connotation to the word “cling”. Longing for a loved one that has passed away is a form of clinging that isn’t always bad, it is a reminder of love that is lost. I don’t see remembering as a bad thing, but it can become one if we let ourselves get too carried away.

Judging from what I have written so far, my impression of the word “cling” is very negative because it implies something that is holding us back. I often say that the only direction to look in is ahead of us and clinging to something for too long impedes that progress.

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