Dreamer’s World January 22 2016 - Countdown to Snowpocalypse

And so, after days of endless and mindless hysteria from the media, today is the day of #SNOWPOCALYPSE2016. One can almost feel torn about this, will it be another case of the media creating fear and panic (undoubtedly), or will it be a truly historic snowstorm (remains to be seen). Either way, we are all set here for whatever happens. Since traveling to California isn’t an option, we will have to endure whatever the storm has to offer us.

As of this morning, there is nothing going on. The Federal Government is closing at 12 noon today but already encouraged people to telework in order to keep hundreds of thousands of drivers off the roads. Being a contractor, I am working from home and technically I won’t get to end my day at noon because we are treated as lower-class citizens in the DC power structure. This used to upset me, but as I said, since I work from home I will be just fine.
At 0820 this morning the storm is approaching Richmond.

The last forecast that I heard called for snow to begin here in the late afternoon. I don’t know if this map means that the storm is approaching more quickly than anticipated or not. Hal (person) has left to brave the crowds for one last trip to the grocery store. Surprisingly, as I look out the window, there is not a lot of traffic as I look out of the window.
Hal (cat) is really active this morning. He is normally talking, but right now he is being extra affectionate for some reason. I am not complaining at all. I am glad to report that Hal (person) just made it home from Safeway without any trouble.
The 0900 radar shows the snow getting closer

Hal (person) said that Safeway wasn’t crowded. I suppose that is because everyone already panicked over the last few days. Work is very slow, I have one conference call this morning that should still take place because the other person already told me that they will be telecommuting today.
The 1130 radar

As you can see, the snow is getting closer, but still nothing here yet. It is about 15-20 miles south of us at this time.
After one of the daily meetings, the apartment community got a truckload of firewood delivered. It was like the grocery store with everyone trying to get what they could. We managed to get enough to last us in case the power goes out.

As you can plainly see, Stevie Nicks now considers the firewood all hers. We put it in the bathroom in order for it to cure as much as possible in case we need it later if we lose power. The only thing we are missing is the emergency radio, it is somewhere in the apartment, but of course it will never be found when we are looking for it.
The snow started to fall here at 1300. It is still light snow, and not sticking to surfaces yet, but we will see what happens. I am preparing for my last daily meeting with one of the people on the West Coast, so they have very little idea what we are trying to prepare for here.
And now, as I look out of the window, I see all the people who tried to work until noon or until the snow started to fall. I predict another disastrous rush hour for those who are stupid enough to be trying to drive home right now. I am glad that we are at home and as prepared as we can be.
1430 and the snow is falling steadily, but not that heavy. The traffic is light now, I hope that everyone made it home if they were out earlier today. The cars in the parking lot across the street at Shooter McGees are not covered in snow as well and the snow is beginning to stick to the surface on Duke Street.

Hal (cat) certainly knows how to deal with the snow.

Since Hal (cat) was a rescue cat, we are so happy that he no longer has to struggle to find a place to stay warm and dry at times like this. He is a part of the family now, and he is loved. If you are in the path of this storm and you have pets, please bring them inside rather than let them suffer outside.
The snow is picking up, but there is not much wind right now. Duke Street, a major thoroughfare, is becoming snow-packed already. This is a surprise because one would have thought that it would have been better treated before the snowfall began.
I will write more later, but I want to go ahead an publish this post now.

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