Dreamer's World January 7 2016 -We All Shine On

Today will be a good day. I have no doubt about that because today, like every other day, is a new beginning. The cool and overcast day can either define this day, or I can define it myself. I choose to take that decision and make today outstanding.
Yesterday, Hal (person) and I celebrated our 16th anniversary. It wasn’t a big celebration, in fact there was nothing out of the ordinary at all. We were both tired, Hal (person) from work and myself from a night of insomnia and my own work schedule. All the plans for a dinner out fell through and we spent the evening together with The Stooges here at home.
Today is the new day. We embark on our 17th year together and we have all the opportunities in the world at our disposal. Whether we decide to go out after I finish work or choose to stay at home again isn’t important. It is the time that we spend together that builds the bonds that keep us together.
Time is something that we embrace and read at the same time. It keeps us focused, but can allow us to engage in flights of fancy without regard to the world around us. Time makes us superheroes before it eventually becomes our Kryptonite, so it is up to each of us to embrace the day and be the superheroes that we are intended to be.
John Lennon, one of my idols when it comes to observing the human condition, wrote about this in his song “Instant Karma” when he sang “Why In The World Are We Here? Surely, Not To Live In Pain And Fear”.
Those words inspire me each and every day. There are days when I am more active than others, but that is by choice and not by lack of choices.
And so, I say again that today will be a great day because I choose to make it so. Find your inner voice and make the same choice today and each day from now on.

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