Dreamer's World December 8 2016 - Feeling Better

Right after work, I finally did what I kept promising myself I would do. I went to bed and slept for over 3 hours and this is extremely unusual for me. I woke up and found that a good friend who follows my blog had posted to say that she hoped I felt better and also to talk about her experiences in looking at houses and places to live when it comes to kitchens and space. It made me feel great to know that she had read my post from earlier. I believe that each of us who writes secretly craves interaction, and hers came at exactly the right time. Thank you Xena.
When it comes to finding a place to live, she mentioned the difficulties in finding a place that has a real kitchen, and not just a small, cramped space. I couldn’t agree more with her. In fact, that has been one of the key factors as Hal (person) and I look at potential new apartments for the Spring. Too many of the places have almost no storage space, and two adults cannot be in the space at the same time. So far, we have found a few places that meet our requirements, but it is sad that there are not more.
I love to cook, but I hate being in a space like we have now, a galley kitchen that is physically isolated from the rest of the living space. This is one reason that I do not cook more right now. The other problem is that we have pots and pans and food containers scattered in closets because there is not enough storage space in this kitchen. I have told Hal that correcting this is one of the top priorities I have as we look at new places.
I would love to have a gas stove once again, but they are becoming harder and harder to find in apartments these days. I hate to sound spoiled, but if I cannot have gas, at least I would like to find an upgrade that includes the glass top oven because they are far easier to keep clean.

Eventually we will find the place that is right for the two of us. Looking well in advance means that we can focus on the places that meet our criteria and not thinking that we might have missed a great option somewhere. We are confident that we will find the right place when the time comes.

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