Dreamer's World December 30 2016

Today was officially an early day at work. I am done for the day, the week, the month, and the year at work. Now I am putting together my plan for the rest of today and this evening. Sadly, there is nothing terribly exciting to report. The most exciting thing I have to do so far is go to the grocery store. Rather than feel sad about the lack of excitement, I prefer to look at things from the perspective of not being worried about anything this afternoon and of being fortunate enough to not have to worry about things.
Hal (person) is resting as his medication finally begins to take effect. I have honestly thought about a nap myself, but I think it can wait until after my trip to the grocery store. We are staying here at home tonight as well as tomorrow evening. The last thing that I need is to be out on the road tomorrow night surrounded by a bunch of idiots, several of whom will undoubtedly have had too much to drink and present a clear danger to themselves and others. Add to that the fact that every place around now wants to screw people out of their money by hosting some “special” New Year’s Eve event, and the reasons for staying at home are set.
We will be perfectly happy here at home with The Stooges. We are very fortunate to be safe and warm, and able to provide a home to The Stooges. This is no small accomplishment, and we are proud of what we have done here over our many years together. In fact, we will soon be celebrating our 17th anniversary together. It doesn’t seem possible at times that we have been together for so long, but there are still plenty of times when it feels like we just met as well. I think that happiness and variety are the keys to a successful relationship. Never taking each other for granted nor allowing ourselves to become bored means that we are always finding new ways to communicate and make sure that the love stays alive. Add The Stooges to that equation, and things will always work out.
I made my trip to the store and actually saw and felt snow falling from a mostly sunny sky. There was a dark cloud that caused the offending snowflakes and the surprised look shared by myself and others. This area is notorious for over-reacting to the mere mention of the word “snow” so I was surprised that there were not multiple accidents in the grocery store parking lot as a result of the snowflakes.

After returning home I began to do laundry. With some luck, I will be able to finish all of it by bedtime this evening, at least that is my plan right now. It feels good to be here at home and to know that there is nowhere else that I really need to go to.

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