Dreamer's World November 24 2016 - A Quiet Holiday

    For the first time in years, Hal (person) and I are spending Thanksgiving Day here at home with just The Stooges for company. There is nothing wrong and everyone is OK, but plans with friends who we normally get together with were changed this year. Rather than feel upset about this, I am actually happy for the change. I did all the cooking yesterday and that means we don’t have a ton of chaos in our small kitchen today.
We actually started our Thanksgiving last night with the first serving of the meal that I had prepared. It was delicious, roast beef with potatoes, onions and green peppers, stuffing, green bean casserole, salad and wine. I actually just cleaned up from our second helping for lunch (minus the wine) and within 5 minutes the kitchen was clean once again. Hal (person) has gone to take a nap and I am listening to music by Antonin Dvorak as I type this and feeling absolutely wonderful about today.
I am technically back at work tomorrow, but I will be there mainly to provide any support that users of our product might require. This is highly unlikely since most of the customers will also be on vacation tomorrow. This will mean a very slow day, but with my new schedule, Friday is the day that I get off work early anyway, so by 1430 at the latest I will be starting my weekend.
We have no plans to take part in the annual Black Friday madness. While there are things that I would certainly think about if they were on sale, I would still not get out into the chaos to pick them up when I can order them online and have them delivered. Since I am currently waiting on my new Pixel XL phone, I really don’t have that much extra to spend anyway. According to the order statement, the phone should be here by 30 November, so all I can do is wait for it.
Another advantage to enjoying a quiet holiday here at home is avoiding any and all political talk, or listening to people repeat the infoporn that the MSM shits into their brains. The TV has been off all day and it is after 1300 now. I suppose that I might watch some football later, but even that is not guaranteed right now because I am enjoying the music and writing so much. After a quick attempt at watching football, I gave up and returned to writing and listening to music for the afternoon. It is just more peaceful and relaxing this way.

I hope that the rest of the day and evening are this enjoyable. I hope that everyone will find some peace in their lives, even for just a little while because it does wonders for you.

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