Dreamer's World November 22 2016 - Echoes Of The Past In The Present

It was 53 years ago that JFK was assassinated in Dallas. I had not been born yet, but Mom was pregnant with me. I was told years later that she was so upset by the event that she was afraid that she would lose me. I remember her telling me that her doctor told her that she had to stop watching the constant coverage of the assassination on the media. Perhaps it is the echoes of that which led me to give up completely on the media in this country today.
I gave up on the media on my own last Summer. All doubt had been removed about the media being complicit in the election cycle first by completely ignoring the Democrats screwing Bernie over, and second by their sycophantic drooling over every syllable trump said without fact-checking or reporting it for what it was. The media is nothing more than the corporate arm of the power structure, and its only reason for existing is to maintain the status quo. Anything that fails to meet with the approval of the power structure is ignored or presented in such a slanted way as to deliver opinion and not information.
Currently, there is a real struggle going on over the Dakota pipeline. If you depend on the media for your infoporn, you would never know this. The only coverage is provided when the authorities and their hired goons have provoked a response from the people who are legitimately protesting. This is the same psychologically manipulative scenario that the media uses all the time. Authority cannot be questioned, at least that event cannot be covered. But let one thing go wrong, and the media instantly leaps to the defense of the power structure and instantly takes the side of the establishment. This scenario has been successful when used against BLM in particular, but the pattern is the same whenever the power structure and corporate masters are threatened.
I have tried to discuss events like the Dakota pipeline with people but I find that they either know nothing about it, or that they parrot the pro-establishment points that the media drip feeds into their comatose brains. We have become a nation of sheep, ready to follow the lead of the establishment down whatever path they choose to the abattoir. Look the word up if it confuses you while you still can.
When we have a media that is totally complicit with the power structure, we do not have a true media. When there are people on the media show main goal is to just be on TV, we have no information, just propaganda. When there is NO dissenting voice to be heard, we have NO FREEDOM.
Why do you think that so many people hate the media? They are unable to trust it. trump uses this distrust to rail against the media itself, which I find hilarious because without the compliant media he would not be on the verge of being President. The stupidity is staggering, but not surprising because we are a notion of FUCKING SHEEP now. Independent thinking is discouraged at every level. Children are taught only to pass tests, not how to think and form original thoughts, because original thoughts are dangerous to the power structure. People who can think also pose a threat to the media because they will be the first to throw the BULLSHIT flag when they see it.

The media wants compliance, not information. That is in line with their assigned role in the power structure. If you want to free your mind and see what really goes on, TURN OFF YOUR TV.

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