Dreamer's world November 11 2016 - Trying To Figure Out What We Need

The election is over with. The Democrats fucked everyone with their bullshit Hillary candidate. Now the repercussions are about to begin. I say let the Democrats beat themselves up over this because they will go out and repeat the same mistakes the next time.
Progressives need a new way. The Democratic Party is dead to me, I do not believe that Progressives have any future with them. The next step is to figure out a way to counteract the corrupt two-party system and produce real candidates and real Progressive policies.
The problem of voter turnout is historically something that people bitch about when they lose. The problem really is that too many people cannot identify with a candidate that they want to vote FOR, and they are tired of always having to vote AGAINST someone else, or choose the lesser evil. Both the republiKKKans and the democrats benefit from this illusion of freedom because it keeps turnout low and makes the outcome easier to control.
Bernie Sanders started to show us the way. He started from nothing and it eventually took corruption and manipulation from the democrats to defeat him in the primaries. In hindsight, had Bernie run without seeking the democratic party endorsement I believe that we would very likely be praising President-Elect Sanders right now.
What can be done? I am not proclaiming to have all of the answers, but I do have some ideas.
  1. We need a Progressive candidate that does NOT attempt to align with the democrats. While this sounds impossible at first, I think that it can be done. The power of the internet and social media cannot be underestimated. Bernie was ahead of the curve with this idea, but he did also attempt to change the corrupt system.
  2. Bernie also taught us that a campaign can be funded by individual contributions rather than PAC money. If there was an issue that concerned the democrats, it was this bypassing of the PAC money train.
  3. Rather than think about these issues only every 4 years, we need a dedicated group that will keep these issues at the front of people’s attention between elections. Webcasts like TYT have shown in a small way that this is possible.
  4. If we can take these first steps, the issue of money is not the factor that it is for the traditional candidate. Remember that Bernie proved this to us all. A more focused campaign can be conducted without the obscene amounts of money that do nothing more than pollute the system that we have.

I personally would love to see a joining of forces between Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein to make this happen with the support of Progressives around the country. Just a thought.

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