Dreamer's World November 10 2016 - Coming To Terms

I have been waiting to feel something more than simple anger at the election results. I needed time to put my thoughts in order. I had to take time to really gain some perspective rather than simply lash out. That time has arrived.
First of all, congratulations to the RWNJ and their lunatic candidate. Their message of HATE, RACISM, SEXISM, INEQUALITY and BIGOTRY carried them to victory with the help of their HATEFUL, RACIST, SEXIST, INEQUALITY-LOVING and BIGOTED supporters. Please try to NOT damage the country beyond repair before you are finished.
This election drove home the point that corruption is truly rampant in our political process. The rich and powerful made their onerous presence felt throughout this campaign. THey achieved what they set out to do, and that was to keep the people of this country scrambling for survival while they themselves prosper beyond belief. Wall Street has robbed us once again while Main Street endures more hardships. The rich and powerful have no compassion for the rest of us. We are simply cogs in their machines designed to turn profits for them. We are the cannon fodder that they will use to impose their corruption on other nations in order to profit even more. We are the subjects of their imperious rule, suppressed by the police to keep us compliant. The future of this once great nation is in peril.
Hillary Clinton is one of the rich and powerful, as is Trump. To attempt to draw any real distinction between them is nothing more than a trick done with smoke and mirrors. At heart, they are two faces of the same monster, believing that they are entitled to rule over the rest of us and determine our futures as best benefits themselves.
America was founded as an objection to the ideas of monarchy. Sadly, we now have our own domestic brand of monarchs, the rich and powerful. These are the people and families that exchange the roles of leadership amongst themselves while fooling the people into believing that one of them is somehow better than the other. The truth is that they will act only to preserve their own wealth and privilege as a ruling class.
The monarchy concept was personified by the “coronation” of Hillary Clinton. There were people who had been led to believe that somehow, Clinton would be a person who represented the real people. I know of those who could not wait to hand her the keys to power without any serious examination of the repercussions. She was simply “supposed” to be the next President according to many. Any system that relies on this type of leadership selection cannot be classified as a democracy or a representative government of the people.
Think back to 2014 and 2015. Clinton was supposed to be the next President because so many people had their blinders in place and could not see the dangers lurking from the Left and the Right. Obviously, trump captured the Right, but according to the Clinton team it was nothing to worry about because he was so stupid and immature that he would easily be defeated. Now we see the folly of underestimating one’s opponent. trump simply built a section of the population that would support him, and therefore preserve the ruling class. It would have been the same with Clinton had she somehow won. The rich would get richer and the rest of us would get screwed.
Along came Bernie Sanders. While he is a member of Congress, he has always conducted himself as someone of the people and for the people. He made the establishment nervous after it became clear that he was the danger to Clinton from the Left. The only solution that the Clinton camp could come up with to preserve its own power and influence was to undertake a campaign within the campaign to smear and vilify Bernie Sanders. Of course the lapdogs were perfectly willing to adopt that strategy. The more powerful Bernie became, the more the Clintons fought back.
As the election season began and it became apparent that Bernie was too powerful to be contained, the Democrats and Clinton resorted to the oldest trick in the books and began to rig elections during the primaries. The slanderous attacks on Sanders continued and intensified. It was postulated that there was NO WAY that an “outsider” could ever defeat the RWNJ candidate. They were WRONG. Bernie was attracting new blood to the so-called Democratic Party, but these new followers were not following the Democrats or Hillary, they were, and still are, following Bernie.
Look at the impact that Bernie had on the campaign in spite of the election-rigging and the personal attacks. Bernie was bringing the new people in that would be so desperately needed later. However, since the rise of Bernie interfered with the coronation of Hillary, he had to be stopped. I will go to my grave knowing that the election was STOLEN from Bernie by the Democrats and Clintons.
Having stolen the primary election, Clinton and the Democrats immediately made it known that their main objective was to attempt to convert voters who might normally have voted for trump by appealing to the more conservative policies. Progressives like myself were in effect abandoned as this effort began. This flawed approach failed to take into account the fact that Clinton carried too much baggage, and that she was completely unacceptable to far too many voters on the right. Therefore, months and millions of dollars were wasted while the Progressives were treated like garbage despite all of the promises to implement many of Bernie’s policies as a price for his endorsement.
Only at the last minute did Clinton and the Democrats realize that their entire strategy was flawed and not achievable. A last-gasp effort to reach out to the disaffected Progressives failed miserably, as expected.
Clinton failed to see that the RWNJ were mobilized against her from the beginning. This unbelievable lapse of common sense that defined Clinton only added to the sense of desperation as the race tightened up.
Therefore, Progressives felt absolutely no loyalty to Clinton or the Democrats who had screwed Bernie so badly. The failure to deal with Progressives was a bittersweet victory in the most vengeful sense of things, but it did not change the fact that this was all the fault of Clinton and the Democrats.
And so, we come to the present. Clinton and the Democrats failed to defeat trump and his angry RWNJ knuckle-draggers. The country will suffer, but it will survive somehow until normality is restored in the future. The blame for this rests squarely on Clinton and the Democrats because they failed to realize that the country did not want a coronation of someone that was being forced on them at the expense of a person that they truly supported, and that was Bernie Sanders. Karma is a real bitch.

As for the media, they also share some of the responsibility for this fiasco for first blindly supporting Clinton and then blindly following trump off the cliff.

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