Dreamer's World November 7 2016

I spent the weekend looking at apartments. Hal (person) and I have decided that when our current lease is up next Spring that it will be time to move somewhere else. The costs of this apartment keep going up and up and it is just no longer feasible to
try to continue living here.
In the past, we both agreed that we saw no reason to move outside of the Capital Beltway. That has changed as the prices keep creeping upwards and the struggle to make ends meet while still being able to live in a reasonable amount of comfort gets more and more difficult. We have finally decided that we will join the migration outside of the Beltway because we each have advantages that will make this less difficult for us.
I work from home, and Hal has a job that allows him the ability to work at a multitude of locations as a massage therapist. Therefore, we will not be caught up in the commuting nightmare that is all too common in this area. It makes the decision so much easier to deal with. The fact that we seldom venture into DC after work means that being close isn’t as necessary as it was when we were both younger.
It has become apparent that we will get more for our money by moving outside the Beltway. More room and lower rents, a win-win for both if us. Of course we are already scoping out the area with the most promise because it always is better to be prepared when the time to move comes rather than rush around at the last minute hoping to find something. We already have a selection of nice apartments lined up and there will doubtless be others that we will add to the list. Since this Friday will be a holiday, we are going to spend some time that day looking around as well.
As for today, I will be cooking later today while I finish up at work. I will be avoiding the MSM of course and tomorrow we will go to vote and hopefully end this BULLSHIT. We are both just tired of all this and want it to end. It won’t matter because the losers will scream that they were cheated and there will be more endless infoporn on the MSM about that.
There hasn’t been much to write about recently. I have been extra busy at work and around the apartment while also looking at potential new places to live, as I mentioned earlier. I know that in about 2 weeks that things will really start to slow down as the holiday season approaches, and that will be just fine with me. We all need some down time, especially following this election.
It is nearly quitting time and it is getting dark. I just started the oven in order to cook the chicken this evening. We are staying home without a doubt tonight. I really dislike the time change when it gets dark at 1700.

I did put on the second of the duvets I bought recently for the new bed and I think it looks very nice. Hal The Cat does too, that is why he wouldn’t move when I took the picture earlier today.

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