Dreamer's World May 22 2015

     Friday at last! The best part is that this Friday marks the start of the Memorial Day weekend, and that will run through Tuesday for me. Unlike many people, I usually take the Tuesday after a 3-day weekend off rather than the Friday like today. I already know that most of the people I work with are taking all or part of today. I also know that this means I can concentrate on catching things up at work and not be hassled with lots of meetings. That is the reason I usually work on the Friday leading into a 3-day weekend and take my revenge on the following Tuesday!
     Of course, this weekend marks the traditional start of Summer, although that is still a month away on the calendar. The weather has turned glorious today and I am looking forward to this afternoon. Of course there are always little things that can get in the way of potential plans, I just ignore them unless they are an emergency and let them fester. I have earned this upcoming time off and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can. The snotty remarks that people sometimes make aren’t bothering me at all. Let them panic at the thought of not working on Monday wreck their miserable little lives, right now I truly don’t care.
     At least I am working from home, I am with Hal and The Stooges, the sun is out, the weather is warming up, and it is FRIDAY! I am ready for the meeting at 1030 which should be a short one and I am also watching the increased traffic volume outside the window as people struggle to get away from DC for the weekend. I hope they have a great time on the congested roads.
     I made it through the morning and conducted my meeting. Amazing how many people announce at the end of the meeting that they are now out for the rest of the day. I predict a very slow rest of the workday until 1530, and I will do nothing to upset that plan.
     I took some of my lunch time to cook salmon patties. I havent had one yet, but Hal announced that they are delicious, and that makes my day! I still want to get out after work, but will check and see what Hal wants to do once 1530 rolls around. While Hal wants to stay home, I want to get out and do something. Perhaps I will go out solo in a little while. Although Hal has to work tomorrow, I am now officially into my holiday weekend and want to enjoy it as much as I can.
     Immediately after work, I finally tried one of the salmon patties. To set some background, my Mom used to make these when I was growing up. I have tried throughout my adult life to get her recipe to come out right, but something always goes wrong. Today, I finally tasted something that I have missed for so many years, the salmon patties are delicious! The onion and green pepper bits worked perfectly by cooking them into the patties. They came out not too dry and long with a slice of onion and some green beans, I felt like I was a kid again.
     I wonder if there was some type of mental barrier that I broke through today with this cooking effort. It certainly feels like I accomplished something much greater than simply making salmon patties. At any rate, I am still here and probably will be for the evening unless I decide to break away and go out for a little while. It remains to be seen.
     After a little convincing Hal eventually agreed to go out for a while earlier this evening. After a trip to Best Buy. I surprised him by stopping at Dairy Queen, where we have not gone in a year. It was wonderful to spend the time together away from the apartment, and he enjoyed himself tremendously. Since neither of us is really into nightlife, we came back home and paid attention to The Stooges until it was time for Hal to go to bed since he has to work in the morning.
     All things considered, this has been a great day and a wonderful start to the long holiday weekend.

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