Dreamer's World May 14 2015 - InfoPorn

The train derailment in Philadelphia remains the only story that the so called media is reporting on. I know that this is because they dont have to do any real work, and only have to speculate on what happened. This is the sad state that we find ourselves in these days. Journalism is dead, and has been replaced by InfoPorn. InfoPorn is the practice of talking about a story until peoples’ minds turn to jello. The story is important on the surface, but the coverage is designed to get people talking about it when in fact it is not something that is truly important to the reality we all live in.
     What happened is a tragedy, there is no denying that. But the InfoPorn industry refuses to let this go. They are interviewing the same people over and over. They are locating obscure relatives of the victims in order to reduce sad personal interest stories that have no real value. The constant emoting of the announcers just grates on my nerves, to be honest.
     This brings us to the bigger question - What is really going on that these idiots are NOT reporting? I find myself getting more and more news from alternative sources these days.

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