Dreamer's World May 13 2015

Wednesday is a day that constantly evolves and requires constant reevaluation because it seems to change from week to week. In my case, it is the day I travel from my home office to meet with the client. The last 2 weeks have seen this meeting shift times due to scheduling conflicts at the client's end of things. Thus, my reference to Wednesday being a day that seems to change every week.
The experiment using an app to convert these posts from Evernote to WordPress has failed. I will keep trying, but in the meantime, the old cut-and-paste method will have to do for me. I think it is a shortcoming that I cannot save this post directly in a format that allows me to see it in Wordpress, but hopefully I will find something as time goes along.
     Back to the main point of the post, I travel to the client’s office today at a completely different time. I will attempt to get together with the coworkers who should be there as well to have lunch and catch up on things face to face, if possible. I try to make time for this each Wednesday, but their schedules are still very different than mine. Since I have things caught up here, I will not have to rush things this morning before I leave for the meeting and that is a good feeling.
     Wednesday is also the day during the week when Hal goes to work for a few hours. Today, that means he will be gone before I leave and will probably be home before I return this afternoon. Once the routine goes back to normal, I will leave before he does in the morning and will be back at almost the same time as he is around lunchtime.
     I wanted to mention that I spoke with a dear friend last night. I found out that my new iPhone was very effective in blocking all calls after 2200, so the first thing I did this morning was to include her number on the exception list so I wont miss her call again :) Luckily, I saw she had left a message and was able to talk to her after all. She is doing well, and spent the Mothers Day weekend with her kids away from all distractions. The past 6 months have been enough to wear most people down, since her husband, Don, died in an accident last November. Nicola has risen far above the storm and has thrived for herself and the kids. I often try to remind both of them how lucky they are to have such a wonderful Mom.
     It is now 1420, I made it to and from the meeting only to find out that the meeting was canceled at the last minute! I spent the time at the clients office determining if there were other areas that I could help them out, making my notes and returning home to finish out the day. I started this post with the comment that Wednesdays were constantly in a state of flux, and today proves it once again!
     I have talked with Hal since he came back from work. Apparently, we will find something to do after work this afternoon and early this evening. I dont plan to spend a lot of money, but it will be nice to get out for a while. I only have one more meeting, my 1-1 with my supervisor at 1500 before I shut things down for the day. So far, Wednesday has lived up to itreputation!
     My meeting with supervisor went well, it always does with the new supervisor. I am trying to get a phone call returned before 1530 before I shut down for the day, if I dont get the call back, there is always Thursday :)
     Hal and I made a quick grocery run after work and then came back home.  Setting down to watch hockey this evening before bedtime. I'm sure that Stevie Nicks and Spartacus and Maxwell will all spend time in laps getting loved throughout the evening. 

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