Dreamer’s World - Getting Back to the iPhone


     I finally received my iPhone from T-Mobile and I am getting adjusted to the iPhone system after several years on Android. The decision to switch was based on the complete cluster fuck that the update to Android Lollipop caused to my last phone. Almost a month of troubleshooting with T-Mobile failed to get it resolved. I do not blame T-Mobile for what happened, the problem affected the same phone on every carrier, and that indicates that the problem was between Google/Android and the manufacturer.
     At any rate, I opted for the stability of iOS once again. I have not had an iPhone for personal use since 2009 at the latest. I do have an iPhone 5c from the job, so I am relatively familiar with the system as it has evolved through the years. It lacks some of the customization that I was so fond of with Android, but I was well aware of this prior to making the change. I think that I will be happy for a while with the iPhone, I am not one of the love one and hate the other types when it come stop Android and iOS.


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