Dreamer's World July 13 2015

Starting another week at work. The day is cloudy and there have been showers off and on this morning. Apparently, this is the pattern for the entire week here. At least I no longer have to deal with this weather and a commute since I work from home.
I started the day by attempting to process a large data file using instructions left by vacationing coworker. If this works, I will be amazed. It’s just after noon now, and I am preparing for the daily conference call. Hopefully, I won’t be called into more meetings as the afternoon wears on. My supervisor shifted my 1-1 meeting back due to her conflicted schedule, if things hold, it will be at 1900 this evening, and I will arrange to make up that time on Friday afternoon. It is entirely possible that she will realize her error and attempt to reschedule the meeting again.
After a few emails in which my supervisor was confused about the time difference (she is in Cali) we finally agreed on 1400 for the meeting. It went rather well and now I am working on some tasking to close out the day here. Hopefully, things will remain quiet for the next 2 hours until quitting time.
There are no plans to venture out after work. I am one with that for this evening. The weather remains dreary here, and the main motivation is to take a nap.
I just finished the workday and am looking forward to a quiet evening at home with Hal and The Stooges. Let it rain!

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