Dreamer's World July 26 2015

fter a wonderful Saturday, Sunday began about 90 minutes ago. I am still awake because I want to get some writing done as Hal goes to sleep, and he has to go to work in the morning. Things are extremely quiet here, and that is always conducive to good writing for me. I will sleep in later this morning to make up for this time and I should not have any ill effects. At least I am not suffering from insomnia tonight.

I have been reflecting on things this weekend and I realize just how lucky I truly am. When I look back just 1 year, I can see a remarkable difference in how things are. Fortunately all the changes are for the better, and I hope the trend continues for me. I continue to work down the last remaining debt that I have. It will still take some time, but things are much better than they were.

The job has both good and bad days, which is only to be expected. At least I am now working from home full-time and this has helped me to cut costs even more since April. I can go almost a month without having to gas up the Beetle now! Working from home has not alleviated the office politics and being remote from the majority of the company 3000 miles away really doesn't make a difference whether I work from home or not.

The Stooges are all well. They give Hal and I endless hours of pleasure with their antics and also with their visible displays of love towards us. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a movie with Hal and having the Stooges walk back and forth between our laps demanding attention like they are on a merry-go-round. Our lives would be very empty without them around.

I wrote recently about a "friend" who tried to manipulate Hal and I into doing them a favor that would have been very costly to us. Details aren't important but the good news is that we stopped that dead in its tracks. That is no longer a problem foe us. The "friend" ha s always talked to Hal more than to me and this is for the best because Hal is much more diplomatic than I am when something like this happens. I have told Hal that if it were up to me that the situation would have been handled quickly, and probably with a lot of mess as a result. I will defer to Hal's judgement on how to proceed in the future about this. Hal has indicated that he is also rather tired of the secrecy that this person wants to introduce to every aspect of their life. As Hal and I agree, if you cannot be honest with your friends, are they really your friends? It doesn't seem like the way one should treat friends.

Hopefully that mess will sort itself out in the near future. I support Hal whatever he decides to do. My personality has a much shorter fuse than Hal's. I think that this difference makes us stronger because we discuss these things and come to a consensus before a decision is ever made.

I am about to wrap this up for now and go to bed. Hal is asleep and I normally don't wake him when I go to bed later. I will be back later today to continue with this post. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep.

It is just after 0900 and Hal is preparing to leave for work. Once he is gone, I will shower and start the laundry. I might venture out a little later today, but there are no definite plans yet. If the weather holds out, I will get another walk in today as well. I am feeling very good today and I am torn between the knowledge that there is work to be done here versus going out and enjoying the day. I will make that decision after I shower.

After getting Hal off to work and then some light cleaning and a shower, it is 1020 and the first load of laundry is in the washer. There will be several more since we only have the stackable small washer dryer unit in the apartment. Actually, this does provide me with the justification for not going out today in order to get things done.

I did surprise myself a little while ago. I decided that I would go across the street to Shooter McGee’s, a local bar/restaurant for brunch. Hal and I go here often, but I have never gone there for brunch. I guess that I don’t enjoy dining alone. Anyway, I went there and ordered a Mimosa and the Chicken and Waffle brunch.

I am sad to say that the Mimosas are NOT bottomless, but delicious nevertheless. The chicken was breaded and fried, covered in gravy with small chunks of potatoes and served over a Belgian waffle with butter and maple syrup on the side. It also comes with a side order of bacon. The meal was delicious, I will definitely be going back on Sundays from now on!

As the afternoon arrives, I am taking things slowly, and that includes the laundry. I have earned some down time for myself. As the laundry chore progresses through the afternoon, I have been here relaxing. There have been no phone calls, nothing unusual about that. I did spend 30 minutes laying on the couch after Maxwell showed up and demanded some attention from me. I was more than glad to cuddle up with him and tickle him under the chin as he purred away contentedly. Eventually, he fell asleep against me, but finally woke up and moved along. It is now almost 1630 so Hal should be here sometime in the next 90 minutes, depending on what time his last appointment is at work.

I have started feeling the stretch from yesterday’s long walk. I am still past my daily average, but I am not going to be pushing things for the rest of the day. My BG has been good, and I will have something sensible for dinner and try to get a full night of rest. It feels so peaceful and quiet here this afternoon. I wish things could stay like this forever because I can write without interruption. It would be better if Hal were here, though.

I am still so grateful for what we have. I can take my time to appreciate these things. We don’t need tons of stuff, just each other and the Stooges in order to be happy. This has worked for us for nearly 16 years now, and I see no reason for it to change.

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