Dreamer's World July 28 2015

Tuesday has arrived. It looks like another day with afternoon thunderstorms popping up around here. Work is moving along, or at least it was, until the system got taken down for maintenance. Since this impacts what I was busy doing, I get an extra break out of this, so I decided to start today’s blog post.

Inspiration is not coming to me right now. Perhaps the down time is something for me to enjoy with some music rather than trying to write. I will get back to this later.

As I am playing music through Apple Music, I am very impressed with their service. I am constantly finding new artists that I enjoy listening to. I tried Spotify and Pandora back in the day, but I always felt like using them was so much more of a chore than anything else. I am glad that I went ahead and subscribed when it became available. I can always find something to listen to, whether it is Beats 1 or one of their other stations. In addition, I can create my own stations like the other services provided, but the whole experience is just so much more seamless with Apple. I predict that my music library will increase exponentially in the future :)

I don’t know where I would be without my music. I don’t like to have the TV on unless there is something that I want to watch, and that isn’t very often. Music gives me the ability to let my imagination run free rather than be constrained by the program on the TV. I can walk around and even dance occasionally as I listen to music instead of being confined to the chair or the couch with TV.

It also helps my love of music that there is so much complete and total SHIT on TV. If it weren’t for Hal, I would seriously consider dropping Comcast for everything except the high-speed internet connection. Unfortunately, Hal does enjoy watching TV, so I let him watch and I will stay in another room, usually writing or working. I am almost totally divorced from watching any news on the TV. I find out more from social media than I ever did from the MSM. Funny thing is that I am often more informed than my friends. The local media is even worse than the national media. If you live in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) then you are probably aware of the total SHITHOLE that is NBC Washington. I so utterly and completely despise those people. If there is a waiting room for the dentist’s office in hell then I am sure that NBC Washington is on endless loop there.

Another reason I don’t care for TV is the endless infatuation with infoporn and celebreality. I could care less about these things, but the powers that be seem to have decided that this is what everyone should know. I vote with my remote and select music channels or better yet, I select the OFF button.

And so, I am back to listening to Apple Music and thoroughly enjoying it. It gives me what I want, which is enjoyment and relaxation.

The day went smoothly at work. I am ready to

shut down the laptop now and naturally, it has decided to rain heavily. This will complicate things tremendously since the main street in front of our complex is backed up due to some downed power lines about a mile away. Perhaps this is an indication that we should stay home tonight. Probably for the best, when I come to think of it. We can enjoy an evening here at home with the Stooges and let everyone else fight through the traffic and the rain.

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