Dreamer’s World July 03 2015 - The FEAR factory

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day on Saturday, the gnawing pangs of FEAR are all too apparent around us. The recent TERRORIST attack in Charleston, SC has been followed by a string of, I will say it, RELATED church fires at Black churches throughout the South. This string of TERRORIST attacks has drawn almost NO ATTENTION from the traditional media. Instead, it has been left to social media to draw attention to these attacks. The connection is obvious, but making the connection between RACISM and WHITE SUPREMACY and TERRORISM is one that escapes the traditional media because the subjects hit too close to home for a large number of White Americans.

Instead, attention has been thrown onto the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. The RWNJ in this country are all too happy to have this subject to fire up their base, since it also diverts attention from the TERRORISM and RACIST attitudes that this country still struggles with. This follows the pattern of the traditional media following the path of least obstruction in order to produce more infoporn to pump into the American household ona daily basis.

There is a strong similarity between the Civil Rights struggle and the struggle for LGBTQ Equality in this country. The same people who resist Civil Rights for Blacks and minorities are the same people who are in an uproar over the same-sex marriage decision. These are the White people who live in FEAR of a time when they are no longer in complete control of everything in this country. THe truth is that they are already a minority with their hatred on full display. Whites will become a minority in this country around the middle of this century if the demographic trends continue, so I see this as the last desperate struggle of the old White ruling class to maintain their power by any means necessary.

As Independence Day nears, these forces are trying to generate as much FEAR as they possibly can. THe deliberately vague warnings of “increased risk of terrorist activity” that seem to pop up regularly are already being produced again as the holiday approaches. No one wants more terrorist attacks, but they fail to see that the situations listed above are actually TERRORIST attacks being committed by Americans against Americans. To admit to this truth also requires admitting that we have a particularly ugly subset of our own society that poses a greater risk than any outside group.

Thursday morning was a case in point. There was a report of someone with a gun, or a report of a shooting, or a report of something at the Washington Navy Yard that sent the traditional media into their normal feeding frenzy. Speculation has replaced fact for far too many Americans. You could actually see the traditional media wetting themselves on TV as they anticipated death and violence, and you could hear the disappointment they tried to disguise as relief when the whole thing turned out to be a false alarm after all.

I predict that there will be more attempts to instill FEAR into everyone over the holiday weekend. This is how those in control remain in control. I think that this is all BULLSHIT and I a tired of all the manipulation tricks and the mind games that are being played on us.

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