Dreamer's World July 09 2015

I have to admit that I find myself interested in the ongoing convulsions with the republiKKKan party these days. Whether or not it is the delusional Trump terrifying the party be openly exposing the HATRED and RACISM that is already there, but never mentioned, or the next Bush idiot stating that Americans don’t work long enough since he never had to do a day of real work in his life, or the ongoing retreat from the Confederate flag.
Trump is an interesting problem for the republiKKKans because of his outspoken nature. He cannot be pinned down to any single position on any issue because he is a “businessman”, yet he promises swift and decisive and basically insanely stupid actions if he is elected. This is what the uneducated RWNJ base of the republiKKKan party wants to hear. Trump attacks everyone who dares to disagree with him and justifies this because he is a “businessman” who has lots of money and used to be on TV. In so many ways, he is the epitome of what the RWNJ republiKKKans want in a candidate.
The problem for the republiKKKan party itself is this: Trump openly says what the cast majority of RWNJ lunatics in the republiKKKan party already believe. The problem is that this message is completely disgusting to the average American. Only the true lunatic fringe of the RWNJ believe that Trump can actually win in an election against a Democrat, no matter how unappealing the Democrat might be. If the traditional republiKKKan leadership cannot find a way to derail Trump, the republiKKKan party is doomed. This is not at all a bad thing, because the hypocrisy has been nauseating.
Trump’s main contender, jeb bush has stated that Americans do not work long enough hours, he wants to raise the retirement age and abolish the minimum wage. No other questions about this lunatic. He wants US to work until we DIE to make HIM richer!

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