Dreamer’s World July 19 2015

I slept in this morning because I deserved to. Sadly, this meant that Hal had already left for work by the time I woke up. I don't have any plans yet, the roast continue to cook in the crockpot.

It isn't easy to see under the potatoes, but it is there. Since I like to slow cook, this will be ready by dinner this evening.

I did venture out, and it is HOT outside today! The thermometer reads 96, but it feels worse. I got a few items at the grocery store, and I also went by the Rugged Wearhouse to pick up 2 new pair of shorts cine the ones I have are all pretty worn out after several summers of use. I came back home as quickly as I could to get out of this heat. My plan is to rest and write here this afternoon until Hal gets home this evening.

Last night was wonderful. Hal decided to sleep after work and didn’t wake up until after 2000. We relaxed around the apartment and ended up watching Svengoolie together. The movie, called Tel Of the Cat, or something like that was about a cat that witnesses a murder and the ridiculously stereotyped British aristocrats trying to kill the cat and going insane in the process. We laughed all through this movie and the Stooges were with us the whole time and looked up every time the cat in the movie hissed or made a growling sound. It was a great way to spend an evening together.

This evening we will have the roast for dinner, and stay home. I am the one who has to go to work in the morning, although luckily I just have to commute from the bedroom to the home office :) The vacationing co-worker will return tomorrow and that means that I will no longer have the responsibility of processing the troublesome files that he normally does. Tomorrow that becomes his baby once more.

As the afternoon moves along, I am fighting off a migraine that is no doubt related to the extreme heat here today. Staying inside has helped a great deal.

As you can see, Stevie Nicks has decided to help me with this blog post. Her inputs are invaluable as I continue describing my day :) I am glad that we have a nice cool place to relax on such a hot day.

I seems to be running rather low on ideas for today. It happens from time to time, and I won’t stress too much about it. I have been on a roll for the last few days, and a slowdown was bound to happen sooner or later. Without anything happening around here, I am still very happy.

I’m looking forward to Hal getting home. I know that he will be glad to get out of this heat as well. I don’t think that we will go anywhere this evening. We will have dinner here and relax before bedtime. SInce the temperature isn’t forecast to go below 80 tonight, I am going to set the AC way down this evening in order to get a good night of rest (I hope).

Hal made it home, dinner was delicious, and now we have the evening to ourselves. The lack of any particular topic isn't bothering me anymore. The togetherness we have right now is more than enough. Perhaps that is the topic I need to focus on for awhile.

Hal and I have been together for more than 15 years now. We have gone through quite a lot in that time, but we keep getting stronger as time goes on.

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